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< AyushiJain[m]> Hello, I am a Btech student in third year. I want to start contributing to MLPack as it is based on machine learning and C++, and I would like to get started with open source. I am looking forward to learning from this community 😄 Any tips, and suggestions would be highly appreciated.
< AyushiJain[m]> (edited) ... highly appreciated. => ... highly appreciated.
< AyushiJain[m]> I am a beginner in both topics (ML and C++), and being a contributor to mlpack will be a great challenge and experience for me.
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< AyushiJain[m]> Is it better to set up mlpack on windows or ubuntu? I want to actively contribute to it for a long time, and I am more comfortable on windows, so what is a better option?
< AyushiJain[m]> (edited) ... better option? => ... better option? And the webchat IRC link on the website is not working.
< AyushiJain[m]> Thank you!
< AyushiJain[m]> <shrit[m] "Ayushi Jain: You can start with "> Thanks
< AyushiJain[m]> <AvikantSrivasta4 "You can setup WSL2 for windows, "> Yes, I know that but will I be at any loss if I use windows for long term? That is my question
< AyushiJain[m]> we can contribute to mlpack as a windows developer right 😅 sorry for the repitition
< AyushiJain[m]> (edited) ... the repitition => ... the repetition
< AyushiJain[m]> (edited) ... mlpack as ... => ... mlpack codebase as ...
< AyushiJain[m]> Woah thank you so much 😄 ! I will set up the repository on windows, and start working on it.
< AyushiJain[m]> Sure! In fact, I was thinking earlier, that windows isnt a very good option to consider if you are working with C++ and open source, but then as developers it is upto us to make it better 😄
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