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<set_> is a thing. Tensors, inference, and Birds! BBAI stuff, yes!
<set_> My bird is jacked up but the albatross is 99% on tabs w/ the inference of the tensor.
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<Guest30> how to know which beagle board i have and which image should be downloaded to use device optimistically?
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<jduchniewicz> I guess that depends on your mood whether it is optymistic or not!
<jduchniewicz> But jokes aside probably the best image is the newest stable one
<jduchniewicz> *optimistic lol
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<kveremitz> from /topic, that'll mostly be
<kveremitz> that said, there has been a hiccup in image-building
<kveremitz> jkridner: rcn-ee: what's the score with Bullseye images?
<jkridner[m]> score?
<jkridner[m]> rcn-ee has candidates, but huge regressions right now
<jkridner[m]> trying to seitch to vscode
<jkridner[m]> and mtp for file transfers
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<kveremitz> ah infra 'upgrades' I guess?
<kveremitz> hope the fixes come soon :)
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<akristoffersen16> Hello! I have a quick question about moving servos on the beaglebone blue, using adafruit bbio.pwm library, we get an "invalid PWM key or name" error
<akristoffersen16> This is on P8_27, which looked like it goes to Servo 1
<akristoffersen16> or generally, what's a surefire way of doing servo control with python on BBB?
<set_> Hello...I saw librobotcontrol on the BBBlue is still in working order. I am not sure about the Python aspect to it all. I will show you some links if necessary. Please hold.
<set_> and...
<set_> Let me check the .dts on the BBBlue real quickly.
<set_> Here is what I am looking at currently to determine if P8.27 is available on the .dts file:
<set_> akristofferson16: So yes. The P8.27 on the BBB is Servo1 output on the BBBlue but the pin name may be different. Let me check it.
<set_> So, from what I can tell, GPIO2_22/P8.27 is not available. Did you try to set it up w/ export or config-pin. Dang it, let me plug in. Please hold.
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<set_> So, mode7 is what we need to alter in the .dts file to make it available or config-pin may work. Off to check.
<akristoffersen16> this is incredibly helpful! thank you!
<akristoffersen16> currently updating librobotcontrol
<set_> Oh. Okay.
<set_> If you want to use python, there may be some fd descriptors to use.
<akristoffersen16> yeah its almost done, then I'll try one of the test python scripts?
<set_> I am exporting that GPIO right now.
<set_> Well, librobotcontrol is in C/C++.
<akristoffersen16> oh dang
<akristoffersen16> huh, now that I updated pru-rproc driver is getting an error from the rc_test_drivers script
<set_> Right. What image are you running w/ what kernel? Did you reboot yet?
<akristoffersen16> kernel: 4.19.94-ti-r42
<akristoffersen16> Debian Buster IoT Image 2020-04-06
<akristoffersen16> havent rebooted yet, can do that now
<set_> Right. I am getting a write error on GPIO86 right now. I would also update your kernel.
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<akristoffersen> sorry, was getting my wifi from the beagle
<set_> No issue.
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<set_> Oh!
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<akristoffersen64> ok, updating kernel now
<set_> Hello...I do not know what to make of userspace being inaccessible right now. I mean...I cannot set GPIO86 as output w/out changing some internal .dts files. I know and the .org people are making things mainline but they have a lib. online for changing the .dts files.
<set_> Here is the link to their scripts for installing:
<akristoffersen64> oops, wrong copy!
<akristoffersen64> thank you
<set_> akristoffersen64: See, I cannot help you any longer b/c I am not familiar w/ the hex and lack of thereof in the .dts for GPIO2_22/GPIO86/P8.27.
<set_> But...I can try.
<akristoffersen64> no worries! I am really just a beginner on this so I'm not sure how far I would get with that anyways
<akristoffersen64> we thought it would be pretty simple to do servo controls from python on the bb blue
<set_> Wait!
<set_> I just figured out what my system had in /boot/uEnv.txt and I changed it. Brb.
<set_> rb
<set_> From what I can tell, it is simple. PWM is available on the am335x-boneblue.dts in that /BeagleBoard-DeviceTrees repo. I showed you.
<set_> You can alter it to your liking.
<akristoffersen64> oh awesome! I'll check that out!
<akristoffersen64> thank you so much!
<set_> You are welcome.
<set_> Okay.
<set_> So, I got the GPIO86 up and running.
<set_> means nothing as it is not defined yet.
<set_> I am new to Linux/.dts files. So, I figured I could tag along.
<set_> Show me! Please, show me how to find the hex in the p8.27 in .dts file format.
<set_> Ha.
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<set_> Oh well.
<set_> I tried.
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<set_> So, I see in am335x-bone-common-univ.dtsi, there is a argument for GPIO2_22. I will search through other files. seems I can set a mode 7 GPIO on the Servo Header for SV01 which is GPIO2_22.
<set_> Hmm.
<set_> So, does the PRU handle GPIO input on the Servo Headers?
<set_> I am just asking b/c if so, and if the PRU handles mode7~RX on the SVO1-8, I am out of resources for now.
<set_> Argh.
<set_> Anyway...done for now unless someone has something to say. My brain has fallen off.
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<akristoffersen> I guess a general question, what's the best way to do servo controls then? I thought since the beagle has python support it would have some good python libraries to support it, but what is the general stack look like for robotics projects?
<set_> oh.
<set_> Yep. LibRobotControl is a good one out-of-the-box.
<akristoffersen> got it, so for flight code its best to just stick with c++?
<set_> You can use a specific command to test Servos w/ the lib.
<set_> Oh.
<set_> It is your choice.
<set_> C/C++/Python/So on...
<set_> Every single language is similar but has its differences. I am sure you know. I have found the languages as a useful tool but some are very similar.
<set_> person in here taught me about pathlib for Python.
<akristoffersen> pathlib is nice
<set_> It is really a useful tool in Python for fd.
<set_> and glob.
<akristoffersen> i guess i could just do subcommands from within python
<set_> Sort of. Yep. I mean...some people make wrappers, out of my league, around C/C++ to handle specific python entities.
<set_> Um.
<akristoffersen> oh another question, for running multiple programs in parallel, is there a good way of doing inter-program communications? or how do I even set up 2 programs to run in parallel?
<set_> FLight code.
<set_> Oh. .service files or setting up rc.local or init.d or something.
<akristoffersen> got it! thank you!
<set_> There are many ways but about flight code.
<set_> you use Python primarily like w/ PX4 or do you use ArduPilot w/ C/C++?
<akristoffersen> we have a bit of a custom problem going on, so we haven't used either. the program is pretty simple
<akristoffersen> at least im hoping
<akristoffersen> its the payload of a high altitude balloon
<set_> Nice.
<set_> The ArduCopter people have a 'blimp' thing in their source.
<set_> It is not a baloon but similar.
<akristoffersen> oh really? No yeah that could be really useful
<set_> I think it controls a dual action motor or two and some PWM instances for maneuvering.
<akristoffersen> i think its got good GPS support too right?
<set_> akristoffersen: This is a very interesting conversation that I hope we can pick up at a later time.
<set_> I have to go.
<set_> I am sorry.
<akristoffersen> see ya! thank you so much for your help
<set_> No issue. I should be back shortly but I will be away.
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