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<cfbolz> arigato: do you want to hear something really annoying about pypy and the annotator?
<arigato> go ahead
<cfbolz> arigato: we specialize all functions that access a frame, based on whether the frame has the hint "access_directly" set
<cfbolz> one of those functions is frame.getclass
<cfbolz> that means all the W_Root.getclass calls in the rtyper get an extra level of indirection, because they can't be normal methods
<cfbolz> instead, the vtable contains a pointer to an extra struct with two variants, each a function pointer
<cfbolz> of course specializing frame.getclass in this way is pointless anyway, because that function just returns a constant
<arigato> heh
<cfbolz> arigato: and I don't really know how we should have noticed this :-(
<arigato> we could have a look at the vtable of W_Root, and laugh
<cfbolz> yes, reading C code is exactly what I did
<cfbolz> (many sad stories in there)
<cfbolz> now I wonder whether we should have some "safety checks" on the shape of the optimized graphs during translation
<arigato> unclear it can really help
<cfbolz> yes
<cfbolz> it can only catch regressions
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