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<mattb0ne> defining the queue size stopped the OOM
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<Guest26> hi
<Guest26> How to copy files from Windows to Beaglebone Green
<zmatt> Guest26: if you have windows 10/11 you can enable "OpenSSH Client" in settings -> apps -> optional features
<zmatt> and then use scp to copy files to/from the beaglebone
<zmatt> there are no doubt also a variety of gui options for scp/sftp though I'm not a Windows user myself so I don't have advice on that
<zmatt> you should be able to find plenty of resources if you just google "windows sftp" or "windows ssh copy files" or something like that
<Guest26> OK, I've use putty to connect to my beaglebone green.  when I set putty,then click "open",then pop-up a window, it let me input the password
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<Guest26> I  input password like "root" or "admin"  or "temppwd",they all error, cmd windows show "Access denied"
<zmatt> login: debian, password: temppwd
<Guest26> can this faq window  send the picture?
<zmatt> ?
<Guest26> Can I post pictures here
<zmatt> no
<zmatt> but like I said you should be able to connect with username "debian" and password "temppwd"
<Guest26> when inpu the "debian" as my putty's host name,it show:unable to open connection to debian"
<zmatt> that's not the hostname, it's the username
<zmatt> hostname is if the beaglebone is connected via usb
<Guest26> where to input the username ,when i use putty to log bbg's vnc
<Guest26> ok ,I'll try it right away
<zmatt> vnc? what vnc?
<zmatt> and if I remember correctly putty asks for the username
<zmatt> yup, putty should ask for username and password
<Guest26> ok,i know what's error
<Guest26> I typed "@root:" earlier, which is the wrong format;  Now I type "" and it works, the window asks me what my login name is, I type in Debian, then enter the password temppwd and I'm in.
<Guest26> THANKS VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!
<zmatt> that syntax is wrong anyway, I think it *is* possible to specify username and hostname in there, but the syntax would be "username@hostname" e.g. "debian@"
<zmatt> not sure that works in putty though, but it does in most ssh clients
<Guest26> I tried the method you said "debian@" and it works.
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<ark> does anyone knows why do we use these?
<ark> just wait
<ark> #define _I2C_NUMBER(num) I2C_NUM_##num
<ark> #define I2C_NUMBER(num) _I2C_NUMBER(num)
<ark> those two are from a single file
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<ark> I mean what's the purpose of having 2 lines? One line is enought to do the things
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<zmatt> the exact behaviour of the C preprocessor is quite weird
<zmatt> ark: if you have #define foo 42 then I2C_NUMBER(foo) will preprocess to I2C_NUM_42 while _I2C_NUMBER(foo) will preprocess to I2C_NUM_foo
<Guest26> Can I use TightVNC to connect to the Beaglebone Green desktop
<zmatt> most images do not include a desktop, if yours shipped with one then it probably has really ancient firmware and should be reflashed to something recent
<Guest26> ok,thanks
<Guest26> s
<Guest26> We have confirmed that the current BBG control panel is installed using an image of AM3358 Debian 10.3 2020-04-06 4GB SD IoT.  Can this version of the image run display VNC desktop?
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<ark> btw speaking of display, we can even run a x11 daemon in a tui right and then start any DE which will be rendered on another screen right?
<Guest26> i do not kown
<zmatt> ark: not sure what you mean by that
<zmatt> Guest26: I mean, it's a linux system, you can do with it whatever you want, but a desktop environment takes up a lot of space and will generally perform very poorly on the beaglebone, its SoC was designed for industrial applications, not for use as a desktop computer
<Guest26> I think so
<Guest26> But I want to run Qt on Beaglebone Green
<zmatt> that doesn't require x11 let alone a desktop environment
<Guest26> Where are you from?
<zmatt> qt5 can run directly on the framebuffer (using the linuxfb backend, or using the eglfs backend if you put in the effort to get the gpu drivers working)
<zmatt> qt5 also has a vnc backend that turns a qt5 application into a vnc server
<zmatt> (if you need to test your qt5 application on the beaglebone but want to access its gui via vnc for convenience)
<Guest26> I am installing the desktop environment
<Guest26> Do you think it's necessary
<zmatt> I think it's neither necessary nor a good idea
<Guest26> So what am I supposed to do
<Guest26> Then what should i do
<zmatt> I mean... I kinda just answered that
<Guest26> How to run GUI programs without a desktop
<zmatt> obviously if you really want to use x11 you can install it (although I'd then suggest some minimal install and not an entire desktop environment), but a more sensible approach for using qt5 for an embedded gui application (assuming it's single-window fullscreen) is to run it without x11
<zmatt> I'm assuming that's your intention anyway, you haven't really explained what it is you want to do
<Guest26> I just want to run a GUI program on Beaglebone Green
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<zmatt> what kind of gui program? why do you specifically want to run it on the beaglebone?
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<Guest26> Small, data acquisition display
<zmatt> like I said, it's a linux system so you can do whatever you want, but not all approaches will work equally well and it's hard to give advice on what to do without having more to go on than the extremely vague "I want to run a gui program"
<zmatt> as in, you want to _make_ a gui program for the beaglebone?
