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< davida> rcurtin: Was trying out the latest build on Windows 10 and mlpack_test failed with the following 3 errors:
< davida> Running 1557 test cases...
< davida> D:/sdk/mlpack/mlpack/src/mlpack/tests/ann_layer_test.cpp(1629): fatal error: in "ANNLayerTest/GradientAtrousConvolutionLayerTest": critical check CheckGradient(function) <= 1e-3 has failed [0.0013997098335227405 > 0.001]
< davida> D:/sdk/mlpack/mlpack/src/mlpack/tests/rbm_network_test.cpp(118): fatal error: in "RBMNetworkTest/BinaryRBMClassificationTest": critical check rbmClassificationAccuracy >= classificationAccuray has failed [70.228158041179739 < 76.182526432943789]
< davida> unknown location(0): fatal error: in "DecisionTreeMainTest/DecisionTreeCategoricalOutputDimensionTest": memory access violation
< davida> D:\sdk\mlpack\mlpack\src\mlpack\tests\main_tests\decision_tree_test.cpp(98): last checkpoint: "DecisionTreeCategoricalOutputDimensionTest" test entry
< davida> *** 3 failures are detected in the test module "mlpackTest"
< davida> Any idea what might cause these failures?
< rcurtin> (I'm traveling right now so can't look into it deeply)
< rcurtin> the first two just look like 'unlucky' tests (they are random tests and we try to keep the failure probability low but maybe these need to be adjusted)
< davida> Yes, they looked marginal.
< rcurtin> the last one is more concerning. I did see once recently that 'valgrind bin/mlpack_test' gave lots of errors
< rcurtin> I need to go through those and fix the little issues
< rcurtin> it's one of the dangers of using C++ I suppose :)
< rcurtin> zoq set up a Jenkins job for PRs that runs the new code through valgrind, which is really helpful
< rcurtin> but I think the decision tree was written before that
< davida> It will not hinder me testing out the FFN on Windows to see if the new pull works, but I just thought I would let you know of these issues.
< rcurtin> in any case I have to run now but thanks for the info! I will move the valgrind work a bit higher on my priority list :)
< rcurtin> yep, sounds good, thanks! :)
< jenkins-mlpack2> Project docker mlpack nightly build build #133: STILL UNSTABLE in 7 hr 46 min:
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