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<adamgreig[m]> it's maybe best to think of the sequential/registered signals as a part of your state rather than strictly as outputs I guess. have you tried the ongoing() method? it's quite useful for setting combinatorial outputs that need to be set based on just what state(s) you're in/not in
<jjsuperpower> I don't fully understand your first question. My understanding is typically in HDL languages if you may set a combinational signal equal to some other signal or constant, conditionally. This is implemented using a latch. I would like the combinational signal to not change in state 2, behaving like a latched signal.
<adamgreig[m]> ah, so it's the behaviour for combinatorial signals you have an issue with, not the behaviour for sequential/registered signals?
<jjsuperpower> yes
<adamgreig[m]> by design, amaranth won't infer latches, so combinatorial logic gets its reset value unless assigned to, there's some detail here: https://amaranth-lang.org/docs/amaranth/latest/lang.html#combinatorial-evaluation
<adamgreig[m]> are you targetting an fpga or an asic? I don't have experience with asics, but my understanding is that you don't really want to infer latches on fpgas
<jjsuperpower> fpga
<adamgreig[m]> so in that case, it might be better to use a register for that signal, or otherwise to recompute the output signal as required... is it really a mealy state machine if the output signal depends on its past value as well as the current state and inputs?
<whitequark> for context, the issue with FPGAs and latches is that timing analysis doesn't handle those well
<jjsuperpower> yes, i know
<jjsuperpower> Correctly, if I am wrong, but a mealy machine output is dependent on the current inputs and the current state
<jjsuperpower> so what if I to change which input signal influences the output based on a given state?
<jjsuperpower> From what I learning in Undergrad (I'm a grad student currently) mealy outputs can be asynchronous. Not saying this is ideal btw.
<adamgreig[m]> it sounds like your `output` currently depends on the state and its own current value, which wouldn't normally be an "input"
<adamgreig[m]> for fpga work you will probably have a better time if you can keep things synchronous - in this case perhaps you can depend on outputs previous value (in other words, make it sequential logic) and then amaranth will also do what you want
<adamgreig[m]> or, perhaps what you want is for `output` to be a combinatorial function of the inputs, but the function is different for different states? so maybe you have inputs A and B, and in state1 you want output to be `A & B` but in state2 it's `A | B` combinatorially... that would be OK too, and also worth OK in amaranth, but doesn't involve latches either
<jjsuperpower> I mean yes in general that is the rule of thumb. Let me give you more context on what I am working on
<jjsuperpower> I am working on creating a IP with an basic axi-stream input and output. The idea is to do some mathmatical operations on data from a dataflow approach.
<jjsuperpower> This of course involves pipelining. There are times when the IP axis-slave ready (IP output) signal should be dependent on the IP axis-master (IP input), but other times the axis-slave should be inactive due computations
<jjsuperpower> * IP axis-master ready signal
<jjsuperpower> Long story short I am trying to use a mealy machine to control the dataflow.
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<adamgreig[m]> I don't fully see how that relates to the example in your first question with state1/state2/output, but can you not use a register for the ready output? having it go through a long combinatorial path in your module probably won't be good for timing anyway
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<jjsuperpower> For the record I am new to doing stuff with axis stream. I think you are correct in that regard. I need to check if a synchronous ready signal would cause and issue in a full pipeline
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<jjsuperpower> adamgreig[m] You had mentioned that Amaranth does not support latches. Are you sure you are correct? I did read the documentation you sent me. The reason I am questioning your answer is for example, isn't an enable signal on a counter implemented using a  syncronous latch?
<adamgreig[m]> the link (https://amaranth-lang.org/docs/amaranth/latest/lang.html#combinatorial-evaluation) is more precise: amaranth doesn't allow using combinatorial feedback loops to implement transparent latches (and won't infer them). it's possible to have a latch by directly instantiating the relevant hardware blocks
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<jjsuperpower> Yes, that makes sense. Sorry if I misquoted you
<adamgreig[m]> so it's transparent/asynchronous latches specifically that aren't permitted, though for the counter case I'm not sure I'd consider it a synchronous latch for a counter with enable? it's not sensitive to edges in the enable signal, it considers the enable signal on each clock edge instead
<jjsuperpower> I fully agree, I should have been more clear on what I meant by synchronous latch.
