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<zoq[m]> Eshaan Agarwal: did you submit your evaluation?
<zoq[m]> Can you do it as soon as possible? Looks like we can’t submit ours if you don’t submit yours first.
<zoq[m]> And the deadline is tomorrow morning, for me.
<EshaanAgarwal[m]> zoq[m]: I am doing it now. Sorry for the delay.
<zoq[m]> Ideally I can submit it today.
<zoq[m]> Thanks
<zoq[m]> Can you ping me once you submitted it?
<EshaanAgarwal[m]> zoq[m]: Sure will do ! Almost done. I just need to write the answers.
<EshaanAgarwal[m]> <zoq[m]> "Can you ping me once you..." <- Done
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