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<birm[m]> Do you want a hand with either the notebooks or pypi build? Or more accurately, is helping me back up to speed sufficiently effortless for it to be worth it? 😆
<rcurtin[m]> I was quite surprised at this, wondered if the disk was failing, and in any case, it seemed like I couldn't do anything to fix its current state, so I walked over to the room it's in and rebooted it
<rcurtin[m]> however, it did not come back up cleanly... in fact, digging into it, it looked like someone had run `rm -rf /`!!
<rcurtin[m]> one of the systems we use for builds on Jenkins is in my house---it's also my pi-hole server, DHCP server, media server, does a bunch of other stuff...
<rcurtin[m]> at some random point this afternoon, it started giving some really weird error messages, like `docker: command not found` and other things like this in the logs
<rcurtin[m]> I [fixed the scripts](https://github.com/mlpack/mlpack-wheels/commit/20425349e5a04dd2531bd2e31a50cf00ac493f28) and then while talking to my neighbor about this learned about [even more bash safety](https://github.com/mlpack/mlpack-wheels/commit/fdc2d8121ed3c0d7bc92bc736f21bf5e4363a53f). then I filed an issue in [cibuildwheel](https://github.com/pypa/cibuildwheel/issues/1344) to disable mounting the host's filesystem...
<rcurtin[m]> I discovered, reading through the error logs and through some documentation for the [cibuildwheel](https://github.com/pypa/cibuildwheel) tool that I use to build the pypi packages, that when cibuildwheel fires up a docker container (in which the build is done as user root), it mounts the host filesystem at `/host`
<rcurtin[m]> so if your script then has what *should* be a "safe" `rm -rf *` (like, e.g., to clean a build directory), you might not actually be in the right place! in fact... you might be in `/`! and if the docker container has the host's root filesystem mounted at `/host`... well... you just did an `rm -rf /` on the host, *outside* of the docker container!
<rcurtin[m]> so all of a sudden, your script might be in a directory you didn't intend, at a higher level than you thought it would be!
<rcurtin[m]> so anyway, my Friday went very much not as planned, but... all the pypi builds are done and uploaded (except a few of them that didn't complete because... the whole filesystem went missing... so those are running again now)
<rcurtin[m]> now consider this simple bash script:... (full message at <https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/libera.chat/c159d56db3a07c0874da0cd496c29c9935c87e5e>)
<rcurtin[m]> the notebooks on the homepage are run through a system that zoq hosts, but he's at a conference right now so I don't think he'll be able to fix that until he gets back