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<heat> I've been debugging loopback communication without tcpdump
<heat> this is painful af
<geist> usually i add some sort of trace thing that looks kinda tcpdumpy that you can turn on
<geist> though it tends to screw up timing
<heat> I have no obvious place for that since a good bit of my network stack runs under softirq
<heat> and printk is a thing that may sleep
<geist> aaah yeah
<geist> printing from any context is hard
<moon-child> need a waitfree reentrant thingy
<geist> or grab a spinlock and just print away
<moon-child> can't grab a spinlock from an isr
<GreaseMonkey> something i'm wondering... what are the recommended ways on an IBM PC to, CPU-clock-speed-independently, do short delays for e.g. the floppy disk controller?
<heat> moon-child, yes you can
<heat> most spinlock impls also have a irq safe variant that turns off irqs
<moon-child> sure
<moon-child> waitfree is sexier though
<gog> GreaseMonkey: 8253 pit
<heat> __asm__ __volatile__("outb %%al, $0x80" ::"a"(0) : "memory");
<GreaseMonkey> ah hmm... how long of a delay would i expect out of that?
<gog> is this a PC or a compatible with an arbitrary clock speed?
<heat> some microseconds I guess
<GreaseMonkey> yes
<heat> I know that some ISA devices have guaranteed ways to waste time
<heat> i.e IDE has a register that takes 100ns to read so you read it 4 times for a 400ns delay for some stuff
<geist> moon-child: right, spinlocks are exactly the one kinda lock you can grab from an isr
<geist> specifically because it doesn't try to reschedule if there's contention
<heat> my printk kinda sucks right now because it has no structure
<heat> it's just a big char buf[BIG_SIZE]; you sprintf into
<heat> problem 2 - i have a printk and a printf. printk prints on the tty (has to hold mutexes and go through all that path), printf prints on the big char buf[]
<heat> anyway not my problem atm
<heat> relatively funny fact: my loopback_send_packet was just sending it straight back down the stack immediately
<heat> this was causing obvious issues as you could run out of stack or deadlock
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<kaichiuchi> so
<kaichiuchi> heat: the context you were asking for, it was *any* usage of a lambda that had a capture that I thought you needed std::function for
<heat> oh yeah no definitely not
<heat> lambdas are just bullshit callable objects generated by the compiler
<kaichiuchi> right
<kaichiuchi> that's why template<typename Callable> worked
<kaichiuchi> now
<heat> typename Callable will work with anything that implements operator()
<kaichiuchi> I am heavily debating on whether or not I should install arch right now
<kaichiuchi> it is 8:21 PM
<heat> go for it
<heat> i know you want to
<heat> *palpatine voice* DO IT
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<kaichiuchi> ok
<kaichiuchi> i will try
<heat> i've typed so many gtest invocations today I'm more than mildly pissed at google's underscores in options
<heat> --gtest_filter? really??
<geist> a little surprising honestly. there's generally an anti-underscore mentality at work
<geist> OTOH maybe it's to make it non ambiguous with switch dashes
<heat> it just looks so wrong
<moon-child> should be --gtest-filter
<moon-child> seriously
<heat> i think they just straight up screwed these ones up back in the day
<moon-child> how is that ambiguous?
<heat> remove any ambiguity and go with /gtest-filter :))
<heat> ... or /gtest/filter
<moon-child> ._.
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<heat> click learn more mate
<kaichiuchi> also
<kaichiuchi> would you think me a heathen to just use EFISTUB
<heat> not really
<heat> why would you
<kaichiuchi> for the life of me i don’t understand grub anymore
<kaichiuchi> EFI can load shit directly
<kaichiuchi> so… just… do that
<kaichiuchi> all i ever hear is grub, systemd-boot or rEFInd
<heat> i like grub
<moon-child> what's efistub
<moon-child> efi bootloader?