<zmatt> or do you mean you have an existing qt5 program you want to run?
<ark> how did you highlight that word?
<ark> make
<zmatt> ark: I just put underscores before and after... if it was highlighted, that's just your irc client doing that
<ark> oh
<Guest26> Can i add you to wechat
<ark> btw for qt on beaglebone
<ark> ...quite sufficient for some knowledge...
<zmatt> ark: that looks like they *are* running a desktop environment on the bbb though
<zmatt> also, they use gtk
<zmatt> not qt
<zmatt> or, hmm
<zmatt> ah, yeah, they leave qt for a part 2
<ark> yea
<ark> I sent from part 1
<zmatt> also this video is extremely ancient
<zmatt> perhaps some parts still apply, but I'd be nervous about any beaglebone resource that old
<ark> so how do ppl create display projects for any embedded linux project?
<zmatt> it's been a while since I did anything with qt5 on the beaglebone, but when we used it our qt5 developer simply designed the application on his own pc, then copied the project to the beaglebone and built it there (which was easier than getting a cross-compile setup working)
<ark> so how is it done these days?
<ark> do they still use qt?
<zmatt> and we ran it using the eglfs backend although that was a headache to get working, you can also use the linuxfb backend which iirc just worked
<zmatt> I mean, qt is one of the options
<ark> what are the others
<ark> I know LVGL as another, though heard linux fb support is ppor
<ark> *poor
<zmatt> dunno, there's probably tons... I think gtk can also be run directly on the framebuffer, there's also sdl
<zmatt> if you get the gpu drivers working you also have opengl es/es2 available
<zmatt> I think the qt5 option has improved since last time I used it (which was many years ago) ... back then we chose to use eglfs instead of linuxfb even though it was slower because linuxfb didn't support double-buffering, which was a consequence of it using the legacy framebuffer interface instead of the modern drm interface
<zmatt> while it looks like qt5's linuxfb backend nowadays does support drm
<zmatt> (since qt5.10)
<ark> btw I had a question, relating to beagleV, will the processor's architecture made open source?
<zmatt> I also had to patch qt5 back then because it was hardcoded to use 32-bit (XRGB8888) pixel format instead of checking which pixel formats the display supported... that problem has also bee nfixed
<zmatt> ark: you mean the logic design (verilog/vhdl or whatever is used) for the cpu core itself? that doesn't sound very likely
<ark> yea that only
<ark> there's really so much to learn
<ark> and sometimes it feels like tech is going fwd in leaps and bounds and all am learning will be useless
<zmatt> specific knowledge may get obsolete, although usually much remains relevant, and the more you know about a general topic the easier it is to learn whatever is the latest flavor-of-the-day I think
<ark> I still remember the days when I had bought a PIC12F675
<ark> I never got a chance to program that, and within a few years all these got nearly obsolete
<ark> and in came STM32
<ark> ESP
<ark> and the likes
<zmatt> I mean, PICs are still used plenty afaik
<ark> not those tiny PIC12/PIC8
<ark> you may find PIC16/PIC32 plenty though
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<zmatt> PIC12F675 is still in production
<ark> ok
<zmatt> and, remarkably nowadays, actually in stock ;)
<zmatt> but yeah, there's a huge diversity of microcontrollers
<ark> nobody's buying that's why, lol
<ark> look at STM, there's none literally here
<zmatt> yeah I've heard from my brother they had huge trouble finding the STM microcontroller they used
<zmatt> they eventually managed to get a stack of 'em thanks to a contact in china
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<zmatt> heh, the qt5 vnc backend is kinda cool... e.g. QT_QPA_PLATFORM="vnc:size=1280x720" /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/examples/widgets/gallery/gallery
<zmatt> though it doesn't seem to make the main window automatically be fullscreen
<zmatt> maybe that example just isn't well suited
<zmatt> yeah, this works quite well! /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/examples/widgets/tutorials/notepad/notepad -platform "vnc:size=1280x720" -qwindowgeometry 1280x720+0+0
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<Angel_Sosa> I am looking for a solution to use on the expansion connectors at the bottom of a beagleboard x15 does any one have any ideas
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<zmatt> I think on the latest testing images you can just configure the pins using config-pin just like on the BBB... if that's what you mean (your question isn't very clear)
<zmatt> oh he left
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<pszafer> hi, I have a question. Will BeagleBoard black be updated for USB-C. If not will it be continued to manufacture for next year? (There are problems with bbb availability in Poland and EU I think)
<zmatt> everyone has availability issues with electronic components right now
<pszafer> yes, that's true. Just thinking if Beagleboard Black is good choice for open source project or if it could be discontinued in next year (I hope not:)  )
<zmatt> there are no plans to discontinue it
<pszafer> great! thank you :)
<zmatt> looks like farnell is expecting to have the BBB in stock again in a few weeks
<pszafer> I'm on notification list there
<pszafer> thank you for your help
<zmatt> as for usb-c, that would be a pretty substantial modification for not much benefit
<zmatt> I'm not sure there's even still enough space left for a usb-c controller
<zmatt> the board is cramped enough as it is
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