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<netbsduser> >qemu: kvm_set_user_memory_region: KVM_SET_USER_MEMORY_REGION failed, slot=4, start=0xfffffffff8000000, size=0x4000000: Invalid argument
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<netbsduser> well, this is a new one to me (for some reason happens when using KVM acceleration and writing back the value of the higher part of a 64-bit bar's place in config space, after having written all 1s and read it to determine length)
<zid> looks like a case if you needing to do it in the other order
<zid> cus it's trying to move the bar to the intermediate value and it's waaay too high
<zid> wrapping off the end of the address space
<netbsduser> no luck that way either unfortunately
<zid> 64bit write? :P
<heat> did you try disabling memory decode while touching those BARs?
<zid> oh that's a thing you can do?
<heat> yes
<zid> that sounds like an excellent idea
<heat> it's a thing you should do per the spec
<netbsduser> that sounds like an excellent suggestion
<netbsduser> yeah, did the trick, cheers heat
<heat> :)) np
<heat> what device is this btw?
<zid> I take it that's just in the pcie config space somwhere?
<zid> Don't recall noticing it before
<heat> i've never seen qemu behave like this
<heat> zid, command register for each reg
<heat> s/reg/device/
<zid> that sounds like pcie config space
<heat> yes
<netbsduser> it's virtio-fs, this is the first time i ran into this issue
<heat> yeah, I guess setting some virtio BARs wildly may have different effects
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<zid> heat did you get me my xeon pencilcase yet
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<epony> you can always reclaim your xenon coloured enis cape anytime from the nearest vendromat
<heat> no
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<zid> Here comes glorg, ruler of the dark space
<gog> =^w^=
* kazinsal scritchies gog
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* gog prrr
* nikolar pets gog
* gog prrr
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* sham1 gogs pet
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<bslsk05> ​rust-osdev/bootloader - An experimental pure-Rust x86 bootloader (171 forks/997 stargazers/Apache-2.0)
<ilovethinking> is this a good bl
<ilovethinking> i hate rust but ill learn it just to use some fucking bootloader
<bnchs> i think you could write your own bootloader
<bnchs> does anyone have resources to how to write support for a binary executable format for a compiler like GCC or LLVM?
<Mutabah> gcc uses `bfd` for it, I know that much
<ilovethinking> bnchs: isn't that unneccessary
<Mutabah> but... why do you want to add a custom format?
<ilovethinking> because i genuinely dont wanna use limine anymore and grub-mkrescue just doesn't run\
<bnchs> Mutabah: this is for an old ass OS that uses it's own format
<Mutabah> ah.
<Mutabah> BFD, or - write a converter from ELF/PE :D
<bnchs> also it has 2 checksums
<Mutabah> ilovethinking: If you're using qemu, `-kernel` can load multiboot
<bnchs> i'll see BFD
<ilovethinking> Mutabah: that's not a long term solution is it
<Mutabah> No... but it's a solution until you get grub working
<gog> it'll be good enough while you learn
<ilovethinking> fair fair
<ilovethinking> thanks
<Mutabah> syslinux also has `mboot.c32` - that also loads multiboot
<Mutabah> useful for combining with pxelinux for network booting :)
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<mrvn> Irvise_: lots of bootloaders can load multiboot. it really is the best choice.
<mrvn> well, most practical.
<mrvn> If the bootloader is pure-Rust then why does it have https://github.com/rust-osdev/bootloader/blob/main/bios/boot_sector/src/boot.s ?
<bslsk05> ​github.com: bootloader/boot.s at main · rust-osdev/bootloader · GitHub
<mrvn> .oO(Do you trust a project that starts by lying about it's contents?)
<gog> it's not really that hard to roll your own if you intend to support UEFI
<gog> if you just want something that'll get files into memory
<mrvn> but then you have to suffer PE
<Irvise_> mrvn: I think you meant ilovethinking :)
<mrvn> Irvise_: If he now starts writing a bootloader then that is a gog problem
<Irvise_> mrvn: I mean that maybe you wanted to ping "ilove...". I have not spoken here for a while x) and I have not been following this discussion :)
<mrvn> oh, right. sorry. stupid tab completion
<Irvise_> No worries, happens to all of us :)
<gog> :D
<gog> they pinged out
<gog> also i will not recommend him to do that because i don't want to help with that because it's hard to debug
<gog> i only reluctantly change mine now because it works and i don't want to attempt debugging it again
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<pitust> why is he so set on NOT using limine though
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<sham1> Maybe it's too liminal
<gog> because he thinks it's the reason he's having stack problems
<gog> rather than not really knowing what he's doing and just changing random things in a pre-existing codebase he doesn't understand very well
<gog> which is fine
<zid> which amazing individual is it this time
<gog> the thinking lover
<zid> ah, the thinker
<gog> the loving thinker
<gog> like it's fine to not understand the code you're working with
<gog> but it's not helping to just come here and repeatedly have the same complaint
<zid> The only thing up for debate is whether he's incapable or just inept
<gog> i don't think i can judge incapacity, but ineptitude yeah
<gog> he doesn't really seem to understand programming very well conceptually
<gog> ineptitude is fine too
<gog> just takes work to overcome
<sham1> Definition of insanity being that you keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting things to change
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<gog> instead of begging for people to tell you
<mrvn> sham1: Definition of scientist being that you keep doing the same thing over and over again checking if things change.
<mrvn> it's a thing line between genius and insanity :)
<mrvn> thin even
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<friedy> Hi guys, I'm doing some work with the image sensor processor on the RK3399 soc in Linux. I'm trying to access the control registers for the ISP, so I mapped in the registers with ioremap like normal. But for some reason when I try to read from that region of memory readl() doesn't return and the system hangs. I've never had this happen to me
<friedy> before, so I don't know why this is happening.
<mrvn> then maybe ask opn a linux channel
<bnchs> mew
<bnchs> i should focus on one thing instead of trying to multitask
<bnchs> ugh think brain THINK
<heat> gog
<gog> heat
<gog> what's shakin
<heat> nothing
<heat> everything seems pretty stable and motionless to me
<gog> that's good
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<mrvn> heat: if the earth has stopped shakin then the reports that the core has stopped rotating must be true.,
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<