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<ccox> ^ this.
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<OlivierChafik[m]> made a breakthrough in debugging my remeshing code... time to sleep!
<OlivierChafik[m]> (i eventually wrote code that outputs the before / after remeshing patches as... openscad source code like this https://pastebin.com/ysX6XM6D )
<OlivierChafik[m]> (allowing me to see what set of faces get globbed together in patches, and what they get rewritten to... reading lists of indices was driving me mad)
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<gbruno> [github] jordanbrown0 opened issue #4133 (cheat sheet does not show "convexity" for import().) https://github.com/openscad/openscad/issues/4133
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<gbruno> [github] kintel pushed 1 modifications (Use the regular library cache key) https://github.com/openscad/openscad/commit/2f2f22573504c6057cc3f1ac11e55ae418dd62f0
<gbruno> [github] kintel pushed 1 modifications (doc fix) https://github.com/openscad/openscad/commit/3e2d0fe9bae4e9ed146576465b58f0ce99548168
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<gbruno> [github] kintel pushed 3 additions 4 modifications 1 removals (macOS: Support cross compilation and universal builds (#4011) * Update dependency build to allow cross-compiling dependencies * Add options for building universal binaries * Allow cross compiling both x86_64->arm64 and arm64->x86_64 * Update sanity check to check both archs) https://github.com/openscad/openscad/commit/6c61ba05d8d61a6276a041b61bf59154df2694b7
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<teepee> uh, scary
<J22> render under 10 sec    ( but need to use preview first)
<teepee> Coil()?
<teepee> lol every time I try a script the library version is already too old :)
<teepee> awesome progress \o/
<teepee> oi! looks like it needs unreleased features?
<J22> ah no  i made a small change for the name display  .. it will run with version 058
<teepee> hmm, it throws lots of warnings and then all the horns are tiny in the middle
<J22> (just change useVersion=22.058);
<teepee> yes, I did
<J22> oh  that is strange
<J22> wtf
<teepee> hmm, reloading worked now
<teepee> maybe I accidentally typed something in the script
<J22> just tried with UB22.044 and works here
<teepee> all good
<J22> ah ok  puh
<teepee> on Linux the editor has an annoying bug where it sometimes deletes text that is marked
<J22> but  if you flush cache and F6  you get "open mesh" error .. flush cache again  F5 F6 works fine
<J22> (even more annoying  if the render has different fn settings as i need to generate a preview with these first )
<J22> (normally Coil uses fn=36 in preview and 72 in render - which makes it impossible to render with other objects (CGAL))
<J22> first i thought it had to do with nonplanar faces  but it seems to be something else
<J22> hmm maybe its not the nonplanar faces but just the coplanar faces generation
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<J22> hmm seems i modeled it inverse (bigger teeth outside) .. but   else it couldn't be used as an eggcup https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neunaugen#/media/Datei:Boca_de_lamprea.1_-_Aquarium_Finisterrae.JPG
<teepee> :)
<teepee> there's definitely some similiarities
<myosotis> ty teepee. I disappeared on fri but I found the github openscad wasm compilation project
<teepee> but egg holder is awesome
<teepee> myosotis: no worries, sometimes we have discussions similar to chess by post :D
<teepee> I really hope we can get that wasm stuff working
<myosotis> I'm surprised wasm is still around. It's similar to soooo many other projects that have died before it
<teepee> it's backed by some major projects I think
<teepee> I mean in the end they are partially reinventing java applets :)
<J22> teepee thanks .. bit lot stringing  printed at 50%  ..  these are  probably better for resin printer ( or dryer filament - Ü )
<teepee> yeah, certainly a very difficult fdm print
<teepee> I don't think my cooling setup would work for that
<teepee> maybe they'll invent safe and not so messy resin printers soon
<teepee> the bio resin seems to be a good start
<J22> i find myself in scaling prints down till they print around 2h  and then wondering how small they got
<teepee> haha, yes, my rule of thumb is that there's not much useful stuff to print in less than 3 hours
<myosotis> that's just not true!
<myosotis> LOTS of useful knickknacks can be printed out pretty quickly
<teepee> ok, let me rephrase: useful for me :)
<J22> there is an interesting  cellulose printer (not commercial)
<teepee> depends on the printer too, of course and mine is not tuned that well, but works nicely for the stuff I usually print
<teepee> myosotis: so did you see that first web page using the wasm stuff?