<jjsuperpower> But back to my original thought. If I manually create FSM without the Amaranth FSM class, I would expect the combinational logic to not change in a state where it is not modified (I have not tested this in Amaranth, I know this works in VHDL)
<jjsuperpower> However, when I use the FSM class provided by Amaranth I do not get the expected behavior. That is why I asked about it here. Btw thank you for your time, I really appreciate it.
<adamgreig[m]> no problem! that's just how combinatorial signals work all across Amaranth: the guide says "The final value of a combinatorial signal is equal to its initial value updated by the active assignments in the assignment order.", and the assignments from another state are not active
<adamgreig[m]> so a combinatorial signal with no active assignments will take its reset value, rather than inferring a latch to an old value
<jjsuperpower> Well, I am glad to know its not a bug. Its a little annoying, but I am not complaining. I think Amaranth is really cool (and useful) tool. Besides, every tool has its quirks.
<adamgreig[m]> arguably, the quick is in VHDL for inferring a latch!
<adamgreig[m]> s/quick/quirk/
<jjsuperpower> Oh VHDL, how I do not miss you...
<jjsuperpower> Most of my VHDL pain came from this project: https://github.com/protocol66/FPGADefender
<jjsuperpower> Had to implement a basic Defender on DE10Lite with VGA out
<jjsuperpower> Anyways, I am going to make a github issue as WhiteQuark requested, so at least it is documented for other people
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<_whitenotifier-9> [amaranth] jjsuperpower opened issue #743: Unexpected Behavior of Combinational Signals in FSM class - https://github.com/amaranth-lang/amaranth/issues/743
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<whitequark> good morning everyone, the weekly meeting starts now
<robtaylor> 👋
<jfng[m]> hi !
<whitequark> here is a list of all issues nominated for discussion in this meeting: https://github.com/amaranth-lang/amaranth/labels/meta%3Anominated
<whitequark> I'll bring them up one by one
<Chips4MakersakaS> Goodday all
<whitequark> 1) https://github.com/amaranth-lang/amaranth/issues/665#issuecomment-1419406238 is about handling SSH remote builds with non-POSIX shells like fish
<whitequark> there's been a few complicated solutions proposed in the issue and I think the author is no longer active in the community, so I'm going to ask if you folks see any problems with mine or is that good to go
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<cr1901> It doesn't look much different from what's there now (no objections)
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<whitequark> no other objections?
<cr1901> why is the exec $0 needed?
<whitequark> doesn't leave another /bin/sh running
<cr1901> ahhh
<whitequark> actually, hm
<whitequark> no, should be fine
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<_whitenotifier-9> [amaranth] whitequark closed issue #665: SSH remote builds assume sh based shell is the default - https://github.com/amaranth-lang/amaranth/issues/665
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<whitequark> currently, in build system overrides, you can pass e.g. nextpnr_opts=['foo', 'bar'] and it's the same as nextpnr_opts='foo bar'. considering that overrides are explicitly designed to be used from both Python source and command line, I feel like we're better off restricting that to strings specifically
<whitequark> since then the parity between the interfaces is obvious
<whitequark> otherwise we end up with a tiny faux-type-system where various code passing overrides around uses sometimes strings and sometimes lists
<whitequark> the other issue is that the way you can currently pass them as arrays you would think that they're properly quoted for the shell. but they are not at all
<whitequark> if we ever decide to pass around structured overrides I think they should be serialized into something well-defined like json first so you can do it on the command line as well as through Python
<whitequark> but the current interface is built around dumb textual substitution and I think exposing that to the user is ok
<adamgreig[m]> (I'm currently "operating heavy machinery" so can't chime in, sorry!)
<whitequark> will leave (2) until adamgreig can chime in later
<whitequark> to remind everyone, the syntax for with m.Case(...) is that ... can be one argument (everyone's familiar with this), two arguments (which become an or-pattern), or zero arguments (which... well, it's always an or pattern, and an or of zero patterns is always true). so with m.Case(): is the default case essentially
<tpw_rules> re (2), can/should we not fix them to be properly quoted?
<whitequark> tpw_rules: how do you pass multiple arguments on the command line then?
