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< ShikharJ> zoq rcurtin : Sorry I was away lately due to my exams, I'll resume the work as soon as I can.
< rcurtin> ShikharJ: no problem! hope the exams went well :)
< ShikharJ> rcurtin: Exams went fine. I also recently read the ensmallen paper. Enjoyed the work!
< rcurtin> :) glad you liked it. hopefully the community finds it useful!
< rcurtin> Marcus will present it next week at NeurIPS so I am hoping there will be a good amount of interest
< ShikharJ> rcurtin: A silly question, but is NeurIPS different from NIPS?
< ShikharJ> I know there's a conference called ICONIP, and hence asking :P
< ShikharJ> If I remember correctly, ensmallen was originally intended for MLSYS.
< rcurtin> right---MLsys is a NIPS workshop but then at the last minute they changed the name to NeurIPS :)
< rcurtin> anyway I have to go to bed now... talk to you later!
< ShikharJ> Cool, see ya!
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< jenkins-mlpack2> Project docker mlpack nightly build build #139: STILL UNSTABLE in 5 hr 5 min:
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< davida_> Anyone know if there is a way to disconnect a hanging connection? I see 'davida' still online but I have no connection established from my PC. Do I just have to wait until it is disconnected due to inactivity?
< davida> Never mind. I figured it out!
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< jenkins-mlpack2> Project docker mlpack weekly build build #21: STILL UNSTABLE in 12 hr:
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