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< mackie> hello
< zoq> mackie: Hello there!
< mackie> i'm trying to understand the range selection and point selection strategy for dbscan
< mackie> I've been combing through the APIs but I can't seem to get a list of options to try
< mackie> I have a set of toy spatial 2D data points, and even though visually it looks like the answer should be obvious, it seems like the algorithms creates a different set of clusters
< mackie> I've checked here -, as well as the dbscan.hpp file
< mackie> It's not obvious to me what options are available
< zoq> mackie: Hmm, I just checked the src and to me it looks like the PointSelectionPolicy/pointSelector isn't used.
< zoq> I guess Ryan can probably provide some insight once he reads the message.
< mackie> i see thanks
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< rcurtin> mackie: zoq: you're right, the PointSelectionPolicy isn't used, that is strange
< rcurtin> (admittedly there was only one PointSelectionPolicy implemented...)
< rcurtin> the meaning of PointSelectionPolicy was that instead of looping linearly over the points, it would choose the next point for DBSCAN randomly
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< rcurtin> to change that back to how it should be, dbscan_impl.hpp at lines 193-198 should be changed
< rcurtin> basically, currently what's there is a for loop over all the points, which goes through them in order
< rcurtin> but actually it should be using something like pointSelector.Select() to get the next index
< rcurtin> let me open an issue about this...
< rcurtin> for RangeSearchType, that specifies the class that is used for the range search, but it will not affect the results
< rcurtin> even changing the PointSelectionPolicy (if it worked correctly) would not be too likely to have too huge an effect on the results
< rcurtin> basically epsilon and minPoints are the biggest parameters for DBSCAN
< rcurtin> you could also try MeanShift and see if that works...
< rcurtin> zoq: if you are happy with Dan's changes in ensmallen#60 and my changes in ensmallen#61 feel free to merge, then I can start the release process for ensmallen 1.12.0
< rcurtin> no hurry of course :)
< rcurtin> oops, I meant ensmallen#64 not ensmallen#5161
< rcurtin> strange typo...
< zoq> rcurtin: Everything looks good to me.
< rcurtin> perfect, 1.12.0 is released then :)
< zoq> I like the name
< rcurtin> :)
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