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<freq> made a decision to disable the web interface on my bbai, what's needed to get it back?
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<set_> freq: Install a OS/web interface, i.e. apt install xfce4 is one. You can check what is available on Debian distros on their wiki.
<set_> I found some on their wiki.
<freq> thanks set, but i have a headless install and just need to know what packages are needed for the base install, included in the official image
<set_> Oh.
<set_> When you install a OS like openbox, it is lightweight and you will get the required packages. Outside of that idea, I do not know which exact packages create an OS w/out installing the OS.
<freq> the kernel is the OS
<set_> Hmm. That is a good question.
<freq> everything else is userland
<set_> Okay.
<set_> Well...userland openbox is lightweight and can work.
<set_> Maybe if we go to openbox, we can see the required prerequisite packages?
<set_> When you say headless, do you mean the IoT Debian image?
<freq> that would only be for the window manager
<freq> Buster IoT TIDL (without graphical desktop and with machine learning acceleration tools) for BeagleBoard-X15 and BeagleBone AI via microSD card
<freq> wait
<freq> not x15
<set_> I understand.
<set_> Do you want the GUI?
<freq> no, just web interface
<freq> so, i disabled nodered and the webserver that was running
<set_> Oh.
<set_> I got you now.
<freq> i just need to figure out how to get that back up running
<set_> How did you disable it? Did you use apt or nginx?
<freq> stopped the services with systemd
<freq> are you able to reach the webpage on yours?
<set_> systemctl start yourservice.service
<freq> well right, but i don't know what they are named.
<set_> Oh!
<set_> Let me check.
<freq> thank you
<freq> i suspected there would be a package list on github or something
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<set_> go to /etc/nginx/ .
<set_> There should be a file called default.
<set_> Or something close to that name.
<set_> cat default and see the web address for nodered?
<freq> i've started the web server
<freq> 403 Forbidden
<set_> I say go to /lib/
<freq> ok i've found the problem
<freq> nodered was uninstalled
<freq> will try that in a moment
<set_> I do not have it on my BBB.
<set_> odd.
<freq> what mine was just had a programming interface
<set_> Right. Okay.
<freq> i'm kind of amazed with the speed of this board at 400Mhz
<set_> I know the .org was moving towards VS Code for a bit.
<freq> oh, the open sourced one
<set_> I thought the AI had 1.5 Ghz?
<set_> Yes.
<freq> inxi tends to be wrong then
<set_> Hey freq: I am booting the AI now.
<set_> I will check if the install does not fix it.
<freq> ok
<set_> Dang it. I am in Bullseye right now. I am sorry.
<freq> so am i
<set_> oh!
<freq> i upgraded
<set_> Nice.
<freq> there was a bcm driver issue for about a day. whole thing upgraded fine
<set_> I do not think nodered is called nodered in lib/systemd/system/
<set_> Let me check.
<set_> Not installed.
<set_> So, I am thinking w/ the upgrade of Buster to Bullseye, it is not installed by default.
<freq> there is a specific repo there though
<set_> oh? where?
<freq> deb [arch=armhf] bullseye main
<freq> deb-src [arch=armhf] bullseye main
<freq>  /etc/apt/sources.list
<set_> Right? But...that does not have to do w/ nodered.
<freq> no, but it should still give you what's needed as a stock install
<set_> Did you try beaglecfg yet?
<freq> no
<set_> It may be i that idea.
<freq> can't find that
<set_> sudo beaglecfg
<set_> I grabbed an odd image a while back. So, my beaglecfg command only shows specific GPIO pins and PRU start/stop operations.
<freq> -bash: beaglecfg: command not found
<set_> Hmm.
<set_> Okay.
<freq> bb-beagle-config/unknown armhf
<freq> beagle-config
<set_> Hmm. Okay.
<freq> i'll try that in a minute
<set_> I am searching my entire system right now w/ sudo find | grep nodered.
<set_> Nope nothing.
<freq> i haven't really done anything interesting with my bbai yet
<freq> hoping to
<set_> Whelp, I am out of ideas for now. Have you gone to the nodered site yet to see if they have networking ideas?
<set_> I did install tensorflow-lite
<set_> I can make baboon faces altered!
<set_> Ha.
<freq> beaglecfg is just like raspi-config
<set_> Oh.
<set_> can use it or not use it.
<freq> still just looking for a list of dependencies for the web interface
<freq> though i may just disable all of that and use x forwarding
<set_> Okay. Good luck. I cannot help, i.e. as I thought it was a given. But, it will take work. I will go to nodered to see their networking ideas.
<freq> thanks for helping
<set_> brb
<set_> Did it work?
