<mattb0ne> I just launch the PRU and print the position right now
<mattb0ne> what would be the simpler version of that encoder
<zmatt> decoder you mean, the encoder is the sensor on your shaft
<zmatt> and I really don't think the problem is there
<zmatt> simpler versions would have output that is either lower in resolution and/or more noisy
<set_> You guys!
<set_> Decode the spit off that thing!
<set_> I cannot wait to see a post!
<mattb0ne> hmmm
<mattb0ne> could it be just a shity encoder
<zmatt> quadrature encoding is quite robust against drift as long as the rate of change doesn't exceed what the decoder can handle, but this decoder can handle very high rates... like, 30ns between phases (quarter-steps) is sufficient
<zmatt> i guess it might be possible to get a false reading if there's like severe ringing happening on both lines?
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<zmatt> depending on how the timings work out on that
<zmatt> that's the only thing I can think of that doesn't involve mechanical slippage
<set_> hmm. Slips of mechatronics!
<set_> Are you two making things again?
<zmatt> set_ can you just stfu?
<set_> Fine.
<set_> Sheesh.
<zmatt> sorry but I was getting a bit tired of random bits of nonsense interjected into a conversion
<set_> I understand.
<set_> No issue what so ever. I was being outlandish while you two were being serious. It is a bit annoying.
<zmatt> mattb0ne: the decoder could probably do filtering do be even more robust against noise, though it would be better to first determine whether it is indeed a signal integrity issue (and if possible fix it rather than working around it in software)
<zmatt> mattb0ne: so what's your test currently, you have a test program that makes the motor go back and forth between two positions (based on the decoder output) and you're observing drift on the actual shaft positions?
<mattb0ne> i was just moving the motor for like a second trying to hit 90 degrees
<mattb0ne> I am visually observing it so I am not perfect but the miss is large enough that it does not matter
<mattb0ne> Id say 20 degrees off
<mattb0ne> so I think the motor went 90 degrees the encorder is telling me 72
<mattb0ne> if I go back and forth the miss grows
<mattb0ne> Trying to determine if I am always short
<mattb0ne> then I will check on the scope
<mattb0ne> it was clean last time I checked
<mattb0ne> I always had this problem though
<zmatt> wait, are you assuming the encoder value is in degrees?
<mattb0ne> no i convert
<mattb0ne> i get 1024 pulses per rotation
<mattb0ne> i multiply by 4 due to your code
<zmatt> and you're not somehow accidently introducing the drift in your conversion code? (I don't know how you'd manage that, but just checking)
<mattb0ne> and take the proportion
<mattb0ne> also the count is short
<mattb0ne> I should be at around 1000
<mattb0ne> for the 90 degrees and I am at 800 and change
<zmatt> one thing that might be interesting is keep separate counters for the downward and upward movement... since if there's weird noise happening then presumably you'd see unexpected counts in the wrong direction
<mattb0ne> a full rotation I am short like 800 counts
<mattb0ne> good point
<mattb0ne> since I am always short i am wondering if the signal is not clean
<zmatt> or have the other pru core log every change of the position counter along with a precise timestamp (and have it do nothing else, control the motor from python)
<zmatt> since you'd expect them to be evenly spaced out depending on motor speed
<zmatt> so weird jumps or gaps would be suspicious
<mattb0ne> that sounds great in theory not something I could do easily
<mattb0ne> I am always short
<mattb0ne> that much I can confirm
<zmatt> as in, how much does a full rotation in the opposite direction count?
<zmatt> since drift implies you're getting more counts in one direction than the other
<mattb0ne> maybe drift is not the right description my error increases over time
<zmatt> that is drift
<mattb0ne> but it is due to the count being under reported
<mattb0ne> for each move
<mattb0ne> so if I were to rotate back and forth
<mattb0ne> I would expect to be at zero or close to but I would get farther and farther
<mattb0ne> yeah I gues that is drift
<mattb0ne> I should not be surprised this was another amazon job
<mattb0ne> china encoder.com
<mattb0ne> says it on the unit
<zmatt> it seems very unlikely that an encoder itself causes drift unless, like I said, there's mechanical slippage going on...