<myosotis> the zip you linked? yeah I dl'd it and ran it. worked as discussed :)
<teepee> much more advanced with actual editor and able to set some of the experimental flags
<teepee> but we have to find out why it's failing on pretty much any computation
<J22> i have seen an resin printer that is using a nozzle instead of  a bath .. hence it is much less  mess
<myosotis> oh shoot, that one renders some of my simple objects perfectly
<myosotis> complete with the misalignment I made
<J22> haha  everytime i try a sphere bigger d=5  i get CGAL error exception
<J22> (difference cube and sphere)
<teepee> yeah, that really does not work, even trivial union fails
<J22> strange that it works with 5 and smaller independent of the $fn i gave
<J22> but still so much cooler (potential) then all the other  i have seen
<teepee> other?
<J22> the cadhub or thigi customizer
<teepee> yeah, I think there's a huge potential for lots of cases, local customizer, run scripts directly in the documentation, ...
<teepee> I still want to have a normal app though :)
<J22> or all the non scad  stuff (while some have nice features)
<J22> i want to be able to make my designs without internet and cloud  ( ok i could run wasm locally )
<Scopeuk> teepee also openscad on mobile device
<Scopeuk> that page works perfectly on my android tablet
<J22> wait you can make differences with big spheres there?
<teepee> ah, yes. that too. with the license conditions there's never going to be an iOS version unless Apple decides to change their viewpoint (not happening before hell freezes over)
<Scopeuk> I can't muster a sarcastic stare over IRC, it is able to render some stuff and it functionally works
<Scopeuk> looking at some of the docs it looks like the random error is a pointer to a c++ std::exception object and with the right added function in the c++ the javascript can dump the content to the debug terminal for us
<Scopeuk> I havent got arroudn to setting up a dev environment to try it
<Scopeuk> there is a distinct possibility that it could help cadhub make a big jump forwards in usability
<Scopeuk> and reduce their server load
<Scopeuk> which has to help
<J22> and it doesn't break due to comments with utf characters
<J22> (like cadhub)
<Scopeuk> not a use case I personally hit but I'm aware people make use of what utf offers beyond ascii
<myosotis> I wonder what sort of UI layers people will end up slapping on top of this...
<teepee> oh, ffs, "Ethentic is the platform for 3D printable NFTs"
<teepee> this disease is still spreading :(
<teepee> lol, putting code into the blockchain. because we all know, code is stable and needs no changing ever once released
<myosotis> as a bonus, we have to keep all the crappy unused old code around for at least one eternity.
<Scopeuk> teepee just like version control (before git) that errant version exists forever now
<Scopeuk> NFT does appear to be a current buzz word for taking money of people who don't really understand what it actually is
<myosotis> but version control was designed to efficiently do that. You can delete old branches, or even prune history if it makes sense to do so
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<buZz> Scopeuk: there's no name needed for that
<buZz> Scopeuk: also buzzword is 1 word
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<Scopeuk> apologies for the ping, I spotted I'd done it as soon as the message hit due to highlighting
<J22> i put a notification on "J"  which wasn't as clever as it turned out soon Ü
<buZz> i have literal exempts to -prevent- highlights from normal words
<buZz> but doesnt really work when ppl fail at spelling
<J22> and if case sensitive it would also fail  cuz ppl  - Ü
<J22> maybe a gradiential highlight depending on the % of  matching
<J22> a GAN may be helpful too
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<gbruno> [github] dannypike opened issue #4134 (Default values for parameters is unreliable) https://github.com/openscad/openscad/issues/4134
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<J22> https://pasteboard.co/4mLwjNo3a8FR.png   hmm can't decide if i like them more .. probably need something from both
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<teepee> so WASM debug builds are strange
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<Junxter> is there a STEP format translator, or is there one in the plan?
<buZz> pretty much impossible to do
<buZz> unless you want to go -to- STEP ? in which case you could do so through freecad
<Junxter> buZz: yeah I mean translate into STEP . I am aware of the FreeCAD route, not very convenient though
<buZz> i think its the only one you have right now, assuming you want FOSS
<buZz> nonFOSS there's more such routes, solidworks, autocad, etc
<Junxter> yeah FOSS ... I have a bunch of postprocessor tooling for openscad. If there's nothing being planned in OpenSCAD, I might look into looking into FreeCAD
<teepee> well, there's no such thing as planning
<teepee> it's a big item on the wishlist and there was some hope to get some parts into the gsoc idea list
<Junxter> teepee: okay ..
