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< HarshVardhanKuma> I'm using CLI bindings. However, the training file option in examples demonstrates the use of CSV files. Is there any way to provide some form of a binary object? Also, what kind of binary object that would be and how to create it?
< HarshVardhanKuma> binary object as a training file..
< HarshVardhanKuma> One other thing, I could not find SVM implementation with custom kernels? The linearSVM class does not provide with an option for selecting kernels like RBF etc?
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< shrit[m]> What do you mean by binary training file? are you refering to the model? or the dataset
< shrit[m]> I have never seen a binary dataset file, but you can have a binary model
< rcurtin[m]> HarshVardhanKumar (Harsh Kumar): you can use HDF5 or Armadillo binary formats; see the documentation for the accepted formats here:
< rcurtin[m]> HarshVardhanKumar (Harsh Kumar): for your question about SVM, we have linear SVM implemented but not kernel SVM
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< rcurtin[m]> ok, I purged all the freenode spam from my logs... now I'm rebuilding the site, and hopefully it should be gone
< rcurtin[m]> I tried to set up the IRC bridge to the other IRC server, but our channel is too big... so far that bridge is only operating for matrix channels with less than 100 users :)
< shrit[m]> great
< rcurtin[m]> ok, the IRC logs are clean now:
< rcurtin[m]> NippunSharma (Nippun Sharma): I saw you were asking about how to build the website... I'll answer shortly to fix that... the "short" story is that you can run `_src/scripts/` but it may take a long time since it builds all versions :)
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