cfbolz changed the topic of #pypy to: #pypy PyPy, the flexible snake | IRC logs: and | the pypy angle is to shrug and copy the implementation of CPython as closely as possible, and staying out of design decisions
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<fijal> on the first glance, mojo looks a lot like RPython
<fijal> ctismer: one of the problems with looking for funding is that there is not enough money in open source to fund that person
<fijal> I've done a fair bit of looking for funding for pypy, but largely the way I could make the money then was to put coding hours
<fijal> it's also a bit awful incentives - if you do a good enough job, no one wants to pay (for example cffi)
<fijal> cfbolz: I even found @always_inline decorator :-)
<fijal> @register_passable("trivial")
<fijal> ;-)
<mattip> fwiw, cffi 1.0.2-2 was released in 2015, so it might be OK to yank it.
<fijal> "yank it"?
<mattip> "yank" == "mark it on pypi so that pip will not try to install it"
<mattip> see the discussion from a few hours ago here
<sam_> could we have a new cffi release too? :)
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