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< AyushiJain[m]> Hello. I have installed mlpack, so now to start contributing to it, I will fork the repository and start making pull requests right? I cant understand how to test the changes. It will be really nice if I could get a starting point for this. Thanks 😄
< AyushiJain[m]> Also, for starters, I would like to work on machine learning features implementation. So, any suggestions or tasks related to that are welcome.
< AyushiJain[m]> Yes
< AyushiJain[m]> and set up mlpack on the system
< AyushiJain[m]> Yes
< AyushiJain[m]> I know basic stuff like branches, and making PRs
< AyushiJain[m]> but I have never worked with an open source organisation before
< AyushiJain[m]> Okay I will look into this. Thanks 🙂
< AyushiJain[m]> <shrit[m] "If I have enough time, I would d"> Yes, this seems like a pretty good idea. I will start with this,
< AyushiJain[m]> > <undefined>
< AyushiJain[m]> (edited) ... with this, => ... with this, once I get a hang of the library.
< AyushiJain[m]> I am thinking of starting with the documentation, as maybe that would be easier, and I would understand what I need to study to contribute more rigorously
< AyushiJain[m]> For example this issue <> is still open, and I noticed that Ryan Curtin> has worked on this:- < So is there any specific topic I can improve the code snippet or explanation for right now? Thanks
< AyushiJain[m]> <shrit[m] "please have a look here: https:/"> Okayy, I will look into this. Thanks 😄
< AyushiJain[m]> <ShahAnwaarKhalid "<"> Okayy thanks 🙂
< AyushiJain[m]> Can I take up this issue?
< AyushiJain[m]> <shrit[m] "Ayushi Jain: There are several o"> I would like to work on this: <>
< AyushiJain[m]> <jonpsy[m] "Ayushi Jain: Nice. Now that I t"> Okay, I will start with this issue then. Thanks 👍