jaeger changed the topic of #crux to: CRUX 3.7 | Homepage: https://crux.nu/ | Ports: https://crux.nu/portdb/ https://crux.ninja/portdb/ | Logs: https://libera.irclog.whitequark.org/crux/
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<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: xmlto: fix man-page to show the true version number
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: docbook-xsl: update source url, delete unneeded patch
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: docbook-xml: new source urls, refactored build
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: id3lib: fix build for gcc 12
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: gst-plugins-bad: delete unused patches, enable openh264 codec if present
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: smpeg: fix source url, clean up footprint
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: libmad: fix source url, delete unused pkgconf file
<cruxbot> [opt.git/3.7]: grub2: cleaned up patches, fixed fgrep references
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: python3-pyrsistent: updated to version 0.19.3
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: python3-paramiko: updated to version 3.0.0
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: python3-importlib_metadata: updated to version 6.0.0
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: libvirt: updated to version 9.0.0
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: libvirt-python: updated to version 9.0.0
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<cruxbot> [core.git/3.7]: pkgconf: update to 1.9.4
<cruxbot> [opt.git/3.7]: graphviz: update to 7.1.0
<cruxbot> [opt.git/3.7]: mc: update to 4.8.29
<cruxbot> [opt.git/3.7]: neon: update to 0.32.5
<cruxbot> [opt.git/3.7]: imagemagick: update to 7.1.0-58
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<cruxbot> [opt.git/3.7]: nvidia: updated to version 525.85.05
<cruxbot> [compat-32.git/3.7]: nvidia-32: updated to version 525.85.05
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: docbook-xml: ensure correct uid/gid when built with fakeroot
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<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: kodi: updated to version 20.0
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: docker: updated to version 20.10.23