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<gog> glad to be of service
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<gog> heat heat heat heat
<rwxr-xr-x> gog gog gog gog
<gog> do you produce machine code through the use of a symbolic structured language
<gog> bazooper
<heat> bazoong
<gog> i do and it fucking sucks why do i do this to myself
<heat> I produce machine code in my jitter and oh my god why am i doing this my system is shit anyway
<gog> i'm gonna write a jitter
<heat> lets go
<gog> and a compiler
<gog> and a repl
<heat> sure
<gog> and combine them
<heat> overtake klange
<gog> yes
<gog> if i only do things klange doesn't do then i'll never write an operating system
<gog> therefore imitate klange
<heat> yesssss you go boss girl
<gog> gonna call my language slay
<kazinsal> build system called queen
<gog> yaas
<gog> Yaasfile
<rwxr-xr-x> Can i specify the architecture with a arg when starting gdb, or do I have to specify it when building?
<heat> starting, but it depends
<rwxr-xr-x> for example, i am trying to target i386
<zid> good news
<heat> if by arch you mean "arm64", "x86_64", then no, you need to rebuild
<zid> your gdb is built for i386
<zid> it can't do anything else
<heat> if you mean i386 or x86-64, then you can specify that shit
<rwxr-xr-x> I have a custom built GDB for i386, but i have a makefile, and it would be nice if you didn't need the custom built gdb
<zid> I just use my desktop one
<zid> cus you know, my desktop is x86
<zid> the only special build I have is mips, cus I needed to playstation
<rwxr-xr-x> the os binary I have is elf i386, the x86 gdb won't work
<zid> yes it will
<rwxr-xr-x> really?
<zid> what different do you think there is between i386 and x86?
<heat> i386 is x86 swetie
<zid> the x is for 'wildcard', any chip ending in 86
<zid> a 386 is infact, an x86 cpu
<heat> the x is for the treasure
<rwxr-xr-x> yeah i realized that the instant i said really lmao, never occured to me that i386 was x86 for some reason
<heat> it goes something like i386 = intel 386, i486 = intel 486, i586 = original pentium, i686 = pentium 4?
<zid> something like that
<rwxr-xr-x> sounds familiar
<clever> what about 8086?
<zid> 8086 is fake news
<gog> use nasm
<heat> gog, NO
<heat> gog gog go gog og go gogog
<zid> nasm is nice
<heat> bazshutupgasbestnasmbad
<zid> I'm barry now?
<gog> who's other barry?
<kazinsal> bazza
<heat> baz, bazza, gaz, gazza, waz and wazza
<heat> the manchester lads
<zid> heat is harry
<zid> gog ofc, is gary
<gog> hahah gaaaary
<heat> hazza
<zid> gog you're a 'takes quizzes on facebook to extra your DOB to use to steal account recovery details' person, what's my girl name?
<zid> extract*
<kaichiuchi> null
<zid> is rasputin a girl name
<heat> does doing integer division by doing "result = num * (0xffffffff / divisor)" work?