<whitequark> I guess a better way to ask this question is: how do you achieve parity between command line overrides and kwargs-based overrides?
<tpw_rules> you could use multiple instances of the option? maybe name it in a singular tense. idk how often nextpnr or other tools use consecutive arguments (i.e. '-x v' vs '-x=v')
<whitequark> the override when used on command line isn't an option, it's an environment var AMARANTH_nextpnr_opts
<tpw_rules> i see. i'm not sure then, we can move on
<whitequark> the other thing is that right now command_templates is a polyglot
<whitequark> the same templates are used for sh, bash, and cmd
<whitequark> emit_commands() takes a syntax argument, so I guess that could be threaded into the options filter in the rendered template
<whitequark> but at some point we have to ask ourselves, how much % of Amaranth do we want to turn into a complex shell templating engine
<whitequark> also, overrides are typically used for "I want to specify a seed real quick" or "I want to disable timing" or "my weird board requires this weird bitgen option" which aren't exactly quoting heavy workloads
<whitequark> re (3), every case past the default case will be ignored
<jfng[m]> do we often use with m.Case(), instead of m.Default() ?
<jfng[m]> i.e. that could be an indicator of a typo
<whitequark> it's possible to end up with a super-exhaustive case statement in other way, e.g. with m.Case(1): followed by with m.Case(1): will have the second one be ignored. but with m.Case(): doesn't require any cross-case analysis
<whitequark> and also exhaustiveness checks in general are computationally hard, I think maybe NP-complete?
<whitequark> Yosys is not doing a good job there either
<whitequark> jfng: I think a literal `m.Case()` may not be very useful yeah, other than in generated code
<whitequark> it's taking *args so it's difficult to detect the case of m.Case() specifically
<whitequark> to make a warning there
<whitequark> maybe look up the source line and match it for .Case()? that's cursed as hell but it would in practice have essentially no false hits
<jfng[m]> i like the idea of the warning in #435, but if it was an unintended m.Case() typo, it would be slightly misleading
<whitequark> so we have two options here
<Chips4MakersakaS> Isn't len(args) == 0 for m.Case() ?
<whitequark> 3.1) always warn on literal m.Case() and avoid the problem by virtue of m.Default() being explicit about intent (but see below)
<whitequark> 3.2) warn when any m.Case() or m.Default() is followed by m.Case(...)
<whitequark> Chips4Makers (aka Staf Verhaegen): you might want to emit a switch in generated code with a loop, where you'd have something like `for cases, body: with m.Case(*cases): body()`
<whitequark> and then you have m.Case(*[]) which is not the same as a literal m.Case()
<whitequark> well not generated code, in code that uses metaprogramming
<tpw_rules> i've definitely done that.
<whitequark> sure you can do a branch like if cases: with m.Case(): else: with m.Default(): but that goes contrary to our tradition of enabling metaprogramming, not making it more annoying
<whitequark> re "see below": there are three mostly orthogonal issues at play here. (a) exhaustiveness checking; (b) avoiding misleading looking / produced by a typo `m.Case():`; and (c) new Amaranth designers not realizing `m.Switch` is a priority case statement
<whitequark> (b) is relevant regardless, I think having that in user code will be at the very least confusing since it's a super uncommon statement
<whitequark> (c) is helped by (a) in that if you don't understand it's a priority case an exhaustiveness check will quickly alert you to that fact (or just confuse further)
<whitequark> but implementing (a) is a very heavyweight task
<whitequark> solution (3.2) is a very minimal form of exhaustiveness checking that we can definitely do, but I'm kind of meh on shipping that since people will want other "obvious" things like `Case(1)` ... `Case(1)` and then eventually patterns
<jfng[m]> yes, that's what i was thinking of also
<jfng[m]> this m.Default() overlap is just a specific case
<jfng[m]> with e.g. range patterns
<whitequark> and once you detect overlapping case items you have to have a linter override
<whitequark> that we don't have a design for
<whitequark> because those are really common in metaprogrammed code
<jfng[m]> could this check be done in yosys, maybe ?
<whitequark> which part would that solve?
<jfng[m]> detecting unused cases, as a result of overlaps
<jfng[m]> a bit like proc_prune, but for switch cases ?
