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<whitequark> tpw_rules: yes, IRC
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<Chips4MakersakaS> Without any unforeseen events I will also join the weekly calls.
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<d1b2> <TheZoq2> > lua
<d1b2> <marble> not quite pure amaranth...
<jn> asked for amaranth, writes verilog, labels it lua…
<d1b2> <marble> 😄 i think the labeling as lua happens based on the code. It changes during generation.
<d1b2> <TheZoq2> If there is one thing ChatGPT is great at, it's being confidently wrong
<d1b2> <marble> Electric Dunning Kruger
<jn> it's a vibes machine, it reproduces vibes
<d1b2> <TheZoq2> It is very good at generating quasi-religious text about non-religious subjects, however
<cr1901> Introducing Amaranth's Verilog compatibility mode
<d1b2> <TheZoq2> :saten_ohno:
<jn> wow. i like that text.
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<whitequark> upgrading all the repos to use modern Python packaging bit by bit