<freq> seems it's not the only service needed
<set_> Oh.
<set_> sudo node-red
<set_> Oh, I get it. So, w/out the proper set up of the webserver along w/ node-red, one cannot view it online.
<set_> bind9?
<freq> its not just bind
<set_> Hmm. Okay.
<set_> Do you have nodejs installed?
<freq> yeah
<set_> what does this say, please use pastebin: sudo journalctl -f -u node-red -o cat
<freq> nodejs is already the newest version (12.22.5~dfsg-2~11u1).
<set_> I am not good w/ sockets.
<set_> Let me refresh what debian says.
<freq> Nov 28 19:18:37 beaglebone Node-RED[20979]: 28 Nov 19:18:37 - [info] Server now
<freq> running at
<freq> ok well thats neat. i just need to open that port for now
<set_> Aw.
<set_> I say change to something else.
<set_> But that is me and it is not safe.
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<freq> i'm the only one on this lan that doesn't just use their devices for facebook
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<set_> Dang it. I cannot believe I have to install it. Let me see their source. I will find where they set up their socket.
<freq> still, this isn't the server page that i was looking for
<freq> i'm looking for the default beagleboard page
<set_> the settings.js file seems to be a winner but I need to check their node-red docs. and github.
<set_> Okay.
<freq> always amazed at how fast servers load
<set_> This,, link says to just go to localhost which is on the BBAI.
<freq> yeah, the configs were there already
<set_> Oh.
<set_> So, we need to change them.
<set_> freq: Do you know where their source is located for their server.js file?
<freq> not at all
<freq> if i could find that magic page, i'd be set
<freq> but so far, re-imaging is the only way.. and i'm already set up. not reflashing any time soon
<set_> Okay. I will install it. Please hold.
<set_> the uiPort is what we need to change in their source.
<set_> Now, where uiPort is located, no clue. But! I shall look.
<freq> :p
<set_> YEa boy!
<set_> Unhash that file and change it!
<set_> file line, excuse me.
<freq> err, i'm happy with the default config
<freq> it works for my board
<freq> and i have jonny-five for the gpio
<set_> oh. It works?
<freq> i'll add more as i need
<freq> yes
<set_> Then, what is the issue?
<freq> now, there is a beagleboard page that comes with the default issue
<freq> and there are multiple files in there to read through
<set_> Okay.
<set_> I am not sure exactly what happened but okay. Everything works, this is awesome.
<freq> and i see that nginx is running at port 80
<freq> but there is no page
<freq> yeah you're helping
<set_> Go to 1880
<freq> i just need to rebuild what i wrecked lol
<freq> that's for node-red
<set_> Oh.
<freq> i'm looking for the default beagleboard webpage on localhost
<set_> So, right.
<set_> Got it. Okay.
<set_> Please hold.
<set_> You confuse me census.
<freq> oic
<set_> Look here, census >>>
<freq> i don't even know if i'm census
<set_> Ha!
<set_> freq: Just look at the paste.
<freq> that's not the problem
<set_> That is my current config.
<set_> Blah.
<set_> What is the issue now?
<freq> though, i do have a tor relay running and that's kinda fun
<set_> Tell me everything!
<freq> does your board get so hot that you can't touch the heatsink?
<set_> No. I have a fan.
<freq> i don't know what to tell about it
<freq> oh i don't
<set_> Oh. Get a fan.
<freq> there is a tor relay and i have no idea what it does
<set_> Seriously.
<freq> it has a lot of traffic
<set_> Hmm.
<freq> do these boards burn out without a fan?
<set_> Sometimes they are known to turn off.
<freq> havent had the issue
<set_> The fan will help you and the board esp.
<freq>   Message: No sensors data was found. Is sensors configured?
<set_> No clue. Try systemctl daemon-reload
<set_> Then, go to the site on your socket.
<freq> that site isn't as important as the node-red one
<freq> i'll sort it out another day, thank you
<set_> fine. I cannot understand anything that is not typed.
<set_> If you are holding back ideas, I am blank on my side.
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<markand> hello
<markand> do graphical image do something more to enable HDMI output? I had a flashed a non-graphical image and definitely HDMI signal is off completely
<markand> (buster version)
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<zmatt> markand: pretty sure even the console image should have hdmi output, even if it's just a terminal, unless video has been disabled in /boot/uEnv (but it is enabled by default)
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<zmatt> markand: be mindful of automatic screen blanking though, some keyboard input may be needed to wake up the screen. adding consoleblank=0 to the kernel parameters ('cmdline' in /boot/uEnv.txt) should prevent automatic blanking (although I'm reading mixed results about that, it seems on some systems it's getting changed by something at runtime)
<markand> let me try all of that
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<markand> did the service generic-board-startup.service moved into a different package from wheezy to buster? on buster it seems to be in bb-customizations, not on wheezy
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<zmatt> you're doing archeology?
