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<tankf33der> morning
<abu[7]> Hi tankf33der!
<tankf33der> pil works with debug mode on my side.
<abu[7]> Thanks!
<tankf33der> taleon
<tankf33der> Morning
<tankf33der> try my file. put it in bin dir and execute correct pil =
<tankf33der> try my file. put it in bin dir and execute correct pil +
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<taleon> cr@hal:pil21$ pil
<taleon> picolisp: can't load library ''
<taleon> Killed
<taleon> I think I will downgrade to 7.5 if it works there. I'm curious if it will still work with 7.6 but until then I can use pil.
<tankf33der> you shouldn be on -CURRENT
<tankf33der> unstable and hard to follow correct
<tankf33der> i was on -CURRENT 4 years :)
<taleon> You're right about that. However, if you want to create an official port for OpenBSD, this development always takes place under -current. That's why I've been using -current privately for ages and only on productive machines like in the company I use -stable to keep the downtimes as low as possible.
<taleon> I will switch my main computer to -stable later or tomorrow and test it. Thanks again for your excellent support. :-)
<tankf33der> o/
<taleon> Now you have switched completely to FreeBSD? I had also started with FreeBSD in 2007, but at that time many things didn't work on my computer and then I went straight to OpenBSD, where everything worked right away. However, I regularly test FreeBSD on some machines and also use FreeBSD as a file server with ZFS in the company.
<tankf33der> i always use Alpine Linux.
<tankf33der> now.
<taleon> Ah very interesting. I also use Alpine Linux in one scenario. OpenBSD -> vmm -> Alpine Linux -> Kubernetes. I find Alpine Linux quite interesting. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to deal with it more.
<taleon> With musl there are no problems with PicoLisp? Probably not, otherwise you wouldn't be using it ;-) I used Void Linux with musl for a while and unfortunately some programs didn't work with it.
<tankf33der> musl and freebsd is ok for picolisp. tested.
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<tankf33der> finished micro CI named "Pulsar CI" to run my tests for pijul.
<tankf33der> web reports:
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<tankf33der> i think to add third report destination - twtxt