<heat> no
<heat> it's a simple efi bootloader stubbed on top of vmlinuz
<moon-child> so it is an efi bootloader
<heat> no, because it's part of the kernel itself
<heat> literally (as in vmlinuz) and figuratively (as in the project)
<heat> it's not much of a bootloader as it is a thing that loads the kernel
<heat> (which is why it's called a stub and not a bootloader)
<heat> it's similar to what the traditional decompressors do
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<geist> i think the green thing is some schtick about using peer to peer transfers of windows updates
<heat> you know, when I have a /* TODO: Fix this */ it kind of explains why this crap wasn't working doesn't it
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<geist> looks like qemu 7.2.0 was just released
<heat> is it the avx release?
<heat> yes, yes it is
<heat> i'll have to test this when arch packages it
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<geist> finally got around to getting a shell account on sdf.org
<geist> a bit late to the game, but it has some nostalgia feeling to it
<heat> what is that?
<geist> a unix shell provider. since like 1987
<geist> gets you a free shell on one of a pile of netbsd boxes
<geist> and some community stuff, etc etc
<heat> coolio
<heat> how do they stop you from abusing the system?
<CompanionCube> iirc it costs $lol to run most programming languages (and supposedly gcc but actually anyone can run it lol)
<heat> netbsd doesn't have containers and cgroups and all that, so unless you run on a vm I don't see how that's sustainable
<geist> it generally relies on people not being asshats
<heat> that's not a sustainable model!
<geist> has worked since 1987
<heat> weird
<heat> #NotMyInternet
<geist> though to be pretty clear you et a fairly limited shell until you are validated
<geist> either by someone else or you donate like $1
<geist> to keep bots from attacking it, etc
<geist> and the limited shell you can only really do like mutt and some bbs like things
<geist> and play bsd games and whatnot
<geist> i mean i have a much beefier box at home, but it's the whole BBS and sharing and being nice and whatnot community stuff, which is nic
<heat> >bsd games
<kaichiuchi> geist: do you use the irccloud web client
<heat> BSD, Now with Fun!
<geist> i do
<kaichiuchi> oh
<kaichiuchi> then never mind :')
<geist> used to use irssi, but last year i trial ran irccloud and found it to be sufficient, so switched right about the time freenode disintegrated
<CompanionCube> you too can easily experience the parallelism of openbsd, given that i think recently they added one box of it?
<kaichiuchi> i get "authentication temporary error, try again" almost constantly when connecting via another client
<heat> CompanionCube, ahhh so that's why the website is slow
<heat> gotcha!
<CompanionCube> no, blame netbsd for that
* geist eyes roll
<geist> seriously there is far more to life than blinding speed
<CompanionCube> (there's also a thing plan9, dunno what joke you could do for that)
<geist> it's kinda honestly nostalgic for me to log into a machine with 100 other folks logged in at the same time
<geist> and really a 16GB 8 core x86 machine is ridiculously overpowered for a bunch f shells running lightweight stuff
<heat> the only thing there is to life other than blinding speed is deafening speed
<geist> a bit of nostalgia for the much smaller sun boxes that my university used with a lot more logins
<heat> sdfeu.org europe gang stand up
<heat> hmm
<heat> has there ever been a distributed UNIX?
<heat> as in, the same "system" running in multiple boxes
<CompanionCube> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Single_system_image lists a number of attempts
<bslsk05> ​en.wikipedia.org: Single system image - Wikipedia
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<heat_> ah yes ofc
<CompanionCube> not mentioned but very network-oriented is Apollo's Domain/OS
<heat_> but plan9 is not quite what I wanted
<heat_> i want something like what they mention as "single process space"
<heat_> (although I don't see how that could be fast, ever)
<CompanionCube> so openssi/UnixWare NonStop Clusters?
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<heat_> yup
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<Mutabah> The sound of geist oxidizing
<geist> though i'm really not that fixated on it my subconcious is probably telling me otherwise
<geist> i literally kept waking up last night thinking about rust
<Mutabah> That seems like normal (enthusiastic) learning
<geist> yeah
<geist> i guess you're right
<Mutabah> Oh the other hand, it means that you're having fun :)
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<geist> oh i really dont know what i'm doing, and still haven't wrapped my head around most of it
<Ermine> Cursed idea: plan 9 on rust.
<geist> reminds me, someone the other day asked what plan9's native architecture was, and got me thinking, weren't they named by numbers anyway?
<geist> like the '4' compiler is i386, etc
<geist> so maybe it's the '1' compiler?
