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< kartikdutt18kart> Hi @Davidportlouis, Just a reminder that we have a weekly meeting scheduled at 7 PM IST today on zoom. Link :
< kartikdutt18kart> Password is the name of the library.
< NippunSharmaNipp> Hey, is there any way that we can determine if a parameter is "model" (coming from `PARAM_MODEL_IN` or `PARAM_MODEL_OUT`) just from the `ParamData`?
< RishabhGarg108Ri> I was looking at sklearn's decision tree classes today and I saw that they provide various methods like `NumLeaves`, `Depth`etc. Moreover, they even provide the whole tree (not mentioned in the documentation but can be accessed using `dt.tree_`). So, one can analyse literally anything in the whole tree.
< RishabhGarg108Ri> Wouldn't it be cool to have it in our decision tree classes too? Currently there is no way to analyse a trained tree in mlpack.
< RishabhGarg108Ri> Yeah, we can access the tree, but we have to write our own scripts for that. Some basic functionalities like number of leaves in a tree or maximum depth of the tree etc can be easily provided
< RishabhGarg108Ri> Yup.
< RishabhGarg108Ri> Shall I open an issue for that?
< RishabhGarg108Ri> Sure, I will find some of them and open an issue. Another extremely useful utility would be feature importance.
< zoq[m]> Can we shift that one? either 30 min later or one hour earlier?
< swaingotnochill4> Sure
< swaingotnochill4> zoq can you tell the time? Are we doing it earlier or late?
< kartikdutt18kart> Cool
< jonpsy[m]> zoq: Bad news, Riesz uses => Reduction Method which uses => Das Dennis to produce its boundary solution + KMeans. We're back to square one 😀
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< swaingotnochill4> zoq are you up for the meeting? Me and kartik are waiting.🙂
< swaingotnochill4> Just a gentle reminder
< swaingotnochill4> ryan can you also please add this file so that I can download this?
< swaingotnochill4> zoq I will make a PR on both the notebooks once ryan add this file, so that I can fetch it in notebook.
< swaingotnochill4> Okay..great than
< swaingotnochill4> (edited) Okay..great than => Okay..great..
< swaingotnochill4> zoq next meeting if we have time lets talk on your Prince of Persia ML...I think todays random talk went in something negative😬
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