<zmatt> instead of blaming components without diagnosis it would be more fruitful to diagnose
<mattb0ne> yeah I know I know
<mattb0ne> but I like low hanging fruit of blaming someone else
<zmatt> and why exactly is what I suggested "not something I could do easily" ? you already have the exact framework for it that you need
<zmatt> you already have the other pru core reading the position (among other things) and logging it to a ringbuffer with timestamp
<mattb0ne> true
<zmatt> the only change needed would be to make it do nothing else and purely trigger on position changes
<mattb0ne> the triggers is where I would be lost
<zmatt> ehm, save the previous position, check if current position is different from previous position
<mattb0ne> I think I could handle everything else.
<mattb0ne> and I looking for un-even spacing in the messages
<mattb0ne> I can give it a shot i guess
<mattb0ne> this would confirm my HW is borked ?
<zmatt> it may give a clue what's going on and how best to work around it if it can't be fixed properly
<zmatt> signal integrity issues still seem more likely to me than an actual problem with the encoder but who knows
<zmatt> what's the max rate of change you're expecting of the position counter? (i.e. max rpm * 60 * 1024 * 4)
<mattb0ne> I was going way slower than that during the trials but probably 240 RPMs
<mattb0ne> so 58M
<zmatt> hmmm, that's actually a very high rate
<zmatt> I don't remember, was there a specific reason to do decoding in pru rather than in hardware using eQEP ?
<mattb0ne> not that I can think of is it easier to share info between the PRUs and eQEP
<mattb0ne> i was using the position info in the other PRU for control
<mattb0ne> just for giggles I checked the other encoder I had it works fine
<mattb0ne> just doesnt have the resolution
<zmatt> eQEP can probably handle 58M phases/s (I can't immediately find a spec but I suspect anything below 100Mphases/s should be fine), my pru program will not tolerate that rate
<zmatt> either way it does not leave any margin for filtering and will require high signal integrity
<mattb0ne> hmmm
<mattb0ne> i really do not need super accurate reading.Once I know positioning I could check less frequent than that. Are you saying the the code will blow up if it gets signals that fast
<zmatt> yes
<mattb0ne> the encoder that is working only gets 360 PPR so 20M
<mattb0ne> will that blow it up
<zmatt> it supports max 36Mphases/s, i.e. 148 rpm with your 1024-pulses-per-turn encoder
<mattb0ne> ok so the lower res one will fit
<zmatt> with 360PPR it would support up to 420 RPM
<zmatt> (in theory, leaving no margin)
<mattb0ne> well I think we have our answer
<zmatt> I mean, you've been testing at much lower rate you said
<mattb0ne> though I am going to take it as a weekend project to try and o the trigger thjing
<mattb0ne> yeah on the high res one and it was off the 360 ppr one works
<zmatt> if the problem is present when testing at a lower rate then the rate isn't the issue, obviously
<mattb0ne> right
<mattb0ne> and everything works with the different encoder
<mattb0ne> brb
<mattb0ne> afk for a a bit
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<mattb0ne> back
<mattb0ne> set......
<mattb0ne> i need a moment of levity that you are always good for
<mattb0ne> is freenode still abandoned
<set_> No clue!
<set_> I am sure people still use it...
<set_> I want to use it but I went and have not been back since scorpions took over the shed.
<set_> Wait...oh. Freenode.
<set_> Nope. I do not use it.
<mattb0ne> what are you up too
<set_> Yes. I am trying to install bCNC and GRBL on a STM that is attached to my BBGG.
<set_> And yes, that is a board from Seeed Studio that has BeagleBoard 'officiality' maybe.
<set_> Might be...may not. Who knows?
<GenTooMan> trying to find any integrated circuits.
<set_> Me? Nope. I have these motor drivers I have been waiting to use! It has been at least a quarter turn of the century here and they are still in shape!
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<set_> Hey!
<mattb0ne> GenTooMan
<mattb0ne> i just learned recently that is a linux type
<mattb0ne> i was googling for something and wound up on a forum
<set_> What is the smallest known GUI for Linux.
<set_> lightdm?
<set_> For instance, XFCE...oh. OS. Sorry. smallest known GUI OS for Linux. Off to look.
<set_> openbox?
<set_> Aw. Off to try!
<set_> Debian! Just when you think 'no', 'yes'.