<geist> probably 68k
<geist> ah no it wasnt numbered that way for a reason
<geist> some old docs say it was v for Mips, k for sparc, z for hobbit, 2 for 68k, 8 for i386, 6 for intel 960
<geist> the '2' for 68k was probably because the original cpu was 68020
<klange> may favorite naming convention: random keyboard mashing
<gog> guu2jfjd
<gog> feel free to use it
<klange> Already naming my next language that, thanks for the suggestion!
<gog> :D
<LittleFox> for some time I liked using pwgen to generate project names
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<ddevault> getting this far required nearly all of my knowledge of toolchains and stupid bullshit
<mjg> :]]
<ddevault> now I have to write the rest of the bootloader, so, uh
<ddevault> guess it's time to learn how the fuck arm works
<mjg> [[:
<mjg> writing a bootloader is a special kink
<ddevault> my approach to all of my platform is that everyone else is stupid and I just want my kernel to be an ELF file
<ddevault> all of my platforms*
<ddevault> so this code's job is now to load my kernel proper's ELF file, plus boot modules (i.e. initrd)
<zid> wanting a super cool environment to run your startup code in is a weird want anyway
<ddevault> I have a similar thing in place for multiboot that just loads the kernel proper and goes away
<zid> yea my grub multiboot setup is.. an elf loader
<zid> and a kernel
<zid> so it's just a question of getting the elf loader bootable on the specific system, to port it
<ddevault> aye
<ddevault> you and I are of one mind
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<ddevault> hrmph
<ddevault> why do I get a syncronous exception just by doing adrp x1, _DYNAMIC
<ddevault> is that even possible
<ddevault> it's only for x1, too, x0 and x2 work fine
<ddevault> wtf
<ddevault> oh duh
<ddevault> I am dumb dumb
<ddevault> obviously if you trash the ABI registers then whatever uses it next is gonna flip
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<geist> is this riscv?
<geist> if so then yeah, x1 is the 'ra' register
<geist> protip when dealing with riscv registers, never use the raw numbers, always use the abi name for them
<j`ey> arm64
<geist> only real time it's worth using the raw ones is if you are writing the context switch routine, etc
<geist> okay. for arm64 x1 is generally pretty free
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<ddevault> yeah this is arm64
<geist> i guess i dont know the context of messing with x1, but if you were doing it in inline assembly without properly marking the register trashed or whatnot then that'll do it too
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<ddevault> yeah I just forgot to stash it on the stack first
<ddevault> nbd, silly mistake
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<ddevault> getting there
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<epony> in an island of isolation that arm* is going to be.. you need more apples up your supply chainstore
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<mrvn> and if you need a temp register in asm pass in a dummy variable so the compiler can pick a register.
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<epony> "Pick any of the 256 you can" --Knuth
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<heat_> bonk
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<heat> I need a lightweight std::variant for the kernel
<heat> unions are a fucking pain in C++
<heat> due to construction/destruction/moves/copy/whatever sematics going bonkers
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* demindiro points at Rust
<heat> pointing is rude
* zid points at C
<j`ey> point at dn
<mjg> what's even the point of rust when php exists
<zid> php is the C preprocessor, mjg
<zid> puts("Version: <?php print_version(); ?>");
<heat> blursed
<kaichiuchi> hi
<kaichiuchi> heat: i didn’t get to install arch yesterday but I will today
<heat> SHAME
<kaichiuchi> fun fact
<kaichiuchi> kaichiuchi means “scissor house” in japanese
<kaichiuchi> apparently
<heat> kinky
<kaichiuchi> it wasn’t intentional at all
<kaichiuchi> it just sounded cool to me
<mjg> lemme tell you a funny story
<mjg> a young guy promised a patch, then got distracted by tik tok videos
<kaichiuchi> stop it
<mjg> and no patch talk ever since
<sham1> Moral of the story? Tiktok brings down promising developers
<heat> mjg, i feel attacked
<heat> I don't use tiktok!
<heat> I use youtube shorts and instagram reels
<mjg> so how much did you pay for tai lopez nft
<sham1> heat: you too have fallen into the YouTube shorts rabbit hole?
