ChanServ changed the topic of #mlpack to: "Due to ongoing spam on freenode, we've muted unregistered users. See for more information, or also you could join #mlpack-temp and chat there."
< rcurtin> sorry about any mailing list issues; a few days ago I discovered that Jenkins hit some strange bug where it actually filled up the entire hard drive of with crap DNS warnings
< rcurtin> I addressed the issue, but it seems like mailman didn't properly recover
< rcurtin> so I've just noticed and restarted that now
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< ShikharJ> zoq: Is the hacktoberfest procedure different this time? Last year we had to put the label on the PRs but this year there seems to be no such directive?
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< zoq> ShikharJ: Haven't used any labels last year, and git the tshirt. You can check the status on the page itsself, and it looks like it counts my PR, so I think everything is set.
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< rcurtin> ok, it's been two full days without spam in #scikit-learn... let's wait another couple days then try removing the +r restriction
< zoq> sounds like a good plan to me
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