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<set_> I just learned about .desktop stuff. Nice!
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<set_> One Minute!
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<set_> Save!
<set_> Hello...fritz on the rye. Anyway, um, I noticed a nice PLC design file from the TI person on their site for the BBB, circa '15.
<set_> Has anyone else tried it out?
<set_> I was trying to produce it for invention, fun, and for knowledge but the starting price is high.
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<set_> dats entry!
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<set_> Oh...the design is called the TIDA-00320.
<set_> I forgot to mention the file last time I popped around in here to better things.
<set_> I stated "dats entry" in the hopes that people will pay respect to the upcoming data entry that needs to take place on the TIDA-00320!
<set_> Supposedly, this thing just attaches to the BBB like magic but I have not heard of it being produced or a production run being around...
<set_> Am I wrong?
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<set_> Anyway...I am revisiting this '15 Cape that may or may not have been in production or a phase of that production instance. So, for instance, bothering TI people, blah, and trying to get to the bottom of making one! Is this a good idea?
<set_> For what it is worth, this is the output on Kicad so far: https://imgur.com/a/OKGbnAp is the photo of it.
<set_> GenTooMan: I was going to try to make a couple but...
<set_> One or two of my drillholes are off. Gerber!
<GenTooMan> are they for through hole parts or just holes for fasteners or what?
<set_> Hmm. Let me check. Maybe just fasteners.
<set_> Well...let me correct myself (as usual).
<set_> The gerber is correct from TI but the transfer from their Gerber into KiCAD and then into another source of software is giving the adjacent, off-the-board drillholes.
<set_> I tried a specific co. that just throws a BOM and Gerber into action for a, cough, price.
<set_> Let me get this link.
<set_> If you are interested, I will get it.
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<set_> Anyway, it is called macrofab. They are heavily expensive.
<set_> They are talking $7xx.xx for one board...
<set_> No!
<set_> Seeed was in the ballpark of $4.95 but that is just the PCB.
<set_> GenTooMan: I do not know. Sorry for the elongated response.
<set_> MacroFab is telling me my Gerber is wrong when it is correct. Anyway...forget them for now. I think they are flashy for now.
<set_> One is the BBB throughole near P9.1.
<set_> Anyway...sorry to jump on you again over nothingness.
<set_> Fasteners
<set_> yes.
<set_> One fastener throughhole/drillhole near P9.1 and the jack onboard the BBB near the P9 header.
<set_> Done. Does not matter.
<set_> Let me try to make more sense, please.
<set_> If say, I was going to get beat to a pulp by pricing right now (%$^%*), what would be a or a couple of businesses that can make one or two at lenient costs?
<set_> In this place I live in, the randomization of integrel businesses are far fetched, spread out, and/or not available.
<set_> So, I am stuck lending.
<GenTooMan> so what are you attempting to make?
<set_> The entire Cape. It handles actuators.
<set_> I mean...I have a UC2637N here. Right. So, I need a couple of drivers, which I may or may not have right now, and other parts (caps, diodes, and resistors).
<set_> People do not care. I get it.
<set_> I may flop. I may rise and flop. I may flop-pop-stop. But...I need to try something. I keep purchasing w/out knowing more. Reading is not enough.
<GenTooMan> Oh you are making a cape so what you were doing was trying to get someone to build the gerber files you found into boards?
<set_> Right. At first. Small steps.
<set_> There are a lot of ways to making things in life. It is not so much task and glory, one by one until completion for me.
<set_> I know notes, get it done, and produce or outsource. Rings true here.
<set_> On a side note, games are senseless these days. I just got an email from WB Games. WB used to be warner brothers before the collapse. Now, "BACK 4 BLOOD!" Oh and the '4' is an actual 4 in the headline. Yikes.
<set_> GenTooMan: Sorry to stray here but do you remember Slaughter House on Genesis?
<set_> One would senselessly hit people w/ spiked bats and their heads would mush and explode.
<set_> Okay. Done.
<set_> I never once talked about it. Sorry to bring it up.
<GenTooMan> people are into money not into making games. It's called greed. Nintendo pointed this out in the 1980's that making games won't earn money, but making games people enjoy does.
