cfbolz changed the topic of #pypy to: #pypy PyPy, the flexible snake | IRC logs: and | the pypy angle is to shrug and copy the implementation of CPython as closely as possible, and staying out of design decisions
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<LarstiQ> no more Lalaland, but yes 7.3.9 is latest, could try out a 7.3.10 release candidate and see if that is better
<mgorny> mattip: btw have you considered releasing more frequently? I don't mean hypothesis-frequently but feels like a very long time from 9 to 10
<mattip> mgorny: yeah, probably a good idea. It is the whole "better is the enemy of good" problem, I was waiting to resolve some milestones
<mattip> and there was no compelling "must release" issue
<mattip> the release candidate is available for testing
<mattip> it is rc3 because I made mistakes in tagging rc1 and rc2, please don't use those rc candidates
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<mattip> did you want to move forward with this blog post on
<mattip> there is one outstanding comment about the title
<mattip> if anyone has time to review the release note, comments would be helpful
<mattip> even things like "too much detail" or "not enough context" as related to specific changelog items
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<cfbolz> mattip: I'll do a pass on the release notes now
<cfbolz> mattip: about the record-know post: I'll leave that for a bit longer, I want to do the topic justice and fijal's feedback was essentially "what are you even talking about" :-/
<cfbolz> about the 3.7 version: did we do a merge default->py3.7? ie are all the "common to all releases" fixes in there?
<cfbolz> ah wait, i'm in the wrong file :-)
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<cfbolz> at some point we should update speed to 3.10 :/
<fijal> don't treat me too seriously please ;-)
<fijal> I can always be talking shit with conviction, who knows, I don 't
<cfbolz> mattip: sorry, I'm just putting more comments here: there's an inconsistency about PPC64. do we build binaries for that or not?
<cfbolz> fijal: no, the problem is that you convinced me too ;-)
<fijal> haha
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<mattip> we build bianries for x86 (linux64, linux32, windows, macos), aarch64, arm64 (macos), and s390x
<mattip> we no longer build for ppc64le
<cfbolz> ok
<mattip> right, I see the confusion. Fixing.
<mattip> cfbolz: thanks for the edits
<cfbolz> mattip: thanks for putting that together
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* mgorny starts testing the rc
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<mattip> thanks mgorny
<jean-paul[m]> How is PyPy at cross compiling to aarch64?
<fijal> bad, I think
<fijal> mostly you compile on the same architecture
<fijal> jean-paul[m]: we had cross-compiling something at some point, but we don't have a buildbot nor do we test it by hand, so I would imagine "not at all" is closer to truth than "bad", but I don't know
<fijal> unless someone put some effort that I'm unaware about
<fijal> (which is very possible)
<jean-paul[m]> okay. not too surprising. I have been fighting with CPython cross compilation for a couple weeks now and just realized I had forgot to check whether PyPy would make more sense. Thanks.
<mgorny> ok, i've installed it and will let you know if i hit any issues while using it
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<cfbolz> jean-paul[m]: we have aarch64 binary downloads though
<cfbolz> We'd love for someone to try them out, we don't get a lot of feedback for them
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<tumbleweed> mattip: (also playing with the rc): I don't see a genericaliasobject.h, should something be creating it?
<tumbleweed> (on the 3.9 branch)
<tumbleweed> ah, yes, it's generated in include/pypy3.9. I wasn't looking there
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<fijal> cfbolz: don't I use it for mac?
<fijal> or is this just a linux one?
<cfbolz> fijal: no, I meant specifically the linux one
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