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< davida> codeblocks
< davida> ...oops. Pls ingore
< davida> zoq: Running the same code now on my Ubuntu shell on Windows:
< davida> zoq: Epoch: 0 Training Accuracy = 16.6667% Test Accuracy = 16.6667%
< davida> Epoch: 5 Training Accuracy = 40.7407% Test Accuracy = 35.8333%
< davida> zoq: Looks definitely like there is a problem with the code running on Windows. Perhaps you could try a Windows setup on your end and see if it also fails.
< davida> ls
< zoq> davida: yeah, thanks for the test
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< ShikharJ> rcurtin: Are you there?
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< rcurtin> ShikharJ: yeah, just got back from lunch. sorry for the slow response
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< rcurtin> I think I will release mlpack 3.0.4 tonight, it's waited too long. I don't see any other fixes that desperately need to be incorporated
< rcurtin> so I will just backport the different PRs we've merged since the last release, without adding new code like LMNN (that can be done for mlpack 3.1.0, which we can do soon)
< rcurtin> if any big bug gets fixed we can do 3.0.5 very soon
< rcurtin> I'll be trying to write some scripts to automate the process so it's a lot easier
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< zoq> rcurtin: Agreed, if the process is somewhat automated, we could probably release more often.