<Junxter> maybe go into freecad source code, and "repackage" the scad->stp functionality into a command line tool.
<Junxter> that maybe a start ... just thinking ...
<teepee> indeed, that might be a useful reference for someone interested in creating a step export
<Junxter> then openscad files could be broken down and individual modules exported into stp in an automated fashion
<teepee> that already happens
<teepee> which is why freecad is probably the only route that will retain part of the geometry
<Junxter> oh? there's a command line interface for translating scad into step ?
<teepee> hm?
<teepee> I suppose you can run freecad on command line maybe
<Junxter> i see what you mean.
<OlivierChafik[m]> teepee: what's so strange about those builds? (besides the entire wasm concept haha)
<Junxter> if not directly out of box, maybe via the freecad's python programming interface
<OlivierChafik[m]> teepee: also, I've just put my numbers caching idea in words, with code that doesn't compile yet https://gist.github.com/ochafik/8801e5806a362ab3037ff423289f5348
<teepee> I gave the "put dwarf into separate file" and for some reason that produces 2 files pretty much the same size
<teepee> plus also the map file
<teepee> I would have expected the openscad.wasm to be maybe just a bit bigger than the release version and the dwarf file openscad.debug.wasm the 300mb
<teepee> oh, I also preloaded MCAD :)
<teepee> not sure if that works
<OlivierChafik[m]> what do you mean preloaded?
<teepee> the files are in the default filesystem
<teepee> so there's a /libaries/MCAD folder
<OlivierChafik[m]> maybe the two files contain all the symbols as keys, and the dwarf file just contains extra metadata about those symbols?
<OlivierChafik[m]> oooh wow what a great idea!
<OlivierChafik[m]> (in a final version we could have options to include dotSCAD, NopSCADlib, etc, although can be easily done in the web app itself rather than at compile time)
<teepee> supposedly it would be possible to load the dwarf file from local file system, currently I gave it SEPARATE_DWARF_URL=https://files.openscad.org/wasm/openscad.debug.wasm
<teepee> yeah, there seems to be some way to load extra file systems, that might be a better option for more stuff. but MCAD is currently bundled in the other builds, so it might be useful
<teepee> also: -gsource-map --source-map-base=/openscad
<OlivierChafik[m]> the next feature I'd like is multiple file editor + support dropping a zip (say, coming from thingiverse) and have them expanded in the list of files
<teepee> thingiverse does not support multi files :)
<OlivierChafik[m]> (That's assuming we can handle even moderately complex single files wihtout exploding haha)
<teepee> they only have a smal number of ancient libraries - which are probably still useful for some cases
<OlivierChafik[m]> oh! but I've seen zips with stls and two versions of .scad files, that can be useful to play around (e.g. you import either of these, transform them, etc)
<teepee> well, right now we can't handle spheres with radius >5 according to J22 :)
<J22> diameter!
<OlivierChafik[m]> oh wow even difference() { cube(); sphere(2); } breaks
<OlivierChafik[m]> https://ochafik.com/openscad/#%7B%22source%22%3A%7B%22name%22%3A%22input.stl%22%2C%22content%22%3A%22difference()%20%7B%5Cn%20%20%20%20cube()%3B%5Cn%20%20%20%20sphere(2)%3B%5Cn%7D%22%7D%2C%22autorender%22%3Atrue%2C%22autoparse%22%3Atrue%2C%22maximumMegabytes%22%3A1024%2C%22features%22%3A%5B%5D%2C%22showExp%22%3Afalse%2C%22camera%22%3Anull%7D
<J22> https://ochafik.com/openscad/#%7B%22source%22%3A%7B%22name%22%3A%22input.stl%22%2C%22content%22%3A%22difference()%7B%5Cr%5Cn%20%20%20%20cube(10)%3B%5Cr%5Cn%20%20%20%20sphere(3%2C%24fn%3D36)%3B%5Cr%5Cn%7D%22%7D%2C%22autorender%22%3Atrue%2C%22autoparse%22%3Atrue%2C%22maximumMegabytes%22%3A1024%2C%22features%22%3A%5B%5D%2C%22showExp%22%3Atrue%2C%22cam
<J22> era%22%3Anull%7D
<OlivierChafik[m]> (same code with sphere(1) works)
<J22> yes
<OlivierChafik[m]> at least it's a repro bug that doesn't involve too much geometry
<J22> sphere (2) works with $fn=36
<OlivierChafik[m]> Works: difference() { cube(); sphere(2, $fn=6); }
<OlivierChafik[m]> Breaks: difference() { cube(); sphere(2, $fn=7); }
<J22> (and cube (5) )
<teepee> oops, sorry, diameter :)
<teepee> it does not even need difference
<teepee> just union too
<OlivierChafik[m]> ah yes
<myosotis> it can difference circles and squares
<J22> somehow i am happy it wasn't just my browser restrictions  (is it didn't work at all in my other browsers)
<OlivierChafik[m]> just use lazy union haha
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<teepee> cube(1); sphere(2);
<J22> fast-CSG also cause violations
<J22> btw -  do i need to check all fast-CSG boxes .. or just some  -  i use all except debug  .. seemed to be fastest right?