<zid> reciprocal division exists and works but the constants you need to use are fucking weird
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<zid> because it's about how many times it wraps 4.2B
<heat> huh
<heat> fucc that
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<zid> you end up having to shift it too
<heat> i've noticed gcc is doing some shifty ass codegen
<bslsk05> ​godbolt.org: Compiler Explorer
<bslsk05> ​homepage.divms.uiowa.edu: Jones on reciprocal multiplication
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<kof123> quote there are some significant differences between ANSI C (C89) and the dialect recognized by compilers supported by EDK II (C95)
<heat> intel lives in an alternative dimension where C95 was a thing
<zid> oh look there's the shift, neat
<heat> actually, c95 was a thing, wow
<kof123> i actually did the avoid initializers, but that was for $CRAZY_META_REASONS i am just curious if you are really doing that heat, or it is part of hard mode aoc
<zid> If you could make me a lookup took where I give it a constant and a shift amount
<zid> I'd actually find that useful
<heat> kof123, hard mode k&r aoc
<heat> it looks partially like a shell script and I'm very happy with that
<heat> I could've omitted a few ints here or there, I need to get better at this
<zid> did you manage to solve AoC last night heat
<zid> It was a real toughie
<bslsk05> ​github.com: aoc2022/day1.c at main · heatd/aoc2022 · GitHub
<heat> i did solve yesterday's alexandria ocasio-cortez
<gog> zid: callista
<mykernel> heat: i solved my issue ;)
<zid> gog: Sounds very pretentious
<zid> I am much too shy to have a name like callista
<zid> what about calligula von fucksalot
<gog> sure
<bslsk05> ​github.com: aoc2022/day1.krk at master · klange/aoc2022 · GitHub
<zid> what's kirk
<moon-child> main dude from star trek
<zid> Makes sense
<zid> nerds love naming things after star battle show
<gog> zid is quark
<zid> quirk
<zid> our bastard lovechild
<klange> While I admittedly read the file extension as 'kirk', the language is Kuroko.
<zid> yea it's your python thingy right
<zid> that you write editors in
<kazinsal> gonna start a fork called stackless kuroko
<moon-child> using exclusively cps?
<klange> The syntax highlighters and theme files are written in Kuroko, the editor itself is C.
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<klange> kazinsal: kuroko already has the primary feature of stackless python, which isn't stackless, it just avoids C call stacks for managed function calls - Kuroko already does this in many cases
<heat> you didn't pick a license for your aoc solutions
<heat> i'm gonna steal all your code
<heat> and then.. uh.. i'll
<kazinsal> implicit proprietary code
<klange> Without a license, being on github grants certain rights implicitly, such as your ability to read and fork it, but, since you mention it, I'll slap the ISC on the whole thing.
<heat> you should GPLv2 it like me
<heat> don't like the big corps steal your aoc solutions!
<heat> kazinsal, i'm entirely positive code licensing as is currently is very iffy and based on bogus
<heat> as in, nothing makes sense and very few of it seems to be enforceable
<kazinsal> code licensing law is entirely based on who has better lawyers
<heat> it's like the blatant GPLv2 violations in china and shit
<heat> or if reading code for documentation makes your work a derivative work of that
<heat> and as far as I understand it's a don't-know-don't-ask
<kazinsal> a few years ago there was that whole thing about the gpl being enforceable as a contract which is funny as hell considering the FSF goes "NO IT'S NOT" despite that if the courts went "okay, have it your way, it's not" it'd be unenforceable
<kazinsal> but in reality the enforceability of something as abstract as a copyleft viral software license is based on who has a bigger lawyer budget
<heat> tldr nothing makes sense we're all fucked
<kazinsal> it would be equal parts horrifying and utterly popcorn-level fascinating to watch the FSF try to take on, say, Oracle
<heat> i think that the big corps would ironically back the FSF
<heat> linux is only useful while people and corps keep contributing
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<epony> let's call it UNIX downstream experimental branches
<epony> or Linus' coordinated collaborative semi-compatible collection
<geist> heat: cARGOCOGOARCOGO
<epony> if it's not this it would be that, and still there would be a system like UNIX for consumer-corporate shared work
<zid> https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/642849069378568192/1048033520053911603/image.png I found some benchmarks of windows' zip implementation
<epony> it isn't everything and not the only one, just one of a couple more "public" and "general purpose" yet experimental and non-standard / reliable long term
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<epony> do the account for zipbombs ;-)
<epony> "they"
<geist> huh lamborghini is apparently announcing an offroad rally supercar
<zid> a.. rally.. supercar?
