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<teepee> wtf, how is that even possible: https://twitter.com/Oskar_mbr/status/1490429921893756928
<dalias> teepee, hm?
<teepee> "the scad script is in the alt text"
<teepee> that is meant literally
<dalias> yeah sadly twitter has no ui to view the alt text...
<teepee> I just poked into the html via firefox debugger
<dalias> i have an extension that's supposed to add context menu to read alt text
<dalias> but it stopped working ..? :(
<teepee> right, so everyone hold on to your hats
<gbruno> [github] t-paul pushed 413 modifications (Merge pull request #4095 from openscad/uncrustify-2022
<gbruno> [github] t-paul pushed 3 modifications (Update formatting.). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/commit/7d1da1994857a868b35639edb22d3a1c2968f859
<gbruno> [github] t-paul pushed 4 additions 2 modifications (Fix scaling if the SVG element has width/height given in percentage.
<linext> i press some key combo in OpenSCAD and a emoticon dropdown appeared
<J22_how_long_can> https://bpa.st/TWKQ    this  looks so much better with $fn=36
<teepee> that's probably some input method on your system
<teepee> J22_how_long_can: yeah, there's newer picture that show the stuff that's going to print, which looks much nicer
<linext> windows 10
<linext> it's Windows Key + "."
<linext> i wonder if text() handles emoji
<teepee> yes, that's what the article says
<teepee> yes it does
<teepee> you do need a font having the glyph though
<linext> might as well add an emoji while i'm here then
<J22_how_long_can> 👍
<teepee> you can also just use \U01F600
<linext> i've been building that pocket knife holder for a few days now
<linext> printed 8 prototypes so far
<teepee> e.g. text("\U01F600", font ="OpenSansEmoji");
<teepee> not sure what windows fonts work
<teepee> belt clip cases?
<linext> yes, knife holder for belt
<OlivierChafik[m]> Hey guys, quick question re/ uncrustify & clang-format: any idea why I would be getting very different format results locally? (can't tell if it's because of a different version of clang-format or if I have some old config file hidden in my home)
<teepee> it uses uncrustify, maybe that's not installed?
<teepee> your PR is strange, not sure where it gets the AppVeyor config from
<teepee> that should be all disabled for quite some time now
<OlivierChafik[m]> haha, interesting!!
<teepee> oh, it still has a webhook
<teepee> let me remove that one too
<teepee> and uninstalled the apps instead of just suspending
<teepee> running from the main folder as "bash scripts/beautify.sh" should grab the .uncrustify from the current folder
<OlivierChafik[m]> teepee: installing uncrustify helped, but still getting some " &" -> "& " and "while(" -> "while (" changes (which kinda seem fair tbh)
<OlivierChafik[m]> s/some/many/
<teepee> the & on the type seems correct
<teepee> is the PR based on latest master?
<teepee> unless run with --all the script will only touch files that are changed in the PR
<teepee> well in the current branch against master
<OlivierChafik[m]> yes it has a5d3bdb463ecaae70fd6bc52465ebdee67b27beb (Merge pull request #4095 from openscad/uncrustify-2022) and i ran with --all
<teepee> hmm, yes, that is strange then
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<teepee> you did run the beautify script, not just plain uncrustify?
<teepee> I did not change the script, it's sitting in the repo for quite some time, maybe there some issue with file filtering
<OlivierChafik[m]> yes I just ran the script
<InPhase> linext: I've never seen a sideways leatherman holder, but that seems a pretty nice way to holster a leatherman. It's less likely to disrupt motion.
<OlivierChafik[m]> oh... maybe my clang-format is a special build from my employer :-D
<OlivierChafik[m]> I'll look into it again tomorrow (will hopefully have some benchmark results about these exact variants too)
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<teepee> well there's definitely some strange rules with their name in the :)
<InPhase> The constructor and destructor have inconsistent brace formatting. Are we going to use a one-true brace style? https://github.com/openscad/openscad/blob/master/src/openscad.cc#L108-L123
<InPhase> I'm partial to the less space eating one used for the destructor there.