<OlivierChafik[m]> J22: the exact options will slow most models down *a tiny bit* and will help some rare pathological "lazy" cases get out of their performance abyss
<OlivierChafik[m]> J22: the trust option just says to not proactively / paranoidly fallback to nef operations, "try corefinement anyway"
<OlivierChafik[m]> Btw guys, any thoughts on https://github.com/openscad/openscad/pull/4124 ? Self contained exports 😁
<J22> ah ok  so fast and trust
<J22> myosotis .. nice . is it intention that the circle cut on top  is not half ?
<OlivierChafik[m]> yes, sometimes (and I need to report specific cases to sloriot@) corefinement breaks the inputs and there's no retrying successfully, so trust can be tricky, but it's definitely much faster when it works
<myosotis> you talking about that misalignment? where the U cutout isn't exactly straight?
<myosotis> no that's because I'm bad at math
<OlivierChafik[m]> myosotis: cool model indeed, one of the lucky ones that work on web :-)
<OlivierChafik[m]> I'm still not getting over having deep links into live models, which brings me to... should we register an openscad protocol handler on platforms that support it?
<J22> myosotis Ü  i feel you  ..   i would make the top as a full  and then difference  a hull of the circle and a square with circles diameter
<OlivierChafik[m]> And have a "share" button in the app that copies the url to the clipboard, maybe inlining imports (or zipping them if they're scad) or exporting to csg to make it a self contained file?
<myosotis> I've just tried 3 simple models in a row and they've all rendered.
<teepee> OlivierChafik[m]: yes, but it should be a bit more general. the same logic could also work as "upload to cadhub" for example
<OlivierChafik[m]> maybe use your luck to explore the entire space of possible models to make them all work for us haha
<myosotis> I think it's more that I tend to create my simple models in the same way each time
<myosotis> I discovered that it's MUCH faster to work with 2d shapes as hard as possible and reify them at the very end
<teepee> OlivierChafik[m]: it's even possible to extend the possible url encoding via compression
<myosotis> https://tinyurl.com/34fkr36b custom tripod mount for my wife's phone + a weird moon shaped bolt I had. It has a cylinder/cube difference and renders
<OlivierChafik[m]> teepee: I like that! Brotli compression please :-)
<teepee> crazy example using custom dictionary in that robot game converted to web by scanlime
<J22> funny to see all these examples to work fine .. while my first  test was a sphere that failed
<J22> i think i am cursed somehow
<myosotis> I know I'm cursed, but computers and electronics like me
<OlivierChafik[m]> Note that `cube(); sphere(2);` works fine with fast-csg. It's the Nef that hates the web
<OlivierChafik[m]> I bet it's our grid!!
<OlivierChafik[m]> We use double storage-dependent epsilon style grid granularity, but JavaScript number is no C double
<teepee> breaks with fast-csg too: $fa = 4; $fs = 0.4; cube(2); translate([0.5, 0.5, 0.5]) sphere(1);
<OlivierChafik[m]> The primitives we use are expressed in triangles, or quads?