<zid> or do they just mean a "very good rally car"
<bslsk05> ​en.wikipedia.org: Zip bomb - Wikipedia
<heat> lamborghini have some offroads already
<heat> SUVs too
<zid> They started with offroad vehicles
<epony> the emmigration market has requirements you know
<epony> too many stampeding fence jumping GNUs
<epony> (and you're right FSF/GNU is close to corporation busines models, but too far on the map of the political East Coast)
<geist> yeah but this looks like a low supercar on the dirt
<geist> it's weird. the video is weird
<zid> so actually a supercar? heh
<zid> You'd think dirt and supercar would not go together, cus you know, clearance and suspension travel and stuff
<epony> and Dakkar is a long way from Paris
<bslsk05> ​media.lamborghini.com: Lamborghini Media Center : Huracán Sterrato
<zid> agreed
<zid> Looks like a toy, but then again, supercars are
<epony> they also make fine pork ham and the incommers don't eat pork ;-)
<kazinsal> yep, that's pretty dumb
<geist> yah. i assume that 100% of these will be purchased in saudi arabia
<geist> RUST IS GOLD
<zid> rust is ld.lld
<epony> with a subscription for drone recognition databases
<heat> you know v8s have also rallied right? modern corvettes and that
<heat> the concept of "very sporty car in the dirt" is nothing new
<heat> with RWD and everything
<zid> yea but this is shaped like a hurucan
<zid> not a saloon car or hatchback
<geist> well sure, really the car is just a jacked up existing thing
<geist> the ad is insane though
<geist> in a bad way
<epony> other Middle East exports including dust cranks and spin wheels https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crypto_AG#Compromised_machines
<bslsk05> ​en.wikipedia.org: Crypto AG - Wikipedia
<zid> let's give heat the ultimate test
<heat> bonk
<zid> heat: impreza or evo?
<heat> evo
* geist watches closely
<zid> oh no he failed
<geist> interesting heat, interesting
<geist> i see
<zid> I always knew heat was.. like that
<kazinsal> the correct answer: AWD BRZ swap
* kazinsal ducks
<zid> I suspected it this entire time
<heat> the EVO X is the peak car
<zid> but to hear it from his own mouth, wow
<epony> if you find your _carburretter_, you also know at what angle to allign the spark plug advance timing
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<geist> that being said subaru did kinda lose track of the ball there for a bit
<zid> That makes it loveable
<epony> for advanced system operators https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carburetor#Icing_in_aircraft_engine_carburetors (you knew about latent heat didn't you)
<bslsk05> ​en.wikipedia.org: Carburetor - Wikipedia
<geist> huh makes sense re: idle and icing
<epony> yeah
<zid> discord just updated the font
<zid> and it's fucking AWFUL lol
<epony> gas tanks (the one used for home utilities) have the same problem with icing inside when discharging gas uncontrollably or too fast
<zid> The kerning bounces around as you type on it
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<epony> pango is shittier with each version
<heat> i like it
<zid> it's identical except they've manually edited some letters but not adjusted the kerning on them
<epony> if those are ligatures, they are not in all variants probably
<epony> anyway, noto fonts are larger than the system and toolchains
<zid> fixedsys for life, ffiff.
<bslsk05> ​en.wikipedia.org: Škoda Auto - Wikipedia
<geist> i have to say i have a fondness for the vt100 font in securecrt
<geist> i dont think it's actually exactly vt100 font, but whatever it is its pleasant. one of the few reasons i still use that app
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<epony> I'm partial to the fixed thinnest stroke font in X that has decent coverage of character glyph sets, and fixed (misc) is alright for XTerm ;-)
<epony> but would change that to any such regardless of its name and visuals as long as it's accurate at small sizes and looks well populated
<bslsk05> ​en.wikipedia.org: Markus Kuhn (computer scientist) - Wikipedia
<heat> i need to push rbx before using it right?
