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<Root[m]> Hi! What do you guys think about this project --> https://lets-unify.ai/ ?They're trying to create an abstraction over existing ML frameworks so that you can transpile code between them and access them from a single interface.
<birm[m]> <rcurtin[m]> "also, I just dumped all the..." <- I'll be able to review some later in the week!
<birm[m]> Just tag/request a review
<rcurtin[m]> too late, they have all already been reviewed :)
<rcurtin[m]> Root: it seems like a cool effort; there have been tons of projects along these lines in the past. this specific one looks like it is limited to PyTorch/TensorFlow-style pipelines? I see scikit in their "coming soon" category, so maybe I am missing some things in my quick glance
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