<teepee> considering it's probably the only exception, we may want to change that one :)
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<InPhase> Line 149 has try on same line as well.
<InPhase> if on line 205
<teepee> so the setup was mostly classes and functions have a newline, if / else / ... have not
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<J22> well  turns out  iif it can't add a random number (1-100)  to your nick .. it  tries again .. and again  https://imgur.com/DOsPDnT
<teepee> there's only nl_class_brace=force
<teepee> nothing about constructor / destructor
<InPhase> Line 912 is just a formatting fail. That's missing the space before the brace for a same-line.
<teepee> J22: yes, 16 chars
<J22> so  i am good for the next 4
<gbruno> [github] t-paul pushed 3 modifications (Merge pull request #4097 from openscad/context-accounting-fix
<gbruno> [github] t-paul closed issue #3871 (~ContextMemoryManager(): Assertion `heapSizeAccounting.size() == 0' failed.). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/issues/3871
<gbruno> [github] t-paul closed issue #3871 (~ContextMemoryManager(): Assertion `heapSizeAccounting.size() == 0' failed.). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/issues/3871
<gbruno> [github] t-paul closed issue #4096 (SVG scaling wrong with width/height given as percentage). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/issues/4096
<gbruno> [github] t-paul pushed 4 additions 2 modifications (Merge pull request #4098 from openscad/svg-fixes
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<linext> InPhase, i think i'll borrow a cheap steel clip from a measuring tape
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<linext> that'll be the belt hook for the pocket knife holder
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<gbruno> [github] t-paul pushed 5 modifications (Merge pull request #4099 from ochafik/fast-csg-exact-callbacks
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<ham5urg_> I've created a simple hollow shell / dummy in Freecad, like https://paste.pics/36d1d16b4f4c80326cd7aaab361c702a and I want to try it in Openscad too. I'm curious about the rounding of the edges. Is this doable in Openscad in a way? A edge with multiple faces like https://paste.pics/36d1d16b4f4c80326cd7aaab361c702a ? E.g. Freecad does not (AFAIK) support a rounded edge like this (from the inside of the mentioned dummy)
<ham5urg_> https://paste.pics/29f3c379020c7c5817a917219988b748 . Idk if Minkovski can help if more than one path (like the second image-link) is involved.
<J22> ham5urg_:   Yes straight edges are easy .. freeformed are not so much
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<J22> ham5urg_ but oSCAD is CSG  so you can't fillet an edge like with freecad  you  use differences and hull (or minkowski) http://openscad.org/cheatsheet/
<J22> ham5urg_  creates this https://imgur.com/hiBbXfZ
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<J22> or just use minkowski  with a sphere and a cylinder(.1,d1=5,d2=0);
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<J22> (and your cube  size- diameter)
<Scopeuk> teepee looks like they have a fix on a pr for cgal and the size t issue https://github.com/CGAL/cgal/pull/6309
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<Scopeuk> peepsalot it looks like the windows branch work you have bene reviewing https://github.com/openscad/openscad/pull/3957 is using the dynamic runtime linkage inside visual studio that might be a good spot for me to go digging into mimalloc on windows (as it should be one less annoying awkwardness to deal with)
<J22> 600GB ..   when a script would be better  https://www.prusaprinters.org/prints/130427-i-love-you/files
<Scopeuk> 600 names, 350MB lets not make this worse than it is
<Scopeuk> but in concept I agree that is a direct use case for parametric design
<J22> 600× 5MB stl
<J22> but found in the middle  the scad file too
<Scopeuk> the website claimed 350 meg which is what I went with. they do state its from https://www.prusaprinters.org/prints/33019-sweeping-2-line-name-plate-text
<Scopeuk> from/based on
<J22> that is an compressed archive
<Scopeuk> I gues thats a text feeding a rotate extrude
<J22> however its 3GB
<OlivierChafik[m]> teepee: Oops I'm unsure if my shared_ptr PR isn't regressing performance (https://github.com/openscad/openscad/pull/4100), needs more testing / please don't merge just yet :-/
<J22> i am curious  how he exported them ..
