<set_> Currently, I want to deal w/ either OSH Park or GHI. I think working locally in the US is the route for me.
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<GenTooMan> OSH park probably is the best but you do have a board quantity limit with them
<set_> Oh?
<set_> Okay. Thank you for the heads up.
<set_> I am gathering info. now on what credit and to whom to credit on the TIDA-00320.
<set_> I do not think I can just produce someone else's work w/ my name on it.
<set_> You know?
<set_> So, I contacted TI.com e2e forums to get some basic detail on how to credit them.
<set_> GenTooMan: Do you know about how many one would have to purchase to start, i.e. 5, 3, 1?
<set_> I also contacted them. My KiCAD file is not uploading to their site, .zip or the umpteen Gerber Files. Anyway, I am sure this will be a long process.
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<GenTooMan> first read the directions then step by step follow them. Not visa versa because if you don't read them first and figure out what each step means you will just be confused and do it wrong.
<set_> directions? What directions?
<set_> Oh.
<set_> I guess you are talking about the upload directions.
<set_> I need to read over them in detail.
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<set_> I think my version is too new for KiCAD.
<set_> That is backwards. The KiCAD v. is too new.
<set_> One major Tom issue here...the .kicad_pcb file has not only the "Cape" in question but also has the info. on the Cape for when building it.
<set_> So...publishing it via an upload to OSH Park is not possible. This is why I was receiving errors earlier w/ another service.
<set_> Time to get to work!
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<set_> Yes!
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<rtwfroody> So... I'm trying to upgrade the firmware on my BBB Wireless. Is it normal that it still shows up as a USB drive/network when I think it's supposed to be upgrading?
<set_> image?
<set_> Or...update/upgrade?
<set_> Oh. Happy Halloween!
<set_> Festive.
<set_> There was a 30 page pamphlet on the 00320.
<set_> I was like, "yea." Then, I realized I know nothing. I will reread it.
<set_> rtwfroody: Sorry for jumping in. If you are waiting on someone, please disregard my short questions.
<rtwfroody> set_: Just didn't see the notify. Image, I guess. I'm following https://beagleboard.org/getting-started#update
<set_> Oh. Let me check it out.
<rtwfroody> set_: wrote to micro SD, popped it in the BBB, and power up while holding S2 (is that right?)
<set_> Nope. Do not hold it down. Did you try that yet?
<set_> What image?
<set_> Or...let me try this idea out. Are you on some specific section of the instructions?
<rtwfroody> I also tried without holding it down. Same result: BBB still shows up as a USB drive/network image. I assume that's not supposed to happen if it is upgrading.
<set_> Hmm. Not MTD or something like that idea?
<set_> beaglebone.local ?
<rtwfroody> I programmed bone-debian-10.3-iot-armhf-2020-04-06-4gb.img.xz
<rtwfroody> At least, that's what on the micro SD now. (Using balena etcher)
<set_> Oh.
<set_> Okay.
<set_> I am w/ you so far.
<set_> What LEDs are showing on the BBBW?
<set_> left to right and back?
<rtwfroody> No. Right now USB0 is flashing a bit, and the other three are mostly off.
<rtwfroody> Also PWR, WL, and BT are on.
<set_> Hmm. Push reset w/ the SD Card in while plugged in via USB Micro to USB A.
<set_> What are the LEDs doing now?
<set_> I meant the reset button on the board. Please press the reset button on the BBBW while usb networking is plugged in.
<rtwfroody> all on, all off, then USB2 on, USB0 flashing, then USB1 also flashing (higher frequency than usb0)
<set_> How are you signing in?
<set_> ssh?
<rtwfroody> I'm not signing in at all. I thought it was supposed to recognize the SD card or something and flash it to eMMC
<set_> Right but not right. It does recognize the SD Card but it depends on which image you grabbed. Some are eMMC/Flasher images and some are for SD Card use only (sort of).
<rtwfroody> I see...
<rtwfroody> Ah, and knowing that I need a "flasher" image, I didn't get one.
<set_> bbb.io/latest-images will have the images listed as flasher...wait. Let me make sure. Oh!
<set_> Aw!
<rtwfroody> Downloading the flasher that mentions BBB Wireless now...
<set_> Nice.
<set_> I think it will work. Lots of updates since 2020 but time will tell.
<rtwfroody> And flashing...
<set_> Wow.
<set_> Fast 'puter!
<rtwfroody> It's a good setup. :-)
<set_> Mine was good in '15. It is lacking in quadruple cubed cores. Ha.
<rtwfroody> This is my COVID build of 2020.
<set_> Nice...good way to spend time.
<set_> So, debian is the user and tmppwd is the passwd.
<set_> Are you using USB from the BBBW to your host?
<rtwfroody> Yes. Now running with the flash image.
<rtwfroody> Same light pattern as before.
<set_> Nice. That was super quick. Hmm. Okay. Did you let the board turn itself off yet?
<rtwfroody> Oh, now lights are different. Bouncing between USB0 and USB3 night rider style
<rtwfroody> I just unplugged it from USB and plugged it back in to power cycle.
<set_> Right. It will turn itself off and then you can unplug and remove the sd card.
<set_> Ut oh.
<rtwfroody> And it's *not* showing up as a storage device, so I think it's doing the flashing now.
<set_> Oh.
<set_> Did you hot plug it?
<rtwfroody> Yes.
<set_> or...did you hot "unplug" it?
<set_> Oops.
<set_> If you want your board to last longer w/out error, I suggest not doing the hot plug. I read that it is not good for specific reasons.
<rtwfroody> I assume that's the same reason you're supposed to software eject USB devices.
<set_> Specifically. Right.
<rtwfroody> Since I'm blowing away eMMC with this flashing anyway, shouldn't be a problem.
<set_> I think it hurts the processor and the pin usage of the board really does not do so well w/ hot plugging either.
<set_> I read in here once that it voids the warranty.
<rtwfroody> That's surprising.
<set_> I once got so excited to handle a board, I hot plugged it and then ran the software. It went awkward. No smoke or anything but it failed to boot.
<set_> Something about a reset needs to be done first before booting (please do not quote me).
<set_> the SRM has the ideas laid out plain and stable.
<rtwfroody> oh, lights turned off. :)
<set_> Nice.
<set_> BBB SRM TI . com <<< Type this into the browser. The first link on my end is the SRM for the BBB. It is close but not exact. Principles are similar.
<set_> Actually. I think things are done w/ github now.
<rtwfroody> gtg, I'll get back to this later. Thanks for your help
<set_> Have a scary day!
<set_> Exclamation is fun in tpying...
<set_> Blah.
<set_> tpying is not tpying as you may have noticed. It was supposed to be typing. ha.
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