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<heat> yeah that seems legit
<zid> I changed discord to FOT-Matisse Pro, because I am a massive nerd
<rwxr-xr-x> nice lol
<rwxr-xr-x> I logged in and got the new font they made, looks very clean
<rwxr-xr-x> gg sans is what its called
<zid> If anyone can tell me why that's a nerdfont lmk you win a cookie
<rwxr-xr-x> No clue, looks nice though
<zid> It's awful for prose lol
<geist> hmm, either i can't tell the diff or it hasn't happened yet for mine
<kazinsal> I just got it because my machine bluescreened (damn sketchy nvidia drivers ran out of VRAM)
<rwxr-xr-x> lmao
<zid> geist: type il
<zid> if the l has a crudely added tail that clashes with the next letter, you have the new font
<rwxr-xr-x> Oh yeah!
<rwxr-xr-x> totally right!
<zid> try 'ilv' for example
<zid> it's very badly kerned
<rwxr-xr-x> yeah
<zid> also try typing ffiff on the edit box
<zid> and watch as you type, the weight will bounce around as it does weird ligature shit
<rwxr-xr-x> yeah, you're right
<rwxr-xr-x> designing fonts is cool
<rwxr-xr-x> font design is so nuanced
<kazinsal> looks like they don't have an fi ligature but they do have an ff ligature. shameful
<geist> zid: ah yeah you're right
<heat> i don get it
<heat> font looks ok to me
<geist> sorry in the middle of a hot and steamy godbolt session with rust
<geist> passing around mutable references like nobodys business
<heat> im adding seccomp
<heat> i've had my fair share of "what does mr assembler generate" in godbolt tonight
<zid> geist: dirty bugger
<zid> heat heat
<zid> my friend did something amazing
<bslsk05> ​gist.github.com: Advent of Code 2022 - Day 1 · GitHub
<heat> it looks horrible, i love it
<heat> but it doesn't adhere to the UNIX philosophy
<heat> it should use stdin/out
<heat> the UNIX shell utilities can deal with redirecting in/out as needed
<zid> It uses K&R decs
<heat> i have noticed
<heat> i am very proud of your friend
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<heat> i need to pepper auto and register throughout my code, good point
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<klange> yay i scored some points
<zid> oh wow, gj
<zid> I started late so I took my time
<zid> There, I added shading to my cube
<moon-child> ok but why tf is there a whole ass egg there
<moon-child> has this person ever actually had egg fried rice
<zid> fried-egg rice :P
<zid> fried-egg egg fried rice maybe
<moon-child> hmmm should I make fried rice
<moon-child> I was gonna make curry but it's getting late and I lack energy
<zid> do you have old rice
<moon-child> no
<zid> then no, do not make fried rice
<moon-child> I mean it's not like it's _bad_ with fresh rice
<moon-child> esp. if you under-water it a bit
<zid> I just leave it on the ring to cool.. too much
<moon-child> but I'm hungry now
<zid> boil it a bit in whatever water, then give it a rinse for the last of the starch mess, then cover and let it steam cook the rest off
<zid> ultimate in declumping technology
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<zid> I figured out the simple solution to day2 part 1
<bslsk05> ​gist.github.com: 2022-day2b-p1.c · GitHub
<FireFly> hmmm fried rice
<zid> no, rock paper scissors
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<gog> zid: haha egg
<AmyMalik> ebgg
<zid> ebgg
<epony> edbg is the name of tha package you're looking for
<epony> the first file in the list https://openports.pl/path/devel/gdb#files_list_link (a database of egs of course)
<bslsk05> ​openports.pl: OpenBSD Ports Readme: port devel/gdb
<epony> the question is how could https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Kelley write https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zig_(programming_language)#Projects and what languages are influenced by it
<bslsk05> ​en.wikipedia.org: Andrew J. Kelley - Wikipedia
<bslsk05> ​en.wikipedia.org: Zig (programming language) - Wikipedia
<epony> btw, it's "freeday lice"
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<mrvn> zid: what kind of obfuscated C contents are you doing?
