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<superjuice543> Hello all
<abu[7]> Hi superjuice543
<superjuice543> Hey abu, I'm looking into lisps for a mobile app dev (clojure + react natve, clojuredart, lambdanative, pilbox)
<superjuice543> How viable is pilbox for developing standalone apk's for distribution on the playstore?
<abu[7]> x
<abu[7]> This is possible
<abu[7]> there are two ways: Either uss standard PilBox and just supply a ZIP
<abu[7]> Or, better, modify it from the sources and release a new app
<abu[7]> If you rewrite "App.l" you can build a completely different app
<abu[7]> i.e. assets/run/App.l
<superjuice543>  good to know. thanks
<abu[7]> PilBox starts a standard PicoLisp and simply 'load's App.l
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<geri> silly question - why can we setq a transient symbol but not a number? :D
<abu[7]> A number has no value field
<geri> only its name basically?
<geri> s/^/it has/
<geri> s/its/a/
<geri> xd
<abu[7]> It is even less. The name of a symbol is a number
<geri> another silly question - everything is a cell, right?
<geri> if i setq X 5
<geri> how does it look like in cell representation?
<abu[7]> Yes
<abu[7]> I recommend @doc/structures
<abu[7]> There is a pict of a symbol
<abu[7]> The VAL part
<abu[7]> It is also explained in @doc/ref.html iirc
<geri> there are so many branches for val explanation xd
<abu[7]> :)
<geri> what's a tail here?
<abu[7]> The other is the *type* val
<abu[7]> It is at least the name (possibty empty)
<abu[7]> plus properties
<geri> i feel very stupid xd
<abu[7]> nono
<geri> so what im understanding fro the symbol graph - a symbol is a cell, where cdr is its value and car is a pointer to some other cell whose car is val/key and cdr is key and pointer to some more stuff
<geri> xdd
<geri> oh wait, is it related to unrestricted symbol name length?
<abu[7]> Perfect
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<abu[7]> The name is a number, so it may be a bigmum
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<superjuice543> Just browsed the pilbox sources and some of the tutorials at picolisp-explored,
<superjuice543> I read pilbox may have issues terminating in the background.  Does this still apply to standalone apk's built from the
<superjuice543> source?
<superjuice543> "Unfortunately it can happen that the PilBox app terminates the process while running in the background. The screen will show "Zombie" when you re-open it. In this case, just swipe it out and restart it."
<abu[7]> This can happen with any app in fact
<abu[7]> Google kills ;)
<geri> i think termux had some issue like that on android 12/13?
<geri> google kills...
<geri> is `chop' heavy?
<superjuice543> Glad to hear its not pilbox specific
<abu[7]> 'chop' is relatively heavy, it allocates cells
<geri> rip text processing
<geri> (joek)
<superjuice543> When would you choose native platforms (java, kotlin) over PilBox. Put another way is there category (or scale) of app that pilbox development is unsuited for?
<abu[7]> In general I think it is easier, because you can develop interactively on the device
<geri> im really happy termux is a thing
<geri> i get my linux fix anywhere if im really into it
<superjuice543> Good news, I've run into a bunch of issues trying to set up a dev environment and emulator in android studio
<geri> good news cause literally cant use "native platforms" so its pilbox time? :D
<abu[7]> Right :)
<geri> do you use pilbox yourself?
<geri> or mostly just termux
<abu[7]> I use it all the time, about 10 apps atm
<geri> what'd you write in it?
<abu[7]> Mostly the step counter, the broweer and a customer app
<abu[7]> write in?
<geri> a browser like firefox?
<geri> or more like w3m
<geri> or file explorer xd
<superjuice543> How is pilbox licensed?
<abu[7]> It is has a chrome engin
<abu[7]> e
<abu[7]> cause it ie a WebView component
<abu[7]> PilBox is MIT
<abu[7]> ah, no
<abu[7]> GPL
<abu[7]> I changed it on
<abu[7]> ce
<geri> browser is MIT though
<abu[7]> See COPYING file in the sources
<geri> README without extensions is pretty hardcore too
<abu[7]> geri, ok, possibly
<geri> browser seems like a new-ish addition
<geri> cause writing your own editor isnt enough!
<superjuice543> GPL, so we need to distribute/make available the source code with the app?
<abu[7]> Yeah, but the browser was simple
<geri> i think you only need to distribute changes you make to base language or something
<abu[7]> superjuice543, I don't think so
<geri> im now a lawyer though
<abu[7]> Only if you modify PilBox
<geri> thats what im thinking too
<abu[7]> The app can be fully written in Lisp
<geri> browser +- 350 lines; insane
<superjuice543> OK, cool, wouldn't be a problem either way
<abu[7]> via Java calls
<geri> alrighty, i gotta hit the sack
<geri> enjoy
<abu[7]> N'ight!
<superjuice543> Night geri
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