<whitequark> sure, yosys has proc_rmdead (which can get exponential with some patterns like 1 1- 1-- 1--- ... 1-(64 bits)-)
<whitequark> but how do you communicate back which pattern corresponded to which Amaranth source line?
<whitequark> in Yosys case patterns do have attributes at least and we emit \src for those, but Yosys doesn't have machine-readable diagnostics
<whitequark> besides, we still have the linter override question
<whitequark> I agree that unique/exhaustive case is something that's going to be desired by at least some people
<whitequark> so we should have it eventually, via Yosys or not
<whitequark> but, should we gate the entire feature on that?
<whitequark> i.e. whichever feature detects unintentional use of m.Case()
<jfng[m]> FFY00 did 3.2) in a few lines of code
<whitequark> that doesn't handle the case where you intentionally have a case after the default in metaprogrammed code
<whitequark> it also doesn't handle the case where you make a typo in m.Case(): but it's the last one in the switch
<whitequark> *make a typo that results in m.Case() rather than m.Case(0) or something
<jfng[m]> ah, yeah right
<jfng[m]> my point was, I agree that a proper exhaustive check can wait, if we can address the common cases easily
<whitequark> the thing with linter checks is that so long we can't turn them off (and we can't now), they should have a 0% false positive rate
<whitequark> the only way I can see this being handled here is by detecting literal m.Case in the source code
<whitequark> otherwise you train people to ignore them
<whitequark> alright, let's move on to the next one
<whitequark> right now a Enum's shape is the largest shape that fits every one of the members, considering the sign bit as well
<whitequark> this works fine if it's a choice of integers, but less so if it's a field with flags, which might well be 32 bits wide with only one (or zero) bits used
<whitequark> if such an enum becomes e.g. 2-bit wide, issues arise with concatenations, which end up having fields on the wrong positions
<whitequark> right now we actually warn if a bare integer is used in a concatenation and it's not 0 or 1
<jfng[m]> could we possibly define our own enum primitive ?
<whitequark> the same issues arise with the new lib.data library, which is really just a concatenation internally
<whitequark> jfng: yes, this is one of the options
<jfng[m]> which would require a width
<whitequark> in terms of implementation, whatever we do, needs to have the ability to change what Shape.cast(EnumCls) returns for some EnumCls, which is really just a class attribute
<whitequark> exactly how we do that is up for discussion
<whitequark> the three obvious options I see are (a) class attribute, (b) decorator, and (c) subclass
<whitequark> a) class MyEnum(enum.Enum): _amaranth_shape_ = unsigned(16)
<whitequark> b) @amaranth.enum_shape(unsigned(16)) class MyEnum(enum.Enum):
<whitequark> c) class MyEnum(amaranth.Enum, shape=unsigned(16))
<jfng[m]> c) seems more natural, but i'm not familiar with the implementation considerations
<whitequark> I think it's nice that currently Amaranth can use enums from foreign code
<whitequark> e.g. you can import libusb and use its enums yourself
<whitequark> with c) there is a concern that you have four classes: Enum, IntEnum, Flag, IntFlag
<whitequark> IntEnum is trivial but the rest aren't
<whitequark> do we provide Amaranth versions of all those?
<whitequark> oh, there is also option d); allow Const in enum values
<jfng[m]> why is IntFlag non-trivial ?
<whitequark> then you can have class B(enum.Enum): FOO = C(2, 0b00) BAR = C(2, 0b01)
<whitequark> this does mean you lose the ability to use it in non-Amaranth code though
<whitequark> unless you want to do B.FOO.value everywhere
<whitequark> jfng: I don't know, I'm looking at the implementation
<whitequark> it creates pseudo-members with flag combinations on the fly, it seems
<whitequark> like `<B:FOO|BAR>` or something
<tpw_rules> is there some metaclass horror amaranth could do if the objects are Consts so that it knows they are but everyone else sees the values?
<jfng[m]> a minor issue i have with not providing (requiring, even) our own enum, is that it would still let this width mismatch pitfall happen
<whitequark> tpw_rules: yeah
<jfng[m]> i agree that transparent compatibility with foreign enums is good though
<whitequark> tpw_rules: but it's kind of really bad
<whitequark> worse by far than anything we've shipped
<whitequark> actually, I misremembered something
<whitequark> so with class B(enum.Enum): FOO = 0b00, B.FOO is an instance of B
<whitequark> so, yes, we can ship an enum where B.FOO is a Const for Amaranth, and just a normal B instance for everyone else... which is actually what solutions a), b), and c) are about
<whitequark> there's already a cast from enum.Enum instances to Const, right?