<Scopeuk> J22 I would guess a script/make file
<Scopeuk> thats certainly how I'd do it
<Scopeuk> OlivierChafik[m] there is a label for do not merge, I'm not sure if you can add that as a pull request author or if it needs to be teepee
<Scopeuk> moment there and here is probably plenty though
<Scopeuk> s/moment/comment
<J22> Scopeuk:  the plain scad command prompt is not enough to get the filenames  so the name list must be external
<Scopeuk> I would do it with -Dname="A Name" -o A Name.stl
<Scopeuk> with a name set as a parameter through either a bash loop or a make file
<J22> yes  so you can't have the names within the scad file
<Scopeuk> you could and then so an array lookup but that wouldn't sort the file names as you point out. there are many ways around it but also the option someone just sat there and hit buttons for a few hours
<Scopeuk> I suppose you could use an in scad name, echo it, grab that from the echo and do a file rename as a second step
<J22> ah right there is the echo output
<J22> maybe a batch export option would be usefull for some  .. like  animate with png
<OlivierChafik[m]> Scopeuk: thanks but I don't have the right to add any labels :-(
<Scopeuk> you've done all you can and more than is needed, teepee is pretty sharp and you've made it clear
<Scopeuk> J22 I would generally say there is plenty of tooling out there for cleanly and easily automating repeated invocation of command line tools. leave the heavy lifting to them
<Scopeuk> gnu make probably gets invoked as many times a second as openscad does in a day or week
<Scopeuk> if it already fits in there remit we don't want or need to be taking up that workload
<J22> if you already using the command line.  But  there are a lot of multi part designs  that you  either export and then separate  or  use lazyUnion to make an ungrouped export .. or  have the manual work
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<Scopeuk> the multi part export is a continual discussion point, you wouldn't want to kick a file save dialog up for each piece, which means meta data in the file or part<<number>> style names
<Scopeuk> if you have parts physically separate in space in a single stl slic3r/prusa slicer and I assume other slicers can split those into separate objects but its into a perfect solution. there is a method kicking arround using a top level module which gets a child by index so you can just loop over driving via -Dobjectnumber=1 etc
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<Scopeuk> hmm and another hack for it using make files and sed
<Scopeuk> thats finding all modules with a comment of //make me and then generating them to stl's with the module name, not exactly intuitive though
<J22> if there is some multimaterial support implemented to have groups - some kind of export groups / parts  would be nice
<buZz> J22: if i want to print designs seperately, i just make each part a seperate module()
<buZz> and then render&export em one by one
<buZz> i think some multimaterial slicers still work with multiple stl files ?
<J22> you can have groups of objects within one file  -  for multimaterial you have only 4 colors in consumer systems  but  like if you make a model with 150 parts - manual  is not the option i like to use.   There was a version of meshmixer that splits the model and then exported each part with a own number added
<buZz> huh? i doubt 4 is any limit anyone said
<buZz> even prusa's poorly working material swapper does 5, doesnt it?
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<buZz> yeah, 5
<J22> well i meant it is not over a million colors  like  jet systems have
<buZz> FDM indeed isnt inkjet printing :D
<J22> so multimaterial files will only need <10  parts to print
<buZz> one of the projects i saw and got interested in , was to put a inkjet CMYK cartridge on a X carriage , and just print undyed filament, and inkjet-color the perimeters after extruding each layer
<buZz> but honestly, multimaterial is 99% just a waste of time and effort :P
<J22> yes  .. multimaterial is nice if it is material and not just color ..  and for fine colors in models you also  don't want the filament swap
<J22> there are also the filament mixing systems  .. but  all these approaches  purge a lot of material
<OlivierChafik[m]> I've been using conductive PLA + normal PLA with my IDEX printer, mostly to make custom gigantic potentiometers
<J22> or to add a non binding support layer  - or flex parts
<J22> there was a system that used a pen to paint the support and so it doesn't adhere to the next layer
<buZz> J22: i do multicolor prints without any 'system' , just swap by hand, purge by hand, resume print, etc
<buZz> or slice it on a 'per-layer-per-color' basis :P
<buZz> lotta effort, but looks nice, and amazes ppl that you can do it even with 'any' 3d printer :D
<OlivierChafik[m]> I had mixed results with soluble supports tbh
<OlivierChafik[m]> There's this line of printers for inkjet cheatery: https://www.xyzprinting.com/en-GB/home
<JakeSays> inkjet?
