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<fijal> cfbolz: do you have any clue where do I put the following info - ll2ctypes (and ctypes) is broken on newer OS X for variadic-style functions, we skip all tests which require that. Notable example of functions - open, fcntl
<cfbolz> fijal: file a bug at least?
<fijal> against?
<arigato> I would say, put a global flag in ll2ctypes, and then do something like whenever a function call is issued via ll2ctypes, check the flag and the function name against a black list
<fijal> that might be a good idea, but it seems liek a lot of work (most calls to open() are fine, it's only if you pass extra args or something along those lines)
<fijal> but maybe we can put fcntl there
<arigato> Well, add more cases under the 'if flag:' case. It's not like keeping ll2ctypes clean is a goal at all
<fijal> haha, yes ok
<fijal> yay rlib/test passes
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<fijal> cfbolz: ok, so I have the first cool crash - callbacks require writable/executable memory
<fijal> I would imagine it's impossible to get any tests going without callbacks
<cfbolz> fijal: yay/annoying ;-)
<fijal> yes
<arigato> So callbacks are also buggy on cpython ctypes on M1?
<fijal> yes, of course
<fijal> remember we are using old cpython
<fijal> I don't know, maybe one way would be to either patch cpython or compile a jit-less pypy for testing
<arigato> Or rewrite ll2ctypes to use cffi but well
<fijal> sounds horrendous
<cfbolz> Both horrendous and a fantastic cleanup
<fijal> ... but in this particular case it is a case of C compiled thing
<fijal> (so I'm not sure what it is)
<fijal> cfbolz: yes, but I'm not sure I want to put "fantastic cleanup" on a todo for a project that's already 4 months late
<cfbolz> Sure, sure
<cfbolz> 'somebody ought to do it'
<arigato> Or write a general wrapper that gives the ctypes interface with a vff
<arigato> A cffi implementation
<arigato> Cough
<arigato> Maybe indeed get a translated pypy2
<fijal> ... which leads us to another mess which is why some of our tests don't pass on pypy
<fijal> ok, but this machine is too broken to do anything more I'm afraid
<fijal> (I don
<fijal> 't know why)
<arigato> You would think that somebody somewhere has already patched cpython 2.7 for his own usage, but who am I to guess
<arigato> Yes, at some point we need to think again about the whole 2.7-is-going-away mess
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<cfbolz> arigato: yes, new platforms really are annoying for the whole 'we're just using PyPy to bootstrap'
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<fijal> I might just patch cpython in the meantime, I think
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<mgorny> fijal: btw i'm "maintaining" largish cpython patchset for gentoo; the idea was to just backport security fixes but if it's needed to bootstrap pypy, i suppose i can also include more patches
<mgorny> ("vanilla" because it doesn't include gentoo-specific patches)
<fijal> oh that sounds good
<fijal> mgorny: I think what we need here is updating libffi to something non-ancient (so de-vendoring it), does your branch do that?
<mgorny> fijal: we're building --with-system-ffi so i didn't need to touch that, i think
<mgorny> that said, it's time for me to take a break from looking at the screen; be back later
<fijal> oh is that a thing you can do?
<LarstiQ> the --with-system-ffi or taking breaks from screen? :)
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<mgorny> fijal: well, apparently
<mgorny> admittedly, that part of python on gentoo predates my time
<Corbin> Hm. We still have Python 2.7 in NixOS, too. Maybe we should pool resources at some point. PyPI and setuptools and pip are continuing to deteriorate Python 2 support, so we may need to find/build a common repository for tarballs.
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<trace987> can I just take the bytecode instead needing everytime the original source?
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<mgorny> Corbin: to be honest, i'd love to see it gone entirely but the reality is reality
<mgorny> alternatively, i was thinking of stripping stdlib to remove the most "vulnerable" parts
<mgorny> i.e. keeping the bare minimum needed to bootstrap pypy
<mgorny> but these are fun projects for if i have loads of free time ;-)
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