<sham1> I can't get out of it
<mjg> scrolling that feed is increasingly cancerogenic
<mjg> sham1: ez. just don't start.
<heat> mjg, 3 billion FTT
<mjg> i was laughing at jordan peterson videos and the algo figured i'm genuinly into them
<heat> so approximately 10 USD
<mjg> heat: my man
<heat> i only purchase things using defunct crypto tokens
<heat> sham1, yes, it's so fucking hard to stop
<kaichiuchi> i have tiktok blackholed
<mjg> you are not scrolling at this very moment, no?
<heat> those tiktok guys are fucking geniuses
<mjg> just don't start again
<kaichiuchi> and it’s going to stay that way
<mjg> gg
<kaichiuchi> my girlfriend however, if we ever move in together, will demand that i unblock it
<mjg> new gf time
<sham1> Couldn't she just use 4G?
<heat> arch user? with a gf? uninstall
<kaichiuchi> yes she could
<heat> kaichiuchi, pacman -Qe | cut -d' ' -f 1 | xargs pacman -R
<heat> run this after you've installed arch
<heat> it's the "I have a gf" command
<kaichiuchi> no
<kaichiuchi> i don’t even know what that does
<heat> remove every package that's installed
<heat> no need to thank me
<kaichiuchi> you’re a weird guy
<kaichiuchi> heh
<heat> i'll take that as a compliment
<mjg> maybe there is a tiktok video how to do it
<mjg> probably where he copied the one liner from
<heat> yes I learned this from tiktok
<mjg> i learned how to do daytrading on tiktok
<heat> how in-debt are you
<mjg> i don't think you understand how money works
<mjg> if you have $10, that's literally thousands in potential earnings
<demindiro> Over how many years?
<mjg> that said i'm $30k in the hole
<kaichiuchi> i will not lie
<kaichiuchi> i bought AMC when it was a meme stock
<kaichiuchi> walked away with a pretty penny
<kaichiuchi> not an insane crazy amount, but,
<kaichiuchi> it was nice.
<mjg> sure, some people make moneyz
<heat> not mjg though
<kaichiuchi> god
<kaichiuchi> you know what kills me
<sham1> Swords
<mjg> radiation
<heat> cancer, heart attacks, getting run over
<demindiro> age
<mjg> UNIX
<kaichiuchi> when I was 18 I wanted to be cool and dump all of my savings into GME
<heat> sysctlbyname(2)
<kaichiuchi> but I said “no that’s stupid”
<mjg> i was not ther for enron
<mjg> age-wise
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<heat> kaichiuchi, dude i've heard stories of people literally missing millions in stock options during this tech stock boom
<kaichiuchi> yeaaaah
<heat> not putting all your money in a meme stock is way shittier than "if I worked here for 2 more years I would be a literal millionaire"
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<sham1> One could of course put money into non-meme stocks
<kaichiuchi> obviously i’m not a financial advisor
<kaichiuchi> but the best thing for most people to do is buy the S&P 500
<heat> obviously people should donate to FreeBSD given that Apple doesn't
<heat> support your favourite BSD flavour
<kaichiuchi> i have a beastie poster
<j`ey> CheriBSD
<heat> "CheriBSD extends FreeBSD to implement memory protection and software compartmentalization features supported by the CHERI ISA."
<heat> hard skip
<j`ey> rip
<heat> memory protection? software comparmentalization? really??
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<j`ey> then openbsd
<heat> now you just want to piss me off
<sham1> Yes
<kaichiuchi> if stuff was better supported for bsd i’d run it over linux
<mjg> i miss when this channel was friendly
<kaichiuchi> but, alas.