<heat> bell labs any%
<zid> heat did you do day 2 yet
<heat> no
<heat> im not going to fuck with my sleep schedule again just for aoc
<AmyMalik> gooh
<AmyMalik> good*
<zid> I was up anyway
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<heat> well you already have a very fucked up sleep schedule anyway
<zid> It's rando
<zid> depends what good stuff happens at my bedtime
<heat> yeah, same, which is why I want to control myself and stop this sleep fuckery
<heat> it's very inconsistent and for example in the other week I managed to get into a virtual PDT timezone
<heat> wake up at 5pm, go to sleep at 6am
<zid> how much cocaine is involved?
<heat> 0
<zid> There's your problem
<heat> just lots of fentanyl as mjg points out
<GeDaMo> Caffeine and sugar
<zid> happy to help
<zid> GeDaMo: did you advent au code?
<GeDaMo> Nah, I'm too lazy :P
<zid> I love reddit
<heat> why is scissors such a weird word
<GeDaMo> It has the same root as 'shit'
<GeDaMo> «The current spelling, from the 16th century, is due to association with Medieval Latin scissor (“tailor”), from Latin carrying the meaning “carver, cutter”, from scindere (“to split”).» https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/scissors
<bslsk05> ​en.wiktionary.org: scissors - Wiktionary
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<zid> heat: Done yet?
<heat> im on part2
<zid> I was too dumb to think of the mathematical solution quicker than I could just write out a truth table for it
<zid> it took me.. 4 mins to just write out a switch for it instead apparently
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<heat> your ioccc submission doesn't work btw
<heat> the disadvantage with writing smart-ass C is that it's impossible to debug
<heat> yay
<zid> yea it does
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<zid> https://gist.github.com/zid/eee35eb9317c53ba93e6f61a3939024c Here's a nice mixture of two methods
<bslsk05> ​gist.github.com: 2022-day2.c · GitHub
<zid> you need a trailing \n for the parser to work, if you're literally copy pasting my code
<zid> I think
<zid> else you end up one short on inputs
<zid> (The .ini parsing library I use has the same issue, caught my ass out on that ofc)
<gog> zid: I'm wearing programming socks today
<zid> with cat ears?
<gog> unfortunately no
<zid> So they're javascript socks, but not full on UNIX socks
<gog> yes
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<heat> ok i have a solution
* heat struggles with C modulo after doing a quick "does -1 % 3 == 2" in python
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<zid> Yea I had that exact issue with my enigma machine
<zid> I was shifting the ciphertext index left and %'ing it to wrap it back around. That is not how C's % works.
<zid> I ended up just adding one more copy of the modulo to the left hand side
<zid> so turning -1 % 26 into 25 % 26
<bslsk05> ​github.com: aoc2022/day2.c at main · heatd/aoc2022 · GitHub
<zid> You can do it in one modulo and an add I think, btw
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<zid> from my xor fuckery it seemed that way at least, I bet the reddit thread has it
<heat> I find it mildly annoying how modern compilers can't take "i, j;" as "int i, j;"
<zid> without the type it could be a comma operator expression I guess?
<heat> and no I'm not installing gcc 2.91 or whatever the last fully K&R supporting compiler was
<heat> even without the comma, "i;" isn't a valid decl or i
<heat> of*
<heat> hmmmmmmm
<heat> I see, I think I'm missing the auto
<heat> "auto i, j, k;" defines 3 ints
<zid> (void)i; is the one true expression
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<heat> the register and auto keywords are the true expressions all by themselves
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<zid> expression of your inability to write good, proper, modern, C89
<heat> fun fact it's not legal to take the address of a register var
<zid> hardly a fact
<heat> your mum's hardly a fact
<zid> more of a "wtf would the result even be?"