<J22> the china mode .. where is is cheaper to  employ 10 people instead  of an automated solution  -  is also not used in china anymore
<JakeSays> J22: of course not
<OlivierChafik[m]> JakeSays: similar to what buZz was saying, I think it 2d inkprints on each layer
<OlivierChafik[m]> (or maybe it prints on the filament at the last minute, not sure)
<buZz> xyzprinting is such shit though
<JakeSays> interesting
<J22> the industrial systems do the same .. just not with filament but with powder or resin
<JakeSays> i was thinking about a design for a printer that used a laser to melt the plastic just before it hits the model
<OlivierChafik[m]> Haha I hadn't inferred that from their impressive marketing pics
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<buZz> its literally in the text OlivierChafik[m]
<buZz> dont go by pictures , they're often faked :P
<JakeSays> all printing > 2 dimensions is xyz printing
<buZz> JakeSays: the BRAND is xyzprinting
<OlivierChafik[m]> 😳 🙈
<buZz> that color print starts at 1200 euro
<buZz> printer*
<J22> 3mf supports vertex color so this could work with  color printing
<JakeSays> buZz: yes.
<buZz> huh, just vertex? no UV mapping for textures?
<J22> both is possible
<J22> but you are right they probably use UV mapping
<buZz> ah, i wouldnt care about just vertex shading :P if you can do 16M colors , why limit to gradients :P
<J22> .. there was a slicer that using bumpmapping/displacement mapping  for changing geometry
<J22> but  vertex color would be something possible with SCAD
<J22> (3 color per vertex for face color)
<buZz> hahaha, that inkjet cartridge for that tiny 1200 eur printer (13x13x13cm print bed) is 80 euro with 13.5ml of ink
<buZz> and i see no listing about how many prints that takes
<J22> .. one of the most expensive liquids
<buZz> also, all their filament and printers are DRM'd
<buZz> they use NFC tags to only allow that 1 brand of filament
<buZz> ~50-60 euro for 1KG , about ~2-3x normal price
<JakeSays> buZz: really?
<JakeSays> that's lame
<buZz> 15:56:48 < buZz> xyzprinting is such shit though
<buZz> :)
<buZz> what i want is a reprap solution to this
<JakeSays> buZz: that's the problem?
<J22> normal for all these .. also like carbon or stratasys ..  and they say  "to ensure quality"  Ü
<buZz> JakeSays: regarding?
<JakeSays> buZz: the solution you want
<JakeSays> J22: hp printers
<buZz> JakeSays: oh eh, maybe the lack of any color inkjet heads that got reverse engineered -ever- :D
<buZz> i think HP stopped producing those cartridge within a month after him posting that ;)
<JakeSays> i was using hp carts for years. last time i bought an after market one and it's lasted 10 times longer
<buZz> :) yeah, its such a horrible sector
<buZz> my HP Laserjet 1000 at home has a clone toner and its been lasting me at least 8 years now
<JakeSays> i had one of hp's very first inkjet printers.