<whitequark> the question is just what is the width for the resulting constant
<tpw_rules> allowing Const to be an enum value is an attractive proposition to me. the question is how to make it a normal value to someone else. i guess also this means how do you annotate someone else's enum with widths?
<whitequark> this is kind of the same question, since ints are castable to Amaranth values
<whitequark> we already have the cast that turns 1 into Const(1, shape) when it's in a enum variant, and the shape always matches Shape.cast(E)
<whitequark> i.e. every enum with int values already implicitly contains Consts
<whitequark> this issue is about how you define that shape
<tpw_rules> then would "just stick a const of a specific shape in" be a valid solution?
<tpw_rules> it sounds like option (d) is just a documentation update then? unless you want to assign a shape to someone else's enum
<whitequark> that's the idea behind d)
<whitequark> oh, you currently can't do Shape.cast(E) if E has variants that are Const instances
<tpw_rules> actually another problem is that it's probably not fun if the Consts have different widths
<whitequark> this is why you currently can't
<tpw_rules> then maybe a decorator is the right option
<whitequark> jfng: one thing in favor of your proposal to subclass enums is that this way, it's possible to detect truncation
<whitequark> e.g. class E(amaranth.Enum, shape=unsigned(4)): V = 0b10000
<whitequark> it works with a decorator too
<jfng[m]> that would be nice
<whitequark> it does not work with a)
<whitequark> so I guess a) is probably out, that's a very common issue we should be detecting
<jfng[m]> with d), having to write C(..., 32) for every member, is a bit noisy for the sake of readability
<whitequark> it would actually be enough to write it for one for the purposes of shape inference
<whitequark> but then you have different types inside the enum...
<jfng[m]> right, but awkward
<jfng[m]> same as putting a "dummy" value, as a workaround today
<whitequark> yes
<whitequark> with the inheritance approach, it is probably possible to make it a mixin
<whitequark> class E(enum.Flag, amaranth.hdl.EnumMixin, shape=unsigned(32)):
<whitequark> name TBD
<whitequark> maybe amaranth.lib.enum.EnumMixin or something, I think it can be a ShapeCastable and then it doesn't have to live in the standard library
<whitequark> if we have that, we can warn if a normal Python enum is used in a concatenation
<whitequark> the same as for integers
<whitequark> normal enums will of course remain shape-castable since there's nothing wrong with doing Signal(E) and that needs to represent the entire range of values of E
<jfng[m]> should we also have a FlagMixin, to retain flag-specific behavior ?
<whitequark> the idea with a mixin is that you use enum.Enum, enum.Flag, whatever you want, and then add Amaranth functionality on the side
<jfng[m]> oh, ok
<jfng[m]> so E.FOO|E.BAR would still work here
<whitequark> yeah, Amaranth mixin would be just for the shape
<whitequark> and for linting
<jfng[m]> i can't think of something that bothers me
<jfng[m]> this looks ergonomic, i like it
<jfng[m]> since enums will have explicit shapes, wouldn't that make the decoder= argument of Signal redundant ?
<whitequark> you can use any function as a decoder
<whitequark> put a RISC-V disassembler there
<jfng[m]> cool, didn't know that
<whitequark> that's why it's "decoder" and not something like "enum"
<whitequark> though if you pass an enum it's handled specially
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<_whitenotifier-9> [amaranth] whitequark commented on issue #730: lib.data: enum Field width cannot be user-defined - https://github.com/amaranth-lang/amaranth/issues/730#issuecomment-1419587218
<whitequark> thanks everyone, the meeting is done
<tpw_rules> congratulations!
<whitequark> we went a hour over the slot (so, 100% overhead) but it's not as bad as it used to be!
<whitequark> also, still waiting for adamgreig's comments
<cr1901> >100% overhead Yea, I had to take care of meatspace stuff a bit before 1. Good thing you're not taking roll call :P
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