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<gahr> is picolisp ipv6 only? I am looking at (port) and it looks like it's trying AF_INET6 only?
<abu[7]> It is also IPv4
<tankf33der> gahr: linux?
<gahr> FreeBSD
<gahr> (port 0 P) -> "Protocol not supported" -- IP socket
<gahr> on a ipv4-only jail
<gahr> s/jail/host/ if jail sounds alien to you :)
<tankf33der> Its ok :)
<tankf33der> normal freebsd pass all tests i have
<tankf33der> its ipv4 only systems
<tankf33der> Should be port 0 ‘P
<tankf33der> second arg is var, no?
<abu[7]> Correct
<tankf33der> Did standadt tests passed in jail?
<gahr> yep sorry, 'P
<gahr> no, the net test fails in the jail
<gahr> in the host, (port 0 'P) is fine
<gahr> it might be that in the jail I don't have
<gahr> but if I trace the system calls, I see
<gahr> socket(PF_INET6,SOCK_STREAM,0) ERR#43 'Protocol not supported'
<gahr> so trying IPv6 definitely fails
<abu[7]> Pil uses a dual stack
<abu[7]> Does (connect "" 443) work?
<gahr> yes
<abu[7]> OK, so in principle it works
<abu[7]> Binding to a local port is the problem
<gahr> yeah
<gahr> socket(PF_INET,SOCK_DGRAM|SOCK_CLOEXEC,0) = 3 (0x3)
<gahr> but it tries IPv4 right away
<gahr> I don't see calls to socket with INET6 in the (connect) call
<gahr> socket(PF_INET,SOCK_DGRAM|SOCK_CLOEXEC,0) = 3 (0x3)
<gahr> connect(3,{ AF_INET },16) = 0 (0x0)
<tankf33der> Which freebsd?
<tankf33der> version i mean
<gahr> 14.0-RELEASE-p5, amd64
<gahr> yeah, connect uses getaddrinfo, which can return ipv4 or ipv6
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<gahr> abu[7]: is that what you mean by dual stack?
<abu[7]> Sorry, we are walking in snowfall in Schwarzwald :)
<abu[7]> gahr, I don't know the underlying principles well
<gahr> enjoy the walk :)
<abu[7]> Thanks, more or less ;)
<abu[7]> One week
<abu[7]> ago were cycling in short pants at 24 C
<tankf33der> gahr: freebsd with ipv4 only works, right?
<gahr> I have a jail that only has IPv4 configured
<gahr> it works fine :)
<tankf33der> Ok then
<tankf33der> I found freebsd and linux are the only systems which pass standadt and mine tests without touch.
<tankf33der> Out of box.
<tankf33der> platform only x64 :)
<beneroth> what about OpenBSD? needs changes?
<gahr> anyway pil /usr/local/lib/picolisp/lib/test.l + says OK when I run it on the host (ipv6 available)
<tankf33der> gahr: this is very good.
<tankf33der> bereroth: i ported pil21 to openbsd.
<gahr> tankf33der: well, only if you want to use picolisp with ipv6, I guess :)
<tankf33der> Wrong. I ported pil64 :)
<tankf33der> Last chapter about openbsd, the same port issue
<beneroth> ah right, now I remember
<beneroth> thanks tankf33der :)
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<aw-> hi guys
<aw-> i thought PicoLisp was MIT licensed, changed from GPL to MIT
<aw-> did the license change back to GPL?
<aw-> this is MIT
<aw-> ohhhh
<aw-> pilbox
<aw-> nevermind sorry!
<aw-> ps: hi tankf33der beneroth rick42 abu[7] and others ;)
<beneroth> hi aw- :)
<beneroth> aw-, picolisp is MIT. But beware it uses readline which is GPL, so if you distribute yourself it could make all GPL.
<beneroth> e.g. in appliance or also container image (I think?)