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* ukleinek groans at sparc64 allmodconfig not building on drm-misc-next
* ukleinek cherry-picks 861c249cd782cb9f2d5a881bbb32e8da7f0c1192
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<javierm> geertu: while writing the patch you suggested yesterday for ssd130x, I noticed this
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<geertu> javierm: I guess these can be exposed to userspace now
<javierm> geertu: yes, and I was thinking that may use your fourcc formats instead now that those exist
<javierm> geertu: btw, I've sent you the fix your suggested. Please review the commit message since I may misunderstood your explanation from yesterday
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<headless> linusw__: hey! haven't you replied to me by chance?
<geertu> javierm: /2
<mkorpershoek> headless: there is an IRC log you can check for that:
<mkorpershoek> if you check that log, you can see that linus answered you
<javierm> geertu: thanks for your review! I noticed a few typos in my commit message so will send a v2 probably later or tomorrow with your r-b tag
<headless> mkorpershoek: thanx!
<javierm> geertu: btw, if you have a 16-grayscale (4-bit) pixel format but where a grayscale table can be defined, that's R4 as well or C4?
<headless> indeed, he has
<geertu> javierm: correct
<javierm> geertu: that's what I thought, because you don't define a CLUT but just a brightness level for each value right ?
<javierm> geertu: i.e: "10.1.17 Set Gray Scale Table" in
<geertu> javierm: Indeed
<geertu> javierm: Hmm, that looks like a gamma table
<geertu> The note is interestin: The pulse width value of GS1, GS2, .... , GS15 should not be equal. i.e. 0<GS1<GS2 … <GS15
<geertu> 1. Is that a hardware limitation?
<javierm> geertu: I don't think that's a HW limitation but rather that if you make it equal, then is not 16-grayscale anymore, in other words you are not using all the 4 bits
<geertu> 2. Are different but not monotonically increasing values supported? That would support a greyscale LUT
<geertu> We don't have fourcc codes for that yet
<geertu> javierm: R1 is working fine for the text console. Let's rebase to drm-misc...
<javierm> geertu: and if you have a default table? Because that's what I'm using in my patch to add support for ssd132x controllers
<javierm> geertu: "10.1.18 Select Default Linear Gray Scale Table (B9h)"
<javierm> in that case is R4 right ?
<geertu> javierm: Yes
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<javierm> geertu: cool, I'll do that for now and then we can define a different fourcc code and add support to define different gamma tables
<javierm> geertu: nice. If you can post that R1 patch I can review it / merge
<javierm> geertu: do you see any noticeable perf improvement by not doing the xrgb24 -> mono conversion?
<geertu> javierm: For ssd1327, you can expose the gamma table through drm_mode_crtc_set_gamma_size()/drm_crtc_enable_color_mgmt(), but I believe currently DRM supports 256 entries only.
<geertu> javierm: Haven't done any benchmarking yet. The display is small and the device has a limited userspace.
<geertu> And it's slow, regardless
<javierm> geertu: yeah, was just out of curiosity. Still is the correct thing to do and expose the hardware native format
<javierm> geertu: IIRC the board that is using that panel is slow as well anyways :)
<geertu> javierm: it's gonna have more impact on the 1Mpixel ePaper displays.
<geertu> I could connect it to a faster machine...
<javierm> geertu: no worries, I was just curious
<javierm> geertu: re: drm_mode_crtc_set_gamma_size()/drm_crtc_enable_color_mgmt() - as mentioned will just use the default and C4 to allocate the native pixel buffer, then we can add custom gamma table on top
<javierm> err, R4. I keep getting confused :)
<javierm> geertu: I already said to you, but it's cool to know that there is another user than myself for that driver ;)
<javierm> most people seem to be using user-space libraries to drive those panels
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<geertu> javierm: How come 49d7d581ceaf4cf8 ("drm/ssd130x: Don't allocate buffers on each plane update") works for you?