<GenTooMan> I am more familiar with the game industry than I would like too be is a nice polite way of saying it. Let me say this nicely most of the gaming industry these days is filled with scum, yes REALLY scummy people.
<set_> Guess what! We have a gaming industry here. They charge, and I know cost-cost-cost w/ me, $45000.00 large for the program.
<GenTooMan> If you look at the top execs completely lazy people who don't care about making good games, only about "grabbing money any way possible".
<set_> I remember thinking, "I should not smash heads." I quit the Slaughter House game for good. One time. One time. One time. That was enough of smashing.
<GenTooMan> that's kind of boring to be fair
<set_> Right and not collective.
<set_> "Huh, Huh, I smashed that one good Danny!"
<set_> Oh well.
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<set_> All jokes aside...
<set_> This Cape...
<set_> Has it already been made from Seeed?
<set_> Let me show you a link from Seeed.
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<set_> It is not exact but likeness.
<set_> Sorry. It is not exact but has likeness.
<set_> The reference in question can handle dc, I think maybe bldc, and steppers.
<set_> Nifty. W/ two and the correct communication, one could make a nice layout.
<set_> Oh!
<set_> The people that made the '18 Capes from GHI!
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<Guest2276> hello
<Guest2276> i have a rather old beagleboard,
<Guest2276> Linux beaglebone 4.19.94-ti-r42 #1buster SMP PREEMPT Tue Mar 31 19:38:29 UTC 2020 armv7l GNU/Linux
<Guest2276> and i am sshed into it via usb right now on the user Debian
<Guest2276> i cant seem to access root? tempwd doesnt work
<Guest2276> furthermore, is there a more light weight distro thhats just something i can ssh into and start building off of? via usb of course
<set_> Nice!
<set_> try debian
<set_> try debian instead of root
<set_> Oh.
<set_> Wait here. I will look up beagleboard. I thought you had the X15.
<set_> Do you have the X15?
<set_> Oh!
<set_> I know.
<set_> Sorry. I misread everything you just typed. try root::root. So, once logged in via debian, su - root and then the passwd is root. I think.
<set_> console images are the smaller version of the IoT images.
<Guest2276> oh. i see, ill still be able to ssh into them via usb?
<Guest2276> thanks! i hope ican get this sd card encrypted
<set_> No clue. I do not support which board you are talking about.
<set_> I am a no name actor in the land of BBB.
<set_> Not affiliated!
<Guest2276> i wish i knew exactly which revision it is but markings on it are quited faded, is there a command?
<set_> try a photo!
<Guest2276> i suppose i can punish everyone here with my 2013 smartphone
<Guest2276> back in a few
<set_> Yes!
<Guest2276> gotta lug a apc around to keep this bitch on
<set_> Yikes.
<set_> Tough times at PeedMont High?
<set_> I am spoiled and a nanny boy. Ha.
<Guest2276> the newer smartphones keep getting visited by planned obsolesence
<set_> I am officially scared.
<set_> I have not seen that word for a long time.
<set_> I wonder when people will call them pocket computers instead of phones.
<set_> "Dude, look at my pocket 'puter."
<set_> I can zap aliens w/ my BBB!
<Guest2276> are you a AI dude
<set_> No sir.
<Guest2276> pocket-advertisers
<set_> Me?
<set_> Nope.
<set_> Oh. Pocket Beagle?
<Guest2276> i have nothing against AI
<Guest2276> no, smartphones
<set_> Oh.
<set_> Yea...Okay.
<set_> Smartphones are for phonies but nothing else exists. We are stuck!
<Guest2276> going to find a host to upload these to
<set_> Okay. Try imgur
<set_> I think you can be a guest.
<set_> No sign in.
<set_> Office TIDA-00320 tells me I may be in luck!
<Guest2276> it is so blurry i could have drawed it better
<set_> Ha.
<set_> Wait. bbb.io
<set_> Try that link. They have the boards under one of their dropdown menus.
<Guest2276> how did that robotic hand get my beagleboard
<set_> Ut oh.
<Guest2276> ai
<Guest2276> whups
<set_> ha. It is october.
<Guest2276> ah, paganism and candy
<set_> I am scared to click the link. Are you sure that imgur?
<Guest2276> it is a direct link to imgur, i thought youd prefer to avoid their ads and embedding garbage, but ill get you the embedded one
<set_> yes!
