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<cruxbot> [core.git/3.7]: [notify] sudo: update to 1.9.12p2, fix for CVE-2023-22809
<cruxbot> [opt.git/3.7]: tevent: update to 0.14.0
<cruxbot> [opt.git/3.7]: tdb: update to 1.4.9
<cruxbot> [opt.git/3.7]: talloc: update to 2.4.0
<cruxbot> [opt.git/3.7]: nano: update to 7.2
<cruxbot> [opt.git/3.7]: lsof: update to 4.97.0
<cruxbot> [opt.git/3.7]: glib: update to 2.74.5
<cruxbot> [opt.git/3.7]: jdk8-bin: update to 8.362.08.1
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<cruxbot> [xorg.git/3.7]: [notify] xorg-libxpm: update to 3.5.15
<SiFuh_> egrep: warning: egrep is obsolescent; using grep -E
<SiFuh_> This is beginning to piss me off. Why can't they say 'obsolete'
<frinnst> :>
<SiFuh_> It just sounds wrong, even though it really isn't
<ppetrov^> yes, how do i get rif of this?
<ppetrov^> *rid?
<frinnst> simple patch for pkgmk
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<SiFuh_> How about they just fix it?
<frinnst> in grep? file a bug and attach a patch to upstream and hope for the best
<SiFuh_> Surely they have seen it by now?
<frinnst> well it's not wrong. maybe looks a bit strange. a warning to become obsolete
<SiFuh_> Yep, just getting annoying that the bleeding edge CRUX hasn't adapted to the bleeding edge update of grep ;) hahaha
<frinnst> - [ -z "$(egrep -l ^MISSING $FILE.footprint.diff)" ] ; then
<frinnst> + [ -z "$(grep -E -l ^MISSING $FILE.footprint.diff)" ] ; then
<frinnst> oof formatting
<SiFuh_> To be honest the pkgmk developer should be on that
<frinnst> I cant commit any more, sorry :)
<SiFuh_> It isn't like shotcut has an obsolete command. It is pkgmk which is one of the core commands of CRUX. This should be priority 101
<SiFuh_> Why? Dod beerman ban you?
<SiFuh_> Did*
<frinnst> well, I cant push
<frinnst> nuked all my keys when I retired, ofcourse
<SiFuh_> Oh yeah, I forgot
<SiFuh_> It is alright, maybe jue or jaeger or someone else will look into it
<SiFuh_> Cool stuff, hope they patch it
<SiFuh_> Got 6 things going on right now.. Trying to keep up
<frinnst> pkgmk is just a shell script, easy to replace egrep with grep -E yourself in the meantime.
<farkuhar> SiFuh_: it wasn't that long ago that jaeger committed a similar update to httpup, suppressing the "egrep obsolescent" warning. Soon enough he'll get around to pkgmk.
<SiFuh_> Yeah, I am aware. I worked on using aria2c instead of wget back in 3.6
<SiFuh_> I want to buy a new laptop for my mother in Australia. Must have Ethernet. 15" screen. Stable of course. Nothing expensive or fancy because she is in her late 70's. She uses it for email, web browsing, fbibook and Telegram. Any recommendations?
<frinnst> cheapest you can find?
<SiFuh_> No, something around 1K to 1.5K
<SiFuh_> She gave birth to me man. She deserves something decent
<frinnst> :D
<frinnst> hard to give recommendations for another market. im sure all the big manufacturers are more or less the same these days. hp, lenovo, whatever
<SiFuh_> I emailed my friend at Metabox, maybe he can recommend something.
<SiFuh_> Seems AMD/Radeon are sold out
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<SiFuh_> Hmm wonder why most of the TV series I watch are on pause until the second week of February. ANything special apart from Thai Pongal (Hindu) and Chinese New Years?
<farkuhar> SiFuh_, AMD/Radeon still seems to be an option here: https://www.lenovo.com/au/en/p/laptops/thinkpad/thinkpadx/x13-amd-g2/22tpx13x3a1
<SiFuh_> Saw many but my friend was saying it can be hacked by Chinese. I was laughing so hard.
<SiFuh_> I like the thinkpads to be honest
<SiFuh_> farkuhar: This is a 13" I am looking for a 15"
<SiFuh_> Damn!
<SiFuh_> Save $1,835.08 52% off
<SiFuh_> Can I beleive?
<farkuhar> SiFuh_: looks like those models have NVIDIA graphics, though.
<SiFuh_> To be honest I am find with NVIDIA. My mother doesn't use Linux/Unix
<SiFuh_> fine*
<SiFuh_> She's nearing 80, and I am 100% sure if she was given a Linux or Unix machine she'd use it like a pro ;-)
<SiFuh_> One thing I love about my mum. She knows nothing about computers, but if it works, and that thing moves and that click works and that thing opens, she will be right at home.
<SiFuh_> The difference between the two URLS that I can see is Battery, Fingerprint reader and WLAN card
<SiFuh_> And a price of $83.70 difference
<SiFuh_> farkuhar: I will await Daniel, and then I will check out his list. But I like your option better.
<farkuhar> If you can find a model that swaps out the Ryzen for an ARM processor, you can get even better battery life (supposedly 28 hours on a single charge, but that's for a 13-inch screen, not 15-inch).
<SiFuh_> She doesn't do portable
<SiFuh_> She uses a laptop like a desktop PC. Always connected
<SiFuh_> The desk/cabinet my father made can only fit the shit laptop he bought for her so a PC is out of the question
<farkuhar> Since you bothered to mention Battery when listing the differences between the two URLs, I was just following up on that.
<SiFuh_> farkuhar: Actually the point was the miniscule differences in hardware compared to the price difference of $83.70
<SiFuh_> I sent my mother a Mini PC and my brother asked why I had sent it. I said because mums PC is always rebooting and crashing and no one cares to look at it. The most common cause is it has overheated from dust build up. My brother took the mini PC and hid it in my room and then took the base plate off of my mothers laptop and sucked out the dust. Then he was boasting how he fixed mum's laptop.
<SiFuh_> He didn't fix shit. He cared nothing for mum or her laptop until I went out of my way to do something, then voila he is the savior and wants credit. Sucking dust out doesn't fix shit. It has been so long mum has been disappointed with it and almost a year I am telling them to help mum. Her CPU or GPU are probably cooked.
<SiFuh_> She got about half a year out of the vacuum job. But I am not sure exactly because she can't even watch a movie now without it crashing. Doesn't matter if it is on firefox or from hard disk. So screw them all. I am going to buy online a laptop and have it sent to her as a replacement.
<SiFuh_> She doesn't complain much so I am guessing it has been happening more than I know and a lot earlier than I know
<SiFuh_> farkuhar: I am glad you pointed me to the thinkpad though. It is probably the best option as they are pretty bullet proof
<SiFuh_> Oh almost forgot to mention. There is double the RAM in the cheaper one
<SiFuh_> farkuhar: Legion 5 (15", Gen 7) AMD
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<farkuhar> SiFuh_: I'm confused. If the mini PC is still hidden away in your room, why not just pull it out and give it to your mum as originally intended? Avoids the trouble of buying a new laptop and risking that your brother intercepts yet another gift meant for her.
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