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< AyushiJain[m]> Hello so I am facing an issue in ubuntu as well. After installing the dependencies and running sudo make my laptop shuts down at 12 percent. Any suggestions?
< AyushiJain[m]> And I am not running any other application or anything as well. It is only the terminal
< AyushiJain[m]> Okayy so I restarted my laptop ig around 10 times and it has finally reached 59 percent now. Guess I will keep doing this till it reaches 100 😂 😂 😂
< AyushiJain[m]> Ohh I got the reason. I tried your advice with 2 cores and it hasnt shut down till now
< AyushiJain[m]> Thank youu 👍 👍 😄 😄
< AyushiJain[m]> Either enable OpenMP support in your application (e.g., add -fopenmp to your compiler command line), or, recompile mlpack without OpenMP support.
< AyushiJain[m]> So I got this typ of error, when running an example c++ code of the documentation after make and make install. So I wanted to confirm, should I recompile/reinstall mlpack with mentioning OPENMP as Off in CMAKE command? Is that enough to fix the issue?
< AyushiJain[m]> <Aakash-kaushikAa "So you compiled mlpack with open"> this removed the error, thanks 😄