<kaichiuchi> mjg: i dunno but i can tell he’s mostly joking
<sham1> We exist in a Linux reality
<heat> mjg is de raadt btw
<mjg> kaichiuchi: knowing heat he is dead serious
<sham1> Nah, can't be Theo
<mjg> heat: and what do you have in your basement, fritzl
<sham1> Not enough insults
<heat> hahahhahahahaha
<kaichiuchi> i’m so sleepy
<mjg> snort some fent
<sham1> Watching cars get stuck on icy hills due to lack of traction is so satisfying when you're on foot
<heat> mjg, wtf this fritzl guy is so sick
<heat> sham1, why are you evil
<sbalmos> probably because at some point he slipped on an icy curb on his feet and broke his tailbone
<kaichiuchi> what i want to do is go home and work on my projects
<kaichiuchi> alas i am here
<mjg> and on tiktok
<sbalmos> I am proudly a Nexus Of Evil, writing OS code under WSL on Win11
<sham1> sbalmos: that too. I've also managed to get messed up cycling through this icy terrain, which forced me to consider walking
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<kaichiuchi> no
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<kaichiuchi> i can’t believe GNOME uses wayland by default
<heat> why not
<heat> i'm speaking to you from wayland atm
<kaichiuchi> are you on NVIDIA?
<heat> intel
<heat> (+ nvidia on the PRIME side, but that doesn't matter much afaik)
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<kaichiuchi> still scary
<heat> dude it works fine
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<zid> I suck at finding sedimentary layers of stone today
<zid> (I am now a dwarf fortress pro, rather than a pro Grammer)
<heat> "screw it, aoc sucks, i'm gonna dwarf now"
<zid> no, I sucked
<zid> I retired
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<epony> you not a very big disappointment since there was no previous appointment
<epony> cheer up, it's all good
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<alpha2023> I wonder if anyone else has come across this -- New GCC linker warning "warning: (...) has a LOAD segment with RWX permissions". I've got it fixed on my x86 linker but aarch64 keeps lumping my segments together
<alpha2023> I know I can suppress the warning but that seems... wrong?
<heat> i have seen that
<heat> you can fix it by not having RWX LOAD segments
<bslsk05> ​pastebin.com: ENTRY(_start)SECTIONS{ .init 0x80000 : { PROVIDE (__sta - Pastebin.com
<alpha2023> @heat any ideas / guides on how to split those load segments? I've been having an awful time at finding anything
<heat> alpha2023, thats very weird. can you share your --section-headers ?
<zid> your assembler's doing it
<bslsk05> ​pastebin.com: There are 12 section headers, starting at offset 0x86a8:Section Headers: - Pastebin.com
<zid> that's where the flags come from, before ld tries to package things up
<heat> the section perms look fine
<heat> how are you invoking ld
<zid> I'd check the flags on the input sections, presumably that's what ld is complaining about
<heat> no, ld complains about the LOAD segment
<heat> so program header
<zid> but that comes from defaults, or what you stuff into it
<heat> yes but the sections themselves look fine
<zid> I'd always go forwards forwards, though
<zid> find where the problem starts
<alpha2023> /usr/local/bin/aarch64-elf-gcc -I(Includes) -fbuiltin -DGITREV="\"A023CE2\"" -Wall -Wextra -Wno-unused-parameter -Tsrc/arch/rpi4/link.ld -nostdlib -lgcc -n -o (Objects)
<alpha2023> I'm invoking ld through gcc
<heat> what's -n?
<zid> nmagic? :o
<heat> what
<zid> oh that's -N I think
<heat> ld says -n is NMAGIC, -N is OMAGIC
<zid> ah so I was right, does -n do -Wl,-n though
<alpha2023> (not going to lie, not sure why -n is in there...)
<heat> delete
<alpha2023> no change, but still compiled okay
<alpha2023> wait hang on
<alpha2023> yes, still compiled but no change
<zid> did you build all the .o files with that
<alpha2023> no, it was only being passed into the linker
<heat> something is fucky and I don't know what
<heat> source?
<heat> or is it TOP SECRET
<alpha2023> haha no it's not, one sec, I'll push up the latest linker changes
<bslsk05> ​github.com: GitHub - primis/Apollo at testing-branch
<bslsk05> ​github.com: Apollo/target-rpi4.mk at testing-branch · primis/Apollo · GitHub
<bslsk05> ​github.com: Apollo/link.ld at testing-branch · primis/Apollo · GitHub
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<heat> wow Kconfig
<heat> that's a first
<alpha2023> I did it... manually! :D
<bslsk05> ​github.com: Apollo/Makefile at testing-branch · primis/Apollo · GitHub
<alpha2023> that should be all the things things that touch linking
<heat> oh god
<heat> where are your standard makefile variables
<heat> DEFS?