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<Siegurd> Hi! I want to build BuildRoot for PocketBeagle, but i can't find any pocketbeagle_defconfig in
<Siegurd> Should I use beaglebone_defconfig instead?
<rcn-ee> Siegurd, yeap..
<Siegurd> Should I follow this tutorial ?  It uses 0001-Stripped-back-pocketbeagle-devicetree.patch, 0001-am335x_evm-uEnv.txt-bootz-n-fixes.patch, 0002-U-Boot-BeagleBone-Cape-Manager.patch and 0003-pocketbeagle-tweaks.patch in /patches directory.
<Siegurd> Patch files I found here: Or this isn't a good idea to follow this instruction? My goal is to run my C++ program as soon as possible after power up with UART, SPI and USB interfaces using. With official Debian Image and systemd service magic I can run my program 30
<Siegurd> seconds after power up. The Ideal result I want to reach is 10-15 seconds or less if possible. So I want to try BuildRoot or Yocto systems but I'm not sure with is better in this situation.
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<zmatt> Siegurd: you don't need yocto/buildroot to boot quickly, I got this boot time on a debian system after putting a bit of effort into optimizing it:
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<Siegurd> zmatt can you tell what changes do you made? I Suppose you were editing kernel's *_defconfig file and build the kernel?
<zmatt> shrinking the kernel will help (mine is under 4MB) since it's just less data for u-boot to load into memory
<zmatt> getting rid of initramfs (it's normally not needed) helps for the same reason
<zmatt> getting rid of unnecessary services helps
<zmatt> I also switched the network manager from connman to systemd-networkd
<zmatt> I should note this is on a beaglebone black, you'll always get a slower boot on a pocketbeagle since it doesn't have eMMC and can only boot from SD card
<zmatt> oh yeah I also built u-boot without the boot delay
<zmatt> I disabled RAID entirely in the kernel config
<zmatt> though I think rcn's kernel already disables the RAID benchmarking anyway, iirc
<zmatt> note that if you want to build customized version of rcn's debian kernel packages, he has tools that make it quite easy and convenient to do so
<zmatt> my notes on doing so:
<zmatt> (the kernel series in the current stable images is 4.19-ti, which is the ti-linux-4.19.y branch of )
<zmatt> yeah, look, the raid benchmarking is already disabled in the 4.19-ti kernel series:
<Siegurd> zmatt ok, i got the point. What exactly can I "safely" disable?
<Siegurd> zmatt thanks by the way!
<zmatt> I mean, that's kinda unanswerable since it depends on your situation...
<zmatt> like, normally one of the first things I'd disable is generic-board-startup since nothing it does is useful to me, however you're using a pocketbeagle which doesn't have ethernet so you're presumably relying on usb networking, which by default is getting setup by that service
<Siegurd> what can I start with? I need only UARTs SPIs USB (for external RNDA modem) things for my C++ program.
<zmatt> getting rid of initramfs is a start
<zmatt> i.e. remove /boot/initrd.* and to make sure they don't get regenerated "sudo apt remove initramfs-tools-core"
<zmatt> I also have these notes on how to use systemd-networkd as network manager on images: ... which includes removing generic-board-startup and will definitely improve boot time.
<zmatt> note however that the replacement setup only has an RNDIS gadget (supported by Linux and Windows, except whenever microsoft breaks it again on windows), as opposed to the default setup which has RNDIS (but setup differently I think) but also CDC-ECM or CDC-NCM (supported by Mac and linux)
<zmatt> on the pocketbeagle you should obviously omit the config file since it doesn't have ethernet
<zmatt> disabling cape-universal and using an overlay to enable the peripherals you need and setup gpios also reduces boot time (by avoiding loading drivers you're not using and also reducing the amount of devices to be scanned by udev), though I think on the pocketbeagle you can't actually disable cape-universal
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<Siegurd> upd: just finished compilation of a buildroot. The final sdcard.img does not boot. Only the power led is flashing on the board... that's sad...
<zmatt> flashing? o.O
<Siegurd> sorry its just in ON state )
<zmatt> ah
<zmatt> well, can't help you with that, I know nothing about buildroot
<Siegurd> I will try few things with buildroot and report on success. Maybe it will help someone.)
<Siegurd> I wondering is there some utility that you can specify all your #define's and it will generate list of system services required. Or it's some kind of magic?