<Guest2276> i took one of the bottom, i will get it
<set_> I see it.
<set_> BeagleBone
<Guest2276> i really wish i had better vision
<set_> Right. Look here: https://beagleboard.org/bone-original
<Guest2276> eggscelent
<set_> I done figured something that was incorrect.
<Guest2276> oh no
<set_> Bone-Original!
<set_> That is correct. The link is the right board, right?
<Guest2276> it looks to be identical to its reference image, yeah
<set_> Nice!
<Guest2276> very good
<set_> Now, did you try to sign in w/ root yet?
<Guest2276> yeah, i did
<set_> Nice. Did it work?
<Guest2276> thanks for that information, it did
<set_> Nice!
<Guest2276> i will put in a larger sd card now and flash the console version
<set_> I am so not feeling my attitude today.
<Guest2276> and then attempt to get rid of systemd
<set_> Oh.
<set_> Okay.
<Guest2276> its hard when an idiot like me doesnt synergize with shitposts well
<set_> Why are you getting rid of systemd?
<set_> Me too.
<Guest2276> i don't have a valid reason other than not liking it
<set_> Oh.
<set_> Okay.
<set_> I guess I can be quiet now.
<Guest2276> i cant very well use a bsd or some other embedded os on this, i think but i am fine with this really i plan to get the ram usage down if i can
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<Guest2276> but you bring life and energy to the channel
<Guest2276> people can be so fun hating can't they
<set_> I try. I am some sap for a good time. I am stuck.
<set_> Sure thang!
<Guest2276> i';d say the same for myself, but the issue is im only out to make myself laugh
<Guest2276> others do not always appreciate the things i do for this
<set_> Oh. I like people looking at me for the wrong reasons.
<Guest2276> me too
<set_> They like my colon cancer. No joke.
<set_> So, BBB or BB-Original!
<Guest2276> they determined this fact about you within seconds of laying their gaze on you and made such a harsh judgement
<set_> I know. It comes w/ age I guess.
<set_> Test 'em!
<Guest2276> i dont know where you live but i find house geckos are a lot nicer than people
<set_> Me three.
<Guest2276> if you can find one that didnt get eaten
<set_> Ha!
<set_> I got one for you, mighty might.
<Guest2276> hahaha
<set_> Tense and red but loved by few?
<Guest2276> i wonder if anyone has gotten any portion of alpine to run on this hardware
<Guest2276> maybe ill mess with it after i know i can get it configured the way i like, debian often works against me
<Guest2276> its been fun, im being a big baby about my eternal migraine and will go lay down now
<set_> Yes! Party!
<set_> Ha.
<Guest2276> what is life without company
<set_> Right on Pecan!
<Guest2276> everyone has a headache in their life, mine is just a migraine
<Guest2276> later gators
<Guest2276> whatever happened to freenode
<set_> What do you plan on doing w/ your BB-O?
buzzmarshall has joined #beagle
<Guest2276> times change
<set_> Losers like me?
<Guest2276> im sure there was some controversy or it just died idunno
<set_> Is it gone?
<set_> I need to check.
set_ has left #beagle [#beagle]
<Guest2276> just people left it in emasse it seem i started IRC for the first time in forever and many of my presets had moved to libera
<Guest2276> uhh, well at the moment? im going to reflash ita nd generate some clean-room keypairs on it
set_ has joined #beagle
<set_> Weird.
<Guest2276> i am not a smart man, so probably not robotics or AI stuff, it will likely just run a tcp to udp tunenl for me and maybe some serices similar to that, it depends on how low i can get the ram usage and if i can encrypt the installation
<set_> It is gone. Like that...w/ all that jargon and hoopla.
<Guest2276> i am also very bad at explaining things
<set_> Me too. I am terrible at making others know exactly where I stand. Technicality.
<Guest2276> i am not very good at abstracting and i am too easily distracted, i confuse others
<Guest2276> its not that i am autistic
<Guest2276> i am just retarded
<Guest2276> and normal people are far too broad and assuming in their explainatiosn
<set_> Guest2276: Please, please. Speakith of the BBB and once granted, twice bitten shy.