<alpha2023> yeah... that's a my bad
<alpha2023> I'll make a note to fix that
<heat> what happens if you use another linker?
<heat> like ld.lld or ld.gold
<alpha2023> havent tried
<heat> (-fuse-ld=(lld/gold))
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<alpha2023> collect2: fatal error: cannot find 'ld' on both lld and gold ...
<heat> do you even have them installed
<alpha2023> yes
<alpha2023> might be because it's not the cross compilation version thouhgh
<heat> oh no, i think it's just searching under its prefix
<heat> copy ld.lld to wherever your toolchain is installed
<heat> lld doesn't need a cross compilation version, every build can link anything
<alpha2023> yeah that's not working either...
<heat> c a l l i t d i r e c t l y
<alpha2023> working on it
<bslsk05> ​pastebin.com: There are 12 section headers, starting at offset 0x18610:Section Headers: - Pastebin.com
<alpha2023> so ld.lld fixes the segments
<heat> try gold
<heat> we're going the full stretch
<heat> maybe even mold lmao (jk, they don't support linker scripts)
<alpha2023> `gold: fatal error: build-rpi4/./src/core/hal.c.o: unsupported ELF machine number 183`
<heat> an aarch64 gold
<alpha2023> I don't have one installed, this might take a minute
<ddevault> why tf doesn't my EFI environment have a device tree
<ddevault> did I waste my entire week on this
<heat> EFI doesn't have a device tree
<heat> they parse it into ACPI afaik
<heat> cc j`ey
<j`ey> you can also pass a device tree ina configuration table, I think EDK2 supports that..
<ddevault> please don't make me go to ACPI
<ddevault> I'll sooner dump it on the boot disk and open it as a file
<ddevault> it /should/ be in a config table
<sbalmos> ACPI is your friend
<ddevault> I have all of these guids in the config table https://paste.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/0f58621f9b2c23e4f31b044e2847ce48252d5433
<bslsk05> ​paste.sr.ht: paste.txt — paste.sr.ht
<heat> "EBBR systems must not provide both ACPI and Devicetree tables at the same time. Systems that support both interfaces must provide a configuration mechanism to select either ACPI or Devicetree, and must ensure only the selected interface is provided to the OS loader."
<bslsk05> ​arm-software.github.io: Embedded Base Boot Requirements (EBBR) Specification v2.1.0-1-ge2bc7a4 documentation
<heat> I don't know if your $system is ebbr compliant
<alpha2023> heat: I can't find a copy of gold for aarch64 as a binary, gonna have to compile it if I want to try it...
<ddevault> grr
<ddevault> I have an ACPI table
<ddevault> this is edk2
<heat> SBBR also agrees
<heat> "Firmware can use a minimal Devicetree to provide necessary information to the OS bootloader,
<heat> description is provided using ACPI abstractions."
<heat> as long as this does NOT include any platform hardware description. The platform hardware
<ddevault> what the fuck man
<ddevault> just gimme a device tree
<ddevault> day ruined
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<ddevault> I think I am just going to dump it into the boot disk
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<alpha2023> ok, got a binary of ld.gold here's the output https://pastebin.com/z4iHHRL8 @heat
<bslsk05> ​pastebin.com: linked with gold - Pastebin.com
<alpha2023> it seems only gnu ld is being fucky
<heat> I can't tell what's wrong
<heat> try and --verbose your way into some debug output i guess
<heat> and/or ask them directly
<gog> hi
<alpha2023> what's super weird is an almost identical linker script on x86 doesn't expose that error
<alpha2023> s/error/warning/
<epony> the fun with non-funny lack of standards between junkboards vendors https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Server_Base_System_Architecture
<bslsk05> ​en.wikipedia.org: Server Base System Architecture - Wikipedia
<epony> also known as "where the f*rk is the f*rking PCI bus on this f*rking sh*t f*rk"
<heat> omg wikipedia man is here
<heat> hi wiki man!
<heat> i like arm64, a totally superior architecture to x86
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<ddevault> riscv64 is pgood so far
<alpha2023> I miss powerPC personally...
