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<zoq[m]> <rcurtin[m]> "also, does anyone here happen to..." <- I can test it on an Linux arm system.
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<akhunti1[m]> Hi team i am getting this error [ ImportError: libarpack.so.2 ].
<akhunti1[m]> so , for that i am trying to install arpack from source. but not finding proper documentation how to install arpack from source .
<akhunti1[m]> could you pls share me , if you have any documentation link for installation of arpack from source .
<akhunti1[m]> Hi rcurtin shrit if you have pls .
<rcurtin[m]> akhunti1 @akhunti1:matrix.org: I don't have time to help with every single linking issue, especially those not related to mlpack. Like shrit said, if you want to have success you need to learn about build systems, linking, etc., etc.; it's actually better if you struggle through the issues yourself and learn something along the way than have us take guesses at the issue... it will make solving the next issue easier 😀
<akhunti1[m]> sure rcurtin . I agree with your advice . even i also want to do so.🙂
<akhunti1[m]> But the business release and time line is so tough.
<akhunti1[m]> Not able to achieve the target .
<jonpsy[m]> <rcurtin[m]> "also, does anyone here happen to..." <- I can test your wheel in mac m1 if you'd like
<jonpsy[m]> have we updated in pip website tho? I tried pip installing mlpack in my virtual linux server, worked goood
<rcurtin[m]> not all the wheels are on pip yet... I have to dig up a link from azure pipelines to the linux arm64 builr
<rcurtin[m]> s/builr/build/
<rcurtin[m]> the m1 mac build isn't ready yet, I am still debugging a problem there
<rcurtin[m]> zoq: this link contains an artifact that's an aarch64 wheel compiled for Python 3.11: https://github.com/mlpack/mlpack-wheels/actions/runs/3431173753#artifacts