<zid> Did you know you can't take the inverse upper row echelon form of a dog
<heat> well in a modern compiler you would spill it to the stack and that would be it
<zid> "Well in a modern compiler you'd just take the FFT of the dog"
<heat> but register is for the olden days
<heat> i wonder if register does indeed affect any codegen in gcc/clang
<zid> I'd be surprised, but if the answer is yes I wanna hear what
<heat> like, if it needs to spill a register to the stack, does it prefer to spill non-register over register? that would make /some sense/
<heat> non-register vars over register vars*
<heat> or maybe it just wouldn't spill a register var, ever
<heat> because you need it to be in a register ofc!
<heat> else why would you add that keyword
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<heat> he implementation may treat any register declaration simply as an auto declaration. However,
<heat> whether or not addressable storage is actually used, the address of any part of an object declared with
<heat> storage-class specifier register cannot be computed, either explicitly (by use of the unary &
<heat> operator as discussed in or implicitly (by converting an array name to a pointer as discussed in
<heat> zid, how does your bithacking shittery work?
<zid> idk, I made a truth table
<zid> I needed to turn 012 into 201 or something
<zid> so I did some xors and a subtraction
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<zid> I could remove the == with some more xors ofc
<zid> == is actually the xnor operator
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<rwxr-xr-x> I have a very strange problem
<rwxr-xr-x> I use WSL2 right? Trying to run anything in the terminal that opens ports or connections fails
<rwxr-xr-x> for example, gdb targeting remote
<rwxr-xr-x> times out
<sbalmos> host Windows firewall
<rwxr-xr-x> I checked, it's fully let through
<sbalmos> WSL guest firewall
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<rwxr-xr-x> let me check that
<rwxr-xr-x> if that doesn'twork, i'm gonna try shutting off firewall
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<rwxr-xr-x> Both didn't work lol
<rwxr-xr-x> Firewall off everywhere
<rwxr-xr-x> kali and windows
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<heat> >kali
<heat> there's your issue, hackers get no internet
<rwxr-xr-x> so true
<rwxr-xr-x> i have like 6 vulnerable web apps when I get bored, on my localhost lol
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<epony> wipe windows clean
<rwxr-xr-x> lmaoo
<epony> too much bugs on the windshield obstruct visibility
<epony> there are cracks in it in a lot of places too
<epony> and hole punchin is two layers of windows glassware with glue in between
<epony> compat layers are extra trouble and dependence on the host system which has defects and unreliable / unstable defects
<epony> it's not a well designed system in general
<epony> the advertisements stickers all over the windows does not improve visibility and sight
<epony> also it's pluggable, so libraries replacements and hooks by "security" software add one more layer to validate
<epony> it's better to use a real virtualisation hypervisor than the built-in shim
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<rwxr-xr-x> Okay, so i'm trying to debug my program with gdb, and i'm starting to suspect that things may be more broken that it seems.
<mjg> you should valgrind it first
<rwxr-xr-x> its says it loads the symbold from the kernel.elf file, but it sure doesn't seem like it does, it shows all of them whenever I tab and print, but it always says it cannot access memory address (ADDRESS)
<rwxr-xr-x> valgrind?
<rwxr-xr-x> looks cool
<rwxr-xr-x> let me figure out how to use it
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<vai> coffee rules
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<heat> you can't use valgrind there
<heat> sorry
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<sbalmos> can't use valgrind with coffee? wtf?
<sbalmos> how am I supposed to grind the beans?
<geist> coffffeeeeeeee
<geist> what everyon needs is a CRATE of coffee
<geist> i like my coffee to have a RUST like color
<heat> port zircon to riscv64? if it were written in rust you could just import the riscv64 crate
<heat> rust: come for the memory safety, stay for the licensing-ambiguous crate system
<heat> in fact, zircon? just import the linux-kernel crate lol wtf
<sbalmos> yeah sometimes the crate craze is a bit as bad as npm-hell
<sbalmos> I don't want to rely on the x86-64 or uefi crates as I'm starting out here. too much hiding.