<teepee> quads I think
<OlivierChafik[m]> (I mean we still triangulate them after, and they must be absolutely shut anyway so red herring)
<OlivierChafik[m]> teepee: ah year the left turn
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<OlivierChafik[m]> We should collect these in some master bug haha
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<OlivierChafik[m]> (But also, the left turn assert sounds like it's happening in triangulation code, which would be an issue if the quads aren't planar? I know there's advanced coplanar logic to import polysets to nefs)
<myosotis> sounds like it's about time for some automated testing
<teepee> but why is it breaking so badly, doubles are not exactly perfect math either
<OlivierChafik[m]> Maybe could try generating primitives with exact numbers directly in a Surface_mesh, or have them issue triangles to avoid non planar quads
<OlivierChafik[m]> there's the rounding compiler flag you mentioned the other day
<OlivierChafik[m]> can't wait to see CGAL's reaction when we start complaining their code doesn't work on the web
<teepee> there was a version running on web ages ago, I assume that was still with asm.js
<teepee> and that worked pretty well as far as I remember
<teepee> hmm, "There is no way to tell Javascript how to round floating point ops, so currently non-simple CGAL kernels will likely produce assertion errors (hence the need to patch FPU.h)"
* teepee goes looking if that still exists
<OlivierChafik[m]> haha
<J22> teepee what a nice game .. could be higher res Ü
<OlivierChafik[m]> maybe it's time to drop the assert in release mode
<teepee> J22: ugh, impossible, it's the *actual* dos game :)
<teepee> heavily binary patched to make it compatible with an eventloop based web environment
<OlivierChafik[m]> I just love love these days... old is new, new is old, so exciting!!
<J22> throw antialiasing and  NVIDA on it
<teepee> maybe we just need to do that FPU.h patch
<OlivierChafik[m]> WASM is (about to be) delivering so much better than the old Java "compile once, run anywhere" promise
<teepee> ... *in webbrowser*
<OlivierChafik[m]> teepee: ooof, that is one unfriendly macro file, but the patch is small
<OlivierChafik[m]> not sure wasm doubles are like JS numbers though
<teepee> to catch up with desktop use, it has a couple of rounds around earth to do :)
<OlivierChafik[m]> it sure does, but looks speedy enough to compete (I found it like 50% slower than my desktop so far)
<OlivierChafik[m]> (and then if I manage to cache numbers - not solids - with my crazy singleton thing maybe it will be asymptotically as fast haha)
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<teepee> ok, "building" a patched cgal...
<teepee> release mode, but with -gsource-map, not sure what that will output :)
<OlivierChafik[m]> teepee: note that the left turn assert is a triangulation assert which class that can selectively turned off with -DCGAL_TRIANGULATION_NO_ASSERTIONS
<OlivierChafik[m]> 🤞
<OlivierChafik[m]> I can only upload wasm files <25mb (or <100mb through git push) to github pages
<teepee> 13mb
<teepee> +400k map file
<OlivierChafik[m]> gimme gimme
<teepee> if that external download works, it should download that separate dwarf from files.openscad.org
<teepee> but I'm not convinced that's even the correct files
<teepee> it's very strange it's always splitting in half
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<teepee> files updated now
<OlivierChafik[m]> what is the openscad.debug.wasm vs. openscad.wasm ?
<teepee> the openscad.wasm is the normal output
<teepee> the openscad.debug.wasm is the output from the -gseparate-dwarf
<teepee> so in theory that should contain the debug stuff
<OlivierChafik[m]> uploaded! it's better now as in it fails in different places
<OlivierChafik[m]> https://ochafik.com/openscad/#%7B%22source%22%3A%7B%22name%22%3A%22input.stl%22%2C%22content%22%3A%22cube()%3B%20sphere(2)%3B%22%7D%2C%22autorender%22%3Atrue%2C%22autoparse%22%3Atrue%2C%22maximumMegabytes%22%3A1024%2C%22features%22%3A%5B%5D%2C%22showExp%22%3Afalse%2C%22camera%22%3Anull%7D
<teepee> oops Could not load content for https://ochafik.com/openscadopenscad.wasm.map:
<myosotis> I'm getting 404 on https://ochafik.com/openscad/openscad.data
<teepee> looks like I need to add a trailing /
<OlivierChafik[m]> uh oh, I was still using the cached version haha
<OlivierChafik[m]> reverting
<myosotis> I won't complain if you throw an empty favicon.ico in there either
<teepee> hmm, is that data the preloaded stuff?
<teepee> let me check...