<ddevault> at least from sifive
<Ermine> ddevault: do you mean the board you reviewed in your blog?
<ddevault> yeah
<ddevault> I can live with EFI+device trees
<gog> y'all motherfuckers need alpha
<ddevault> which is what I get on riscv64
<heat> fwiw riscv64 will start to adhere to ebbr
<ddevault> I'm gonna bomb the home of the first person to propose an ACPI standard for risc-v
<heat> you're late
<ddevault> gdi
<gog> lmfao
<j`ey> lol
<gog> heat
<gog> heat
<heat> gog
<gog> heat
<gog> bazinga
* heat desintegrates
<alpha2023> unfortunately I never had alpha to play around with (despite my nick)
<gog> me either
<gog> i'm gonna invent the sigma architecture
<alpha2023> fun fact: I've been using this nick in various places since like, 2012, now it's gonna be "Oh look, another <current year> name"
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<gog> i've been using this nick since 2007
<gog> i'm old
<epony> arm64 on a stick, stuck to your shoe, suffed in a remote
<Ermine> ddevault: do you have an idea of something that could take place of ACPI on risc-v64?
<epony> deface-3
<alpha2023> holy sh-- I fixed it
<heat> gog, change your name to pog
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<heat> poggers
<pog> what
<pog> this nick is unregistered
<heat> TAKE IT
<alpha2023> ` . = DATA_SEGMENT_ALIGN (CONSTANT (MAXPAGESIZE), CONSTANT (COMMONPAGESIZE));` between .rodata and .data segments
<Ermine> TAKE THAT
<pog> its
<pog> mine
<epony> DOS does not run on ARMputers but.. you need a DOS partition to boot it, WTF ;-)
<pog> ARM DOS
<pog> let's do it
<epony> armindows running armoffice and armisual armudio
<Ermine> ddevault: also do I understand correctly that ARM boots are less of a nightmare now with EFI? (sorry for being little intrusive).
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<Ermine> pog: if there's some kind of real mode, then why not. Maybe one can run everything in supervisor mode.
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<alpha2023> heat: https://pastebin.com/pEfFgtrQ this was the fix, basically aarch64 pages aren't 4k, so the ALIGN(4096) aint doing shit. hence need for MAXPAGESIZE align
<bslsk05> ​pastebin.com: Linker Fix - Pastebin.com
<pog> Ermine: there's really not though
<pog> afaik
<pog> is it possible to just run the whole OS in EL0?
<pog> or 1 or whatever supervisor mode is
<pog> i don't know anything about arm
<j`ey> EL0 is userspace
<pog> ok
<ddevault> Ermine: device trees (re: riscv64)
<ddevault> Ermine: yes (re: EFI on arm64)
<ddevault> at least EFI is standardized
<ddevault> and u-boot provides a free implementation of it
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<alpha2023> Modified the wiki https://wiki.osdev.org/Linker_Scripts#SECTIONS to make sure no one else runs into this same issue
<bslsk05> ​wiki.osdev.org: Linker Scripts - OSDev Wiki
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<alpha2023> thanks for all the help, being able to walk through that process with y'all helped a lot
<ddevault> what's up with this device tree anyway
<ddevault> the serial ports are
<ddevault> reg = <0 addr 0 length>
<ddevault> rather than reg = <addr length>
<ddevault> tbf this is decompiled from the dtb
<ddevault> oh, duh
<ddevault> #address-cells and #size-cells are both 2
* ddevault rolls eyes
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<alpha2023> I read the device tree spec not too long ago. It's sure dense
<kaichiuchi> hi
<heat_> pogchamp, pogchamp
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<pogchamp> heat:
<heat> warmth
<pogchamp> bazinga
<heat> bazongo
<heat> alpha2023, but aarch64 pages can be 4k
<heat> it seems to me that GNU ld.bfd is pooping their panties
<alpha2023> Can be 4k yes. ld.bfd is being a shit
<heat> it makes no sense that given 3 segments it chooses to merge them all into a single RWX segment vs splitting them up and aligning them
<heat> I would ask around about that if I were you
<heat> why does x86 have different behavior?
