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<robtaylor> <Guest53> "I am just trying to run an..." <- worth playing with the chipflow very early alpha - currently only ULX3s supported right now, and lots of thing will change in the near future, but all set up for mac :) -> https://docs.chipflow.io/en/latest/tutorial-intro-chipflow-platform.html
<tpw_rules> the docs subdomain seems wonky
<tpw_rules> i can't load that page
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<josuah_> that was my biggest foe in trying to understand HDL, the missing link between "if" and how it boils down to with signals
<josuah_> and explicitely using these semantics (and somehow, the "with" keyword sounds even more intuitive than verilog's "if"), it gives a good understanding of what is going on at the wires level
<josuah_> so, glad to discover this
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<Sarayan> can I know from python which version of amaranth it sees?
<bl0x_> Sarayan: clumsy workaround: provoke an error and check in the backtrace which amaranth is used.
<Sarayan> urgh
<d1b2> <dragonmux> from importlib import metadata metadata.version('amaranth')
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<bl0x_> Thanks! New to me.
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<Sarayan> d1b2: nice!
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