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<josuah> hello! I did not get to use amaranth yet, and am wondering how it came-up to be what it is now
<josuah> do you have any page that tells a bit why it forked migen?
<josuah> to save you repeating that over again in case you get that question a lot over time
<d1b2> <dragonmux> it did not fork migen.. whitequark started nMigen (as Amaranth was originally called) as a complete rewrite of her earlier Migen project to fix several structural issues
<whitequark> i don't
<whitequark> (don't get the question very often, that is)
<whitequark> also, to clarify what dragonmux said, I didn't write Migen; I had a project that used Migen and it bumped into significant issues with it
<whitequark> one of them being the lack of hierarchy in the output; another was the lack of async resets
<d1b2> <dragonmux> ah, sorry.. we forget the authorship history on that project
<whitequark> that's a pretty important thing to remember
<josuah> a full rewrite! And I difficultly imagine m-labs.hk giving up on its own project to start contributing on another one
<whitequark> actually, for a while nMigen existed under the M-Labs umbrella
<d1b2> <dragonmux> we've never actually used Migen, whitequark, so.. we haven't got an especially good reason to remember its details and authorship history
<d1b2> <dragonmux> we saw the mess that is Litex and just.. "nope"'d out of it
<whitequark> until the point where the founder of M-Labs tried to take full control over what was a project I wrote and maintained from scratch while depriving me of basic administration tools
<whitequark> dragonmux: please do not confidently tell others things that have no basis in reality
<josuah> they poisoned their heart doing this :(
<whitequark> it is an unfortunate thing to do in any case, but especially when conflict is involved.
<d1b2> <dragonmux> sure, we did apologise for that whitequark.. we honestly thought you had authorship in Migen.. we stand corrected and take that back.. hence the "ah, sorry"
<whitequark> I only had a few minor contributions
<whitequark> josuah: considering the amount of abuse I experienced at that workplace, I'd say the heart was poisoned long before
<whitequark> it was plainly exploitative from the very beginning and it only got worse
<josuah> you see me recomforted to see that your project survived to this
<josuah> it did right? is it past to remember, or future to fight for?
<whitequark> I'm starting a full-time position in a few days whose duties will primarily revolve around Amaranth
<tpw_rules> congratulations
<whitequark> thank you
<koschei[m]> I’m probably late to the party on this, but that’s amazing! Congrats!
<whitequark> thank you as well
<whitequark> the past 11 months have left me beyond exhausted
<josuah> I wish you all the rest it takes to heal
<whitequark> thanks
<koschei[m]> M-Labs sound like they suck, but the work you’ve done on Amaranth in spite of them is incredible. I was talking FPGAs with a coworker a couple hours ago and I recommended learning Amaranth, because it’s just a lot more fun to learn than Verilog or VHDL
<koschei[m]> And usually unless I’m getting paid to put up with it, if something’s a slog to learn and use I’ll probably bounce off of it. So Amaranth was basically what I needed to finally start working with FPGAs for real