<alpha2023> because x86 only has 4k pages
<heat> are they assuming arm = needs to be small?
<alpha2023> and I had ALIGN(4096) directives
<heat> so what happens if you ALIGN(2048) instead?
<alpha2023> align(2048) on x86 brings the warning back
<zid> I'm too lazy to read the scrollback so I will just guess based on you throwing around align directives
<zid> shit was smushing into page boundaries and then was unloadable without the page in the middle requiring both sets of perms?
<alpha2023> long story short: new ld warning for WRX LOAD segment. ld was smushing everythign into one WRX segment for no reason, using ALIGN(CONSTANT(MAXPAGESIZE)) on all sections fixes it
<heat> it noticed differing perms on page boundaries so it merged everything into a super RWX segment
<heat> which is FUCKING BONKERS
<alpha2023> only happens on gnu ld though, gold and lld.ld both do the right thing
<heat> I'm mildly curious if PHDRS changes anything
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<heat> alpha2023, if you could try something like https://github.com/heatd/Onyx/blob/master/kernel/arch/arm64/linker.ld on bfd for SCIENCE and PROFITS it would be cool
<bslsk05> ​github.com: Onyx/linker.ld at master · heatd/Onyx · GitHub
<heat> everything is carefully placed in phdrs here
<alpha2023> the PHDRS directive area or just use the whole thing?
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<zid> I just phdrs everything anyway
<heat> the whole thing and slightly adapt for your own sections
<zid> manual phdrs for life
<zid> letting ld do things automatically never works :P
<heat> yeah manual phdrs works pretty well
<heat> I'm proud to say that my linker scripts work on all linkers (bfd, gold, lld)
<heat> which was a battle and a half tbf
<bslsk05> ​pastebin.com: Using a different linker script - Pastebin.com
<alpha2023> it infact, does work
<heat> it's very amusing how it makes empty phdrs lol
<heat> alpha2023, btw making sections that don't start in . is a capital felony
<zid> yea I cringed and closed it
<zid> too lazy to call the cop
<alpha2023> gcc generated those
<zid> it did not
<heat> no it did not
<alpha2023> hang on
<alpha2023> I dont mean autogenerated
<alpha2023> I mean I told a variable to live in a different section
<zid> someone did __attribute__((section("module"))__ or whatever
<heat> __attribute__(section(".modules"))
<heat> fixed
<zid> and they meant to do .modules
<alpha2023> yeah, that!
<zid> illegally did* sorry
<zid> not meant to do
<zid> heat: Why did no books come out today? :/
<heat> books of what?
<zid> books
<zid> (shitty light novels)
<heat> stop doing that and go read, idk k&r
<heat> or again, something productive for the human kind, like some medicine books
<alpha2023> so here's the thing; the sections named "modules" is named that because the linker or gcc autogenerates __stop_modules and __start_modules without me having needed to include them in the linker as sections (and it doesn't autogen if theres a pre-dot)
<alpha2023> so yeah, laziness on my part
<heat> "This book was typeset (pic|tbl|eqn|troff -ms) ..."
<heat> fuck your MICRODONG WORDSHIT or your LaTeCrAp, we using troff
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<pogchamp> typesetting
<pogchamp> who needs typesetting
<pogchamp> plain text is fine
<zid> word wrap is good enough for jesus
<pogchamp> nope
<pogchamp> all line breaks are manual
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<heat> pogchamp
<heat> pogchamp
<heat> pogchamp
<pogchamp> heat
<heat> 🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️
<pogchamp> huehuehue
<heat> u brazillian now
<bslsk05> ​'Red bird laughing meme HD' by Plumboos (00:00:06)
<bslsk05> ​'The Bang Bang Theory' by Podel (00:00:35)
<pogchamp> baking soda
<heat> when I die tragically at a young age I want these videos to be an insight into my state of mind and genius
<pogchamp> true
* Ermine tries to remember Rio song he heard in Alitalia plane.
<heat> when I get chosen as the CEO of Alphabet I will rename Bazel to Bazelinga
<kaichiuchi> heat: son
<kaichiuchi> it is almost time for arch
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<heat> arch lonix time
<pogchamp> balinux
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<mjg> burp