<heat> you can write uefi applications using the full range of rust std
<heat> feel the powah of rust1!!11111111!!!!111111111
<j`ey> sbalmos: youre probably just going to end up with your own versions of those crates in some form
<heat> if you're borrowing architecture support you might as well just cp -r freebsd-src myos
<sbalmos> j`ey: true, in classic NIH fashion. but it's for the process of learning and not having a magic "oh just have this entrypoint method and this attribute or this uefi_entry!() macro call"... "but... the UEFI spec says the entryp..." "USE THIS MACRO! STOP WASTING TIME!"
<heat> it's not like having very modular crates is a good thing
<heat> how can you properly integrate code into your system if there's a very strict boundary you can't cross, improve or further integrate with your system
<heat> at least the good old tried-and-true method of copying freebsd code works because you can literally *change the code* and adapt it
<heat> and you also get to control the actual code and not have a dubious crate supply chain powered by licensing ambiguity where, as far as I understand, everyone gives 0 fucks and assumes crates are apache-2.0 licensed or whatever
<sbalmos> my fucks are on backorder
<heat> "god dang good ol days with the good ol dang C and 'em manuals and man pages, not 'em fancy god dang rust crates and npm jibber jabber"
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<sbalmos> okay Boomhauer
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<mrvn> licenses could be sort of dependencies in crates
<mrvn> and beware: With GPL you can only use crates supplied by your OS.
<mrvn> (because of the OS exception in the GPL allowing you to mix licenses)
<sbalmos> hmm... crates should declare its license and allowable dependent licenses?
<j`ey> it declares the license, but i dont think you can do the latter
<sbalmos> cargo itself would then have to know a matrix of what licenses are compatible with what other licenses, so it could warn or stop if you're including a dep with an incompatible license
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<j`ey> I think there are tools that do it for you, or at least gather all the licenses
<mrvn> sbalmos: and now you need a formalized grammar to express license terms and a solver for them.
<sbalmos> no terms! no surrender!
<mrvn> sbalmos: License: You may link with a crate licensed under A but only if there is also a crate licensed under license B. Now that will be fun.
<sbalmos> yeah, uhm, no
<sbalmos> where's the attorney crate?
<mrvn> that was the first crate the destroyed when the revolution begun
<mrvn> +y
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<jafarlihi> Is there any reason to use ncurses in 2022? Seeing that btop rolls their own and looks much better than anything I have seen in ncurses, is the point about terminal compabilitiy moot now?
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<geist> not sure what btop is, but at the minimum it means you dont have to roll your own either
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<particleflux> Does btop use their own stuff for the UI?
<particleflux> It's hard enough to be cross terminal emulator compatible, yet alone support running things on a Mac *yuck*
<geist> not sure why the mac termainal app would be any different
<particleflux> eh, I'm maybe thinking too much in terms of scripts
<particleflux> mac with their stoneage bash, openssl, etc
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<particleflux> unless you use 3rd party homebrew
<geist> yah fair i always use something like homebrew or macports so kinda forget what the stock experience is
<particleflux> I created several scripts on linux, thinking they run on mac, and it always ended it some kind of disaster lol
<geist> sometimes that's just BSD vs linux. happens a lot
<particleflux> like, you have that old bash version, so \e ANSI escapes won't work
<particleflux> and then, tehy also don't have newer openssl, so newer openssl cmds don't work either (attempted to use them for auto-converting appstore certificates for push msgs)
<mjg> i don't think the terminal wars are dead
<particleflux> but yeah, it happens that I hit those BSD issues too :D
<mjg> even if you only stick to linux
<particleflux> it's bad enough that RHEL don't ships with term support for rxvt :/
<particleflux> or rather, xvt-unicode-256color
<particleflux> +r
<particleflux> I don't even crae about the unicode or 256color things, I just want all my keys to work :D
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<particleflux> hu, I've never seen an invalidopcodeexception
<kof123> eh, im sure they tested gnome or kde or whatever other terminal and called it a day
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<kof123> if it is just adding an entry that is kind of silly though
<kof123> like what could it possibly break, something misidentifying itself?
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