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<akhunti1[m]> Hi Team when i install mlpack-4 with [ -DDOWNLOAD_DEPENDENCIES=ON ] this parameter it is automatically download the dependence .
<akhunti1[m]> but at the same time , it is first looking for the dependent library in my system , if it found , it will not do auto download .
<akhunti1[m]> but what i want is , it should do automatically download mlpack's dependencies , irrespective of mlpack's dependencies library present or not .
<akhunti1[m]> For that any parameter i should set, any suggestion pls
<akhunti1[m]> * or not in my system.
<akhunti1[m]> * For that any parameter i should set, any suggestion pls
<shrit[m]> if you use the download_dependencies flag ON, it is designed to download the deps without looking at your system
<akhunti1[m]> Hi shrit Thanks for your answer .
<akhunti1[m]> but here i am getting
<akhunti1[m]> could you pls check this
<shrit[m]> how are you using the paramaeer?
<shrit[m]> parameter?
<akhunti1[m]> mkdir build && cd build/
<akhunti1[m]> cmake .. -DDOWNLOAD_DEPENDENCIES=ON /
<shrit[m]> the double dots should be after the flag
<akhunti1[m]> [cmake -DDOWNLOAD_DEPENDENCIES=ON .. /] mean like this ?
<akhunti1[m]> ok , i will try, and let you know the result.Thanks
<akhunti1[m]> Hi shrit i used the command like this
<akhunti1[m]> mkdir build && cd build/
<akhunti1[m]> cmake -DDOWNLOAD_DEPENDENCIES=ON .. /
<akhunti1[m]> but
<akhunti1[m]> getting the same result .
<shrit[m]> did you clean the directory before using the command?
<akhunti1[m]> Hi shrit yes
<akhunti1[m]> still it is looking from the system
<akhunti1[m]> Hi shrit rcurtin is my approach correct ?
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