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<zaytsev> cfbolz: from the jinja code i read that support for tproxy is optional, so maybe still not a problem removing it in pypy2
<cfbolz> zaytsev: yeah, optional, but the tracebacks shown will change
<cfbolz> that's a bit weird
<zaytsev> that's correct, but i guess nobody cares :) it's up to you though, just wanted to point it out
<cfbolz> zaytsev: thank you :-)
<cfbolz> zaytsev: I think at some point we need a discussion what "pypy2 support" really means at this point
<zaytsev> that's a good point :) my understanding is that after official support for cpython 2 has been was sunsetted, pypy2 is now in a unique position of being the last up to date building python 2 implementation for legacy code, and the good thing is that i think there weren't any official guarantees anyways, so "support" means - you can use it at your own peril if you know what are you doing and why, and
<zaytsev> you keep the pieces. of course there are still other ways like vms with rhel, docker and whatnot, but it's cool to have a freshly building natively running outdated implementation
<cfbolz> indeed
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