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<antocuni> I've been reading a bit about mojo lately. Today I stumbled upon this page, "Mojo Team Answers"; in particular, this question about compiling plain python code using the mojo compiler:
<antocuni> """
<antocuni> we're already seeing mojo run untyped code 8x-ish faster than cpython. Just because we have a compiler instead of an interpreter. We're not doing anything fancy.
<antocuni> """
<antocuni> I am VERY skeptical about this statement. If they are getting 8x faster without doing "anything fancy", then they are not implementing Python semantics at all
<nimaje> hm, I throught they wanted to use cpython to execute python code and integrate their language with cpython? do they compile python to a cpython c-extension and run that?
<antocuni> from what I understand, they have two ways
<antocuni> 1. import CPython modules by linking to this is fully compatible of course, and it works right now
<antocuni> 2. compile Python code directly. From what I understand, this is just vaporware, it's not even close to exist
<mattip> vaporware has less bugs
<mattip> but I doubt they are totally vaporware, they must have some MVP
<antocuni> indeed, it's not clear what is the status
<antocuni> in some section they say that "high level classes" and "full python dynamism" is yet to be implemented
<antocuni> but then they say that they can compile python 8x faster
<antocuni> so I don't really know what it means
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<phlebas> antocuni: doesn't it just mean they picked a benchmark that is 'static enough' to be analysed and compiled to reasonably fast code? I mean, you can write benchmarks that happen to be translatable with rpython and run them, too, right?
<antocuni> yes, I think you are right
<antocuni> but then saying "we are 8x faster" is really a lie :)
<antocuni> basically, they don't explain why they should be faster than Cython
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