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<vision2profits> I'm reading up on Sandstorm, is this the place to connect with other Sandstorm users?
<LyreCalliope[m]> Here and the mailing list!
<vision2profits> Yay a re real live person not an AI bot lol
<vision2profits> I'm wanting to get Sandstorm installed and would Sandstorm script work o0n either Ubuntu 22.04 lts or Debian 11?
<LyreCalliope[m]> Well, that one's beyond my knowledge atm. When I've helped people set it up I've gone with the AWS installs. ๐Ÿ˜‹
<LyreCalliope[m]> I think Jacob Weisz has experience with both debian and ubuntu installs though, and maybe someone else will chime in.
<vision2profits> thanks, I opted for the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and will run the curl install script and see how it goes, thanks
<vision2profits> I've tried about a handful of self-hosted systems to make self-hosting easier, hopefully Sandstorm will be my new home
<vision2profits> I'm currently running my homelab apps on a server running LXD with my Docker apps cosily installed in there. However I know that security is a big factor as i don't want my ignorance to bight me in the backside before my competence catches up
<ocdtrekkie> We definitely commonly support both Debian and Ubuntu. =)
<vision2profits> I'm not married to any particular server distro, whatever works is my favorite
<ocdtrekkie> Sandstorm can definitely feel more limiting compared to conventional Docker setups but it brings a lot of benefits with the security model. I pretty commonly allow people to just install whatever on my server because it really has no impact on me day to day.
<ocdtrekkie> Very few other platforms will encourage you to let other people install their own apps. :P
<vision2profits> oh, so you can create users via Sandstorm and then assign them app access?
<isd> The install script should work on basically any Linux distro; Sandstorm is very self contained
<vision2profits> interensting
<vision2profits> my end goal is a mobile homelab that runs my business wherever I go
<ocdtrekkie> On Sandstorm, anyone can sign into your server (with basically no permissions), so they can access grains that are shared with them. You can give them permission to install their own apps and create their own grains from there.
<vision2profits> I don't wear a tinfoil hat but I am aware of what's happening in a broad sense
<ocdtrekkie> I have been accused of wearing a tinfoil hat so many times in my life it doesn't phase me anymore.
<ocdtrekkie> More people take it seriously now than used to.
<vision2profits> I've been working online since 2006 and have seen it all. It's a wilder West than it was back then, it just looks more polished
<vision2profits> but even a highly polished turd is still a turd
<vision2profits> I like to enjoy a reasonable amount of privacy
<vision2profits> And if anyone is going to profit off my data it's gonna be me
<vision2profits> call me old fashioned
<ocdtrekkie> You are in pretty good company here. Most Sandstorm community folks are at least some manner of skeptical about the public cloud, ads, privacy, etc. The stuff in my house is intended to work whether the Internet is there or not.
<vision2profits> I never got sold on the smart home. My toaster doesn't need to think, be turned on via mobile app or be connected to the internet
<vision2profits> some things are just not necessary even though they are possible
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<ocdtrekkie> I like home automation stuff but I wrote local control software for the stuff I have.
<ocdtrekkie> But like a big thing for me is that all of my Sandstorm apps work fine when the Internet is down.
<vision2profits> yes I can see the convenience of everything online when the internet is down. We all make trade-offs for convenience for sure
<vision2profits> I have an old Asus a55a laptop I put a fresh updated install of Ubuntu 22.04 server and tried the install script to check out Sandstorm. "curl | bash"
<vision2profits> and got:
<vision2profits> bash line 1: syntax error near unexpected token 'newline'
<vision2profits> bash line 1: '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8855-1"?>
<vision2profits> Any ideas on what I can do to install Sandstorm?
<isd> Huh, looks like it got back some xml document instead of a script?
<ocdtrekkie> Heh, three people have now responded to this issue independently. ;D
<ocdtrekkie> I approved you for mailing list posts, we used to get a lot more spam when we let any newcomer post and it got annoying.
<isd> Oh wow, this is garbage...
<isd> Ack, wrong window
<ocdtrekkie> lol I was worried
<vision2profits> I used the second install option "wget..." and it's installed
<isd> Ok. some weird interaction with curl I guess...
<vision2profits> the install token url is simply spinning, looking as if it may timeout
<vision2profits> argghh This site canโ€™t be took too long to respond.
<vision2profits> so does Sandstorm require ports 80 & 443 to function properly?
<vision2profits> will try getting another setup token
<vision2profits> and I misspelled my subdomain lol. I knew I should have learned to type in high school
<vision2profits> I'm switching over to the mailing list
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