<Guest2276> i am rather offtopic arent i
<set_> TCP UDP. I am not educated in that field.
<set_> No.
<Guest2276> my bad
<set_> Just more than me, makes two!
<Guest2276> im not either
<Guest2276> i wanted to use all the free proxies i keep finding a a free vpn instead
<set_> I mean...there are others. Other people make life interesting.
<set_> But...we must stick to the BBB or beagleboard.org in here.
<set_> Sort of. I guess. Anyone?
<set_> Hmm.
<Guest2276> i had forgotten, people on irc elsewhere are very anal and anti-fun, there are many archtypes of annoying busybodies who just want to excessivly backseat moderator want any reason to give you orders
<set_> Oh.
<Guest2276> so, it is fun to be off topic with you
<set_> Yea. Not naming any names, GenTooMan!
<set_> THank you, sir.
<set_> GenTooMan likes long walks in the dirt heap.
<set_> ha. Just kidding, sir. Wherever you are.
<set_> Anyway...I am trying to build a Cape for the BBB.
<Guest2276> i think backseat moderators gave me my deep seated problem with authority
<Guest2276> a cape?
<set_> Yes.
<set_> Cape!
<set_> It is a daughter Card for the BBB.
<Guest2276> wont it drape over your device
<Guest2276> o-oh
<set_> An updated version of the BB-O.
<set_> Ha.
<Guest2276> what will it be adding?
<Guest2276> oh, excellent
<set_> BBB, BBBW <<< Wireless!
<set_> You can take it outdoors and bot away w/ it!
<Guest2276> oh that's awesome
<set_> Fly, patrol, spy on dogs. Whatever really.
<Guest2276> not that i have moeny but id love something like that
<set_> Oh. My knees kill me.
<Guest2276> ild probably like to plant it somewhere and have it work on cracking nearby wifis..
<set_> Ha.
<set_> Seriously?
<set_> Crack 'em Jack!
<Guest2276> purely for the purposes of downloading pdfs and other documents while my net is gone, i assure you
<Guest2276> i dont plan on changing my grade in math class
<set_> Oh. Steal 'em all!
<set_> Me...I am always trying to make up for lost time.
<Guest2276> i got strongarmed into switching isps and they are down frequently
<Guest2276> hey, me too
<set_> Oh.
<set_> Guest2276: I am scared of the BB-O. No offense.
<Guest2276> why would i want to stop thinking childish things are funny? that sounds like hell
<Guest2276> why is this
<set_> I was not around then. I have no clue on how to use it.
<Guest2276> well neither do i, but it was 5 dollars
<Guest2276> brb
<set_> $5.00! NIce deal.
<set_> Okay.
<set_> Myth Busters of BBB articles. Nice!
<set_> bbl and brb
<set_> Wait for it!
<set_> brb
<Guest2276> .
<Guest2276> who do i have to kidnap to get a sata or sas controller on an arm soc
<set_> Sorry.
<Guest2276> the things i could do if i was not limited by fail prone sd cards
<Guest2276> even IDE would be better
<set_> Oh. You can use VS Code, I think.
<set_> or vim, emacs, nano. They are text but useful.
<set_> C & P and then change. Or! Original. I am not to the point in my dev. days where I can do original yet.
<Guest2276> oh i mean pre sata hard drives
<set_> Oh.
<set_> Hmm. I am sure there is a way. SPI?
<Guest2276> ive had a lot of sd cards just have their firmware lock up while the flash memory on it is sitll in good health
<set_> Ha. Yep.
<set_> Sometimes the heap runs low or is too high for RAM.
<Guest2276> its ridiciulous body cams and dashcams use these even endurance cards do it
<Guest2276> and if you want to use an adapter to use something like sata with the sd card slot it often ends up being slower than the sd card itself
<set_> Ha. That sounds rough.
<Guest2276> uhh ive heard rumours of people buying compute boards for their rasp pies for using sata or sas controllers but they are far outside my price range
<set_> Right. But!
<Guest2276> maybe someone can make an sd card adapter that puts them in raid 1 incase one fails so it can keep recording
<set_> Hmm. We can work on it!
<set_> YOu and I, sir.
<Guest2276> the raid thing? no its a bad idea
<set_> Fine.
<set_> I hate working long hours alone.
