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<akhunti1[m]> Hi rcurtin
<akhunti1[m]> could you pls help me how to write find_package(MLPACK REQUIRED) in cmakelist.txt file for mlpack 4.0.0.
<akhunti1[m]> As mlpack 4.0.0 there is no findmlpack.cmake file is available.
<rcurtin[m]> akhunti1: this one should work: https://github.com/mlpack/models/blob/master/CMake/Findmlpack.cmake
<akhunti1[m]> Hi rcurtin i used this file
<akhunti1[m]> this 2 line inside cmakelist.txt file :
<akhunti1[m]> include_directories(${MLPACK_INCLUDE_DIR})
<akhunti1[m]> find_package(MLPACK REQUIRED)
<akhunti1[m]> but getting error :
<rcurtin[m]> it looks like you didn't set `MLPACK_INCLUDE_DIR` properly
<rcurtin[m]> try debugging that and making sure that is correct first
<akhunti1[m]> Thanks rcurtin , for your suggestion.
<akhunti1[m]> I am debugging it now
<akhunti1[m]> but just for your information i am giving this path :
<akhunti1[m]> and this folder is present inside mlpack-4.0.0 directory .
<akhunti1[m]> just wanted to confirm did i refer to correct directory or not for MLPACK_INCLUDE_DIR ?
<rcurtin[m]> try `mlpack-4.0.0/src/`
<rcurtin[m]> (but really you should have tried that to see what happened first)
<akhunti1[m]> Yes i tried [ mlpack-4.0.0/src/mlpack ] getting error .
<akhunti1[m]> Now i am trying your suggestion
<rcurtin[m]> what I am saying is, please try more than one idea before asking for help :)
<rcurtin[m]> I am happy to try to help but time is very limited, so the less you can depend on me (because I am not able to fix everything), the more success you will have
<akhunti1[m]> sure rcurtin sorry for that . Actually i am very close to create mlpack container .
<akhunti1[m]> Thanks for your help always .
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<demoronator[m]> [November 15th, 2022 6:12 PM] demoronator: Hi, I have a question.... (full message at <https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/libera.chat/72d8d079f1479eca06491d5f78c3882413aa6460>)
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<haku> hi
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<haku> hi
<demoronator[m]> Hi
<rcurtin[m]> demoronator: try using the argument `input_` instead of `input`; this was a bug that was found and [fixed](https://github.com/mlpack/mlpack/pull/3302); I think it is just a documentation bug
<demoronator[m]> I'll try. Thank you!
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<akhunti1[m]> Hi rcurtin
<akhunti1[m]> I am getting this error when i am using Mlpack 4.0.0.
<akhunti1[m]> After i use findensmallen.cmake file
<akhunti1[m]> is it something because of my complier used ?
<akhunti1[m]> or something i did mistake
<akhunti1[m]> Hi rcurtin really feeling bad , to ask your help many times , sorry for that. when ever your having time , pls answer my question.😥
<rcurtin[m]> what did you try to debug the issue? if I were you, I would start with the error message---which points out that `std::enable_if_t` is an unknown symbol. that would lead me to the [enable_if_t documentation](https://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/types/enable_if), which points out that it is only available from C++14 onwards. so, my conclusion would be that you have not specified C++14 for your compiler, which is required for mlpack 4 (and
<rcurtin[m]> ensmallen too I think, but not sure on that)
<akhunti1[m]> Hi rcurtin sorry for the mistake . actually after debugging i set 2 times C++14 in cmakelist.txt file . extremely sorry for that.😿
<akhunti1[m]> Hi rcurtin I just wanted to share you that , I am able to create MLpack docker container. Thanks for your help always . I will never forget your help in my life time .
<rcurtin[m]> no worries, glad you got it working 👍️ (note also that there is the container `mlpack/mlpack:4.0.0` on dockerhub, but that is just a container with mlpack installed, it doesn't do anything special)
<akhunti1[m]> Hi rcurtin it cannot be possible with out your help. This is not only a docker image . I will share with you the details after we testing is done.
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