<buZz> while i do print more than i need to
<Scopeuk> it might be easier to take the continuous inking system off a modern Epson that's designed to work with bulk ink
<JakeSays> buZz: lol i have an hp lj 4p
<buZz> Scopeuk: well, dripfeeding ink into the cartridges shouldnt be very hard
<buZz> inkjets arent vacuum systems afaik
<Scopeuk> my understanding is most "full colour" industrial machiens are power bound with what exentially amounts to an inkjet head with colour and a seperate "binder" colour
<Scopeuk> buZz last I did any reading piazo electric pumps at hte head
<buZz> what
<Scopeuk> that is digging a long way back in my memory though
<buZz> oh, yeah , they are pumping dropplets in inkjet head yeah
<buZz> but i mean, they arent pumping while -depending- on a vacuum inside the cartridges
<Scopeuk> no quite correct
<Scopeuk> I was thinking something built from the outset to just do ink to head would probably have less drm/control nonsense going on
<JakeSays> so those xyz color printers spray ink over plastic?
<buZz> yes
<Scopeuk> usually its more like plaster of paris than plastic but I'm not familiar with those machines
<buZz> per layer, like i described
<JakeSays> huh. now i get the cheat part
<buZz> The Color Series of printers rethink traditional Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) and add an inkjet head to create full color prints. The result are economical printers that can print thousands of different color combinations.
<buZz> 'thousands' is suspicious
<buZz> maybe they removed a lot of the accuracy ?
<Scopeuk> or its just marketing and disconcted from the realities of the product
<Scopeuk> thousands sounds like a lot to someone that's not familiar with machine colour mixing. and technically it is true
<Scopeuk> 2million is some thousants
<Scopeuk> just not how a sane human would phrase it in english
<buZz> -or- they dont use 8bit values ;)
<Scopeuk> 4 bit colour
<buZz> 4 bit color would be 4096 colors
<Scopeuk> if you use 4 bits per channel
<buZz> also, they use CMYK on marketing pics, but only have CMY in their inkheads :D
<buZz> oh maybe the mini only does CMY ?
<Scopeuk> would have through you needed CMYKW to do it properly on mixed surfaces
<buZz> oh, indeed! the non-mini DOES have CMYK vs only CMY on the mini
<buZz> but, the non-mini has 4 cartridges at 70eu a piece
<buZz> 40ml each though
<buZz> seems like a much better price if you wanna do this
<buZz> curiously, that cheap cartridge that spritetm interfaced is also CMY only?
<Scopeuk> that was really common on old hp's
<Scopeuk> they had a colour cartidge and a sperate black
<buZz> omg! and it even comes with a continuous ink version?? https://aliexpress.com/item/1005003633068766.html
<Scopeuk> well that's one way to cover a desk in ink with extra steps
<buZz> :) beats the sticky desks from those SLA printers
<Scopeuk> I was thinking inadvertently when a cheap continuous ink system dies and spills its guts rather than deliberately :P
<buZz> the model he uses is quite cheap anyway ; https://aliexpress.com/item/32839617974.html , color only for 12.43 there
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<Guest82> ,mbkb
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<peepsalot> Scopeuk: i don't think the VS PR is doing anything in particular about mimalloc. the instructions added it to vcpkg installs, but doesn't look like any of the related cmakelists were modified
<Scopeuk> peepsalot it was the build against the dynamic runtime which i'm not certain of in mxe that means the dll overloading trick should be reliable
<peepsalot> Scopeuk: btw i dont know if youve seen but the dynamic linked option I was trying to do was being done in https://github.com/openscad/openscad/pull/4067 which hasn't been merged yet
<Scopeuk> I saw the attempt, i hadn't checked in with it yet
<lf94> Anyone want to quickly make me a flat bracelet with my logo slightly raised on it?
<peepsalot> openscad master is still statically linked to mimalloc. since that part of cmake wasn't edited in the VS pr, it won't find and link with vcpkg's version regardless what it built and installed
<lf94> (I'll draw it, it is very easy, I'm just doing a million things)
<lf94> It's to tighten my sweater cuffs lol.
<lf94> (I'll give an SVG)
<lf94> (Just have to extrude stuff by a few mm)
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<Guest87> hola
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<Scopeuk> peepsalot yeh it will still need some work but the dynamic vs static ms runtime at the bottom is what will allow or block the dll overload method from performing the injection as far as my understanding goes
<peepsalot> Scopeuk: at the bottom?