<Guest2276> ah i am not a hardware developer and what i know about electronics amounts to shocking myself or others for fun
<set_> Oh.
<set_> Yea. Do not shock others or yourself.
<set_> First rule.
<Guest2276> i dont anymore
<set_> Smart!
<Guest2276> that was 10 years ago
<Guest2276> i am going to go lay down
<set_> Oh. I have been doing it for fun for about five or six years.
<Guest2276> whats that
<set_> Electronics in general.
<Guest2276> oh i misread
<set_> oh. Yea. See.
<Guest2276> if my knowledge of math didnt end at the second grade i'd say its a subject of great interest for me
<Guest2276> but i guess i get to do the idiot equal of working on small engines
<set_> Math-schmath. Learn to loop it. That way...things work until someone else breaks it.
<Guest2276> id at leat need some basic alegbra
<set_> Oh!
<set_> I can teach you something.
<Guest2276> good luck
<set_> Ha.
<set_> I am laughing. Thank you.
<Guest2276> i have a very hard time focusing on things but i am not adverse to learning from others, as long as they udnerstand what the yare getting into
<set_> A^2 + B^2 = C^2
<set_> Oh.
<set_> Okay.
<Guest2276> you can add me on telegram if you like, it is not a very honest service in my experience, but there are not many honest, free email providers and i dont have any other methods of contact
<Guest2276> outside reserving this nick and rejoining at a later date
<set_> Do not fret. Like sucks.
<set_> Life.
<set_> Sorry.
<Guest2276> i am not against trying to learn it
<set_> Well, if A = 2. Then, 2^2 = 4.
<Guest2276> what method of contact can we use outside this place? when more people are on we will probably get shut down for blabbering about algebra here, assuming its ever more active than us two
<set_> Algebra!
<Guest2276> the fuck is that pointy thing
<Guest2276> nevermind, my head is killing me
<set_> Oh.
<set_> To the power of
<set_> or squared
<Guest2276> i have heard these words before
<Guest2276> i wish i could read this somewhere that didnt glow
<set_> Or. in programming. pow(2, 2)
<Guest2276> i am still learning to count change
<set_> Stop it.
<Guest2276> my bad
<set_> Do not count change. Learn algebra and every so often, learn some trig.
<Guest2276> i am not trying to set a self fulfilling prophecy here, i have an open mind
<Guest2276> i wish to avoid a life of working with computers or being an IT
<set_> The power of Triangles!
<Guest2276> oh yeah
<Guest2276> i think i stole some code that used trig once
<set_> Me too! I just learned how to do that again. But, I have not used it.
<Guest2276> think it was a radar
<set_> I need to figure out how to give guidance and ownership of the source.
<Guest2276> perhaps, there are things i need to learn before basic alebra
ikarso has quit [Quit: Connection closed for inactivity]
<set_> For instance...I used some code from someone once and gave a full explanation of use, whereabouts, and who did it.
<set_> I am using open source software all the time.
<set_> But...paraphrasing means it is mine, i.e. even in source.
<set_> A instead B here. C instead of D there.
<set_> That is what I learned.
<Guest2276> i like to remove licenses from whatever i compile
<set_> But...maybe people are changing things on how to give documented ways of what was used, its whereabouts or origination, and so on.
<Guest2276> people give documentation in your world?
<set_> How to keep up. Logs and source, I guess.
<Guest2276> i can tolerate the glow of this screen no longer
<set_> Come on.
<Guest2276> i am @OshaViolator69420 on telegram, but i will try to return here tomorrow
<Guest2276> you do not understand, if i keep antagonizing my migraine it will persistent for 2+ days instead of 1
<set_> Stick w/ it, man.
<set_> Oh.
<Guest2276> and i have to be at my nephews party tomorrow
<set_> Okay.
<set_> I am at my own party in my mind, man. Yes sir.
<set_> So, back to the BBB!
<set_> The Cape in question.
<Guest2276> it is funny how no drugs or weird medicine works for migraines but caffine does
Guest2276 has quit [Quit: Client closed]
<set_> Yep.
<set_> I may never win the battle of friendship but blah.
<set_> GenTooMan: I am sorry. Maybe we can chat about the Cape another time?
<set_> Neat.