<geertu> ssd130x_buf_alloc() is called too late, causing a crash
<geertu> [ 59.302761] [<c0303d90>] ssd130x_update_rect.isra.0+0x13c/0x340
<geertu> [ 59.304231] [<c0304200>] ssd130x_primary_plane_helper_atomic_update+0x26c/0x284
<geertu> [ 59.305716] [<c02f8d54>] drm_atomic_helper_commit_planes+0xfc/0x27c
<geertu> Because you don't have a text console running?
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<javierm> geertu: oh, I was pretty sure that tested with a VT too...
<javierm> geertu: I don't understand how can that be though since the allocation happens in the encoder .atomic_enable and that should be called before any plane update ?
<geertu> javierm: is your drm driver builtin?
<geertu> (mine is)
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<javierm> geertu: yes, built-in. Let me try with latest drm-misc build
<javierm> geertu: hmm, just booting latest drm-misc and console is working correctly for me
<javierm> geertu: this is with 7dae503584a1 as HEAD
<geertu> javierm: do you have a logo enabled?
<geertu> You may need a custom one, as the 80x80 Penguin may be too large
<javierm> geertu: ah, I don't
<javierm> geertu: and when bailing out earlier when is NULL, you do see the logo eventually ?
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<geertu> Actually I do
<geertu> Probably it's just refreshed later?
<javierm> I'm still confused why the plane update happens before the encoder enable but I also don't see why we shouldn't check for the buffer so I'm OK with your fix
<geertu> javierm: Probably data_array should be allocated in probe(), using devm_*?
<geertu> And buffer when needed first, also using devm_*?
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<javierm> geertu: I actually thought about it when writing that patch but didn't want to allocate if the display wasn't used
<geertu> javierm: data_array is small
<javierm> geertu: yeah, that's true too
<javierm> geertu: I'll be OK with that change too, but probably drmm_kzalloc since devm and drm object lifetimes don't play that well together
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<javierm> geertu: so I think that found the issue, by default the atomic helpers try to commit states even for planes of CRTCs that are disabled
<javierm> geertu: I wonder how I don't get it though and if the fbcon / fbdev emulation layer is missing to enable something in time
<javierm> geertu: thanks for your patches btw, I'll try to review them later :)
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<geertu> ukleinek: Time to drag torvalds into the drm rabbit hole? ;-)
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<headless> linusw__: strange, I don't see any radix tree calls in drivers/irqchip/ :-/
<javierm> headless: broonie: said "[23:03] < broonie>| Which IIRC just converted to maple tree."
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<headless> javierm: I've looked at both 5.10.y and current kernels
<javierm> headless: maybe he meant kernel/irq ?
<headless> javierm: proolly maybe :-) found a call to radix_tree_insert() there...
<headless> javierm: thx for the link! one of the calls was eliminated by that one...
<javierm> headless: you are welcome :)
<headless> javierm: I didn't get the "maple tree" ref at first because I've never heard of such data structure... :-)
<javierm> headless: me neither, I thought about maple tree syrup to be honest when broonie mentioned :P
<headless> javierm: likewise :-)
<headless> doesn't explain why and error from it is ignored... other than both callers are *void* themselves
<headless> *an
<javierm> headless: which one? both pinctrl_generic_add_group() and pinctrl_register_one_pin() return an int
<headless> javierm: looking at kernel/irq/
<javierm> headless: ah, sorry
<javierm> headless: but I think you are correct that the pintrl_* function should check the return value of radix_tree_insert()
<headless> javierm: there's a radix_tree_insert() call in pinmux.c too
<headless> just found it
<headless> caught by Svace but unassigned, it seems
<headless> (Svace is a static analyzer)
<javierm> headless: and radix_tree_insert() always returned int, is not that it was void at some point
<javierm> well, at least since the original git import in commit 1da177e4c3f4
<headless> oh, it's so old? :-)
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<headless> Svace complains when it sees that the result is not checked in such place if it's checked in the majority of times
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<headless> s/times/places/
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<javierm> headless: nice
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<headless> javierm: OK, starting to prep the patches
<headless> thanx for your time
<javierm> headless: yw :)
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<headless> g'nite
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