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<mattip> CPython released v3.10.11, we are on 3.10.9. We should update the stdlib
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<mgorny> so far i have a test failure from pytest itself but i've gotta check if it isn't a random regression
<mgorny> trying on cpython right now
<mgorny> hmm, cpython succeeds
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<mattip> I updated the stdlib to v3.10.11, let's see if there are new test failures tonite
<mgorny> INTERNALERROR> ImportError: /usr/lib/pypy3.10/site-packages/cryptography/hazmat/bindings/ undefined symbol: PySlice_AdjustIndices
<mgorny> weird
<mgorny> #define PySlice_AdjustIndices PyPySlice_AdjustIndices
<mgorny> ah, so probably it's a problem with PyO3 reinventing the API, as usual x_x
<mgorny> but ofc because it's fricking rust we won't see the fix for months...
<larstiq> mgorny: how so?
<mgorny> because first they have to release it
<mgorny> when they do, all involved packages need to update their Cargo.lock
<mgorny> then they all need to make a new release
<mgorny> and sometimes pinned dependencies will also come into play
<mgorny> (and i don't even know how to test whether this fix actually fixes it)
<larstiq> Ah, to get the PyO3 fix usable by Cryptography? Right
<mgorny> yes
<mgorny> and with cryptography broken, we're dealing with random packages being broken
<larstiq> fix does seem to be in the 0.18.2 release from March 24th:
<larstiq> since which does not seem released, so just needs a cryptography release
<larstiq> or maybe I'm reading this wrong
<mgorny> hmm, then git describe fooled me?
<mgorny> oh my, the current release is on 0.15.2, sigh
<mgorny> i wonder how hard is it to update it in Gentoo
<mgorny> ok, definitely hard, sigh
<mgorny> on top of everything, even after adjusting the deps the current version doesn't compile with it
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<mattip> mgorny: :(
<mgorny> well, i have a potential backport... except it's a 46k patch, sigh
<mgorny> and i'm not sure if it doesn't change the API
<mgorny> well, let's see what happens
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<Alex_Gaynor> mgorny: at the office, but will reply to your bug this evening!
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<mgorny> Alex_Gaynor: no hurry, a quick backport seems to work for us
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