<Scopeuk> the os as boundary
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<Scopeuk> microsoft has 4 versions of its os runtime libraries, static and dynamic (and then debug varients)
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<JakeSays> and ascii/wide
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<J22> lf94:   you know SCAD imports SVG and you literally just need to put linear_extrude(2) in front
<teepee> ok
<teepee> lets see if that CGAL fix works for us :)
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<OlivierChafik[m]> I've got some exciting revamp of https://github.com/openscad/openscad/pull/3637 coming up
<OlivierChafik[m]> Optimizing CSG operations is great and all, but the best CSG operation is NOOP
<OlivierChafik[m]> (https://github.com/openscad/openscad/pull/4100 is meant to simplify rewrites quite a bit, taking memory management out of the way)
<teepee> cool
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<teepee> I guess my only question regarding the shared_ptr would be if there's a way to remove the shared_from_this, we use it for Contexts already, so it's not a huge problem
<teepee> but it still feels like a bit of magic :)
<teepee> what's going on with the matrix bridge again :/
<teepee> OlivierChafik[m]: you still there?
<OlivierChafik[m]> Hehe yeah it's cool magic if you ask me, but to remove it we'd need to modify the interface of visitor methods that accept AbstractNode& args, and change the way getNodeByID works
<OlivierChafik[m]> Happy to explore the interface change as a follow up, so long as we move to not having to delete stuff manually
<teepee> if it's a bigger thing, we can postpone that, it would just be nice to have if it's not too much
<OlivierChafik[m]> matrix bridge, what do you mean, CI?
<teepee> you are connected via matrix/element no?
<OlivierChafik[m]> (it's the magic bit that makes C++ feel this much close to Java, for better or worse)
<OlivierChafik[m]> Oh, I'm on https://app.element.io/#/room/#openscad:libera.chat right now
<OlivierChafik[m]> I can't see any list of users, not sure it's ever worked here for me
<teepee> I think it should. there seems to be some issue with the connection between matrix and IRC
<teepee> like all matrix users dropped out and came back over the last couple of minutes :)
<OlivierChafik[m]> maybe we should move to HAM radio
<teepee> who knows, maybe matrix has a ham radio bridge too :)
<teepee> oh, regarding the pull requests, I'm not sure if that feature still exists or who can see it
<teepee> in some cases you can declare PRs as "draft" even go back to that state after publishing them
<teepee> it's not possible to merge those via the GUI
<OlivierChafik[m]> could it be a setting in the project itself to allow non-team-members to set flags?
<teepee> I can add you to the project too, if you like, the draft status is independent
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<teepee> hmm, not seeing that even for one of my old PRs
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<OlivierChafik[m]> I'd love that (where there the fineprint I should read? haha)
<teepee> no fine print, it does not really change all that much either :)
<OlivierChafik[m]> aaaah found it, it's a grey text that didn't look anything like a button
<OlivierChafik[m]> anyway, that PR isn't a draft anymore, I've checked it against my suite of benchmark
<OlivierChafik[m]> (well, the old one is, and now marked as such :-D )
<OlivierChafik[m]> top right corner of the main conversation tab
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<lf94> J22: Yeah I know
<lf94> welp the svg import didnt work as expected
<lf94> ok, working a bit more
<lf94> I differenced out the holes in the svg
<lf94> not sure what to do for the raised hole though or the raised logo
<lf94> I guess they have to be separate
<J22> one shape for each height you need
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<lf94> Wow. I really, really forgot how much I dislike openscad's inside-out syntax.
<peepsalot> your syntax is inside out!
<lf94> http://0x0.st/oXMe.png almost done
<lf94> no u!
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<teepee> argh, something strange going on with the MXE build :(
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<peepsalot> teepee: what now? you mean creating the docker images?
<teepee> got some crashes, but I think that's just a combination of half disabled fast-csg with cgal 5.4