<teepee> aha, yes, it's outputting that too
<OlivierChafik[m]> myosotis: ugh didn't know what to pick, added a lame O
<myosotis> I usually just `touch favicon.ico` and tell the designers to do their job...
<OlivierChafik[m]> working build should be back online again btw
<OlivierChafik[m]> next time I'll create a special dev subfolder haha
<gbruno> [github] dannypike closed issue #4134 (Default values for parameters is unreliable) https://github.com/openscad/openscad/issues/4134
<teepee> not sure that works, the urls are hard coded in the build for some ugly reason
<teepee> another port would work
<OlivierChafik[m]> oh you mean the build assumes it's serving from /openscad, for the sourcemap?
<OlivierChafik[m]> I can put the stable version under /openscad/stable for now
<OlivierChafik[m]> well, "stable" haha
<teepee> the exceptions are pretty stable :)
<teepee> you can even switch exceptions via the fast-csg flag :D
<OlivierChafik[m]> at this level of certainty, exceptions become the rule
<teepee> new build uploaded, including that .data file
<teepee> and hopefully fixing the map file url
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<OlivierChafik[m]> It's up but I don't see them requesting the .data file in the network tab
<OlivierChafik[m]> I've uploaded it twice to check
<OlivierChafik[m]> (same exception with `cube(); sphere(2);`)
<OlivierChafik[m]> mmh wrong/old file I think lemme try again
<OlivierChafik[m]> ok it's up and running (and/or clearing caches again helped). Exception in hull code now
<myosotis> consider moving the git cloning portion of the setup to Docker as well. I didn't have lzip installed so it barfed partway
<teepee> I've asked what the plan with the repos is, don't want to trample other peoples toes :)
<teepee> the MCAD files are mentioned in the js file but somehow still not available for the application
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<teepee> heh, that patch seems to fix the NEF stuff, but fast-csg is still failing
<teepee> only slightly better, the Basis/CSG.scad failes always
<teepee> $fa = 1; $fs = 0.2; difference() { cube(5); sphere(3); }
<teepee> works for intersection and union too
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<OlivierChafik[m]> teepee Speaking of failures, https://github.com/openscad/openscad/pull/4132 should be ready to review / all green now :-)
<OlivierChafik[m]> > fast-csg is still failing
<OlivierChafik[m]> > what the plan with the repos is, don't want to trample other peoples toes :)
<OlivierChafik[m]> As far as my little toes are concerned happy to bring the little JS demo in the main repo, just not super proud of its insides as it is yet :-D
<OlivierChafik[m]> I'll typescriptify it when I have the time
<myosotis> It'd be nice to have **somewhere** for people that want to play around with it
<myosotis> no sense in reinventing the wheel and all that...
<OlivierChafik[m]> it's easy to run locally using the link at the top-right corner, just make a build folder and copy the wasm release to it, then run `make example` and open http://localhost:8080
<myosotis> yeah I'm still waiting for it to finish building things, haven't gotten quite that far yet
<OlivierChafik[m]> (Essentially just serve the wasm build release + the content of the example/www folder with any server, local or not, and you're good to go)
<OlivierChafik[m]> https://openscad.org/playground would be a sensible place
<OlivierChafik[m]> once it all works
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<teepee> lets see response from Dominick to that question
<teepee> ah, the lizard eating fix :)
<teepee> nice!
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<OlivierChafik[m]> Unfortunately the everything-but-lizard-eating fix :-(
<OlivierChafik[m]> (well, not everything, but it does restrict fast-csg's diet)
<OlivierChafik[m]> Also: after a lot of battling, Firefox should now load https://ochafik.com/openscad
<OlivierChafik[m]> (might need to clear your cache)
<OlivierChafik[m]> I had to inline a modified version of the openscad.js generated file in the worker (replacing import.meta.url with the actual url it loads the module from, mostly)
<OlivierChafik[m]> I'll need to script this but in the meantime firefox is going to make updates a pain in the butt
<Junxter> this is really impressive
<OlivierChafik[m]> or maybe there's a --please-firefox flag in emscripten?
<OlivierChafik[m]> Junxter: just imagine when/if the actual OpenGL UI runs :-D
<Junxter> yeah
<OlivierChafik[m]> teepee: I tried to point the script to the binaries hosted on openscad.org using some service worker trickery but there's no bypassing the cors headers it seems (they'd need to allow serving from ochafik.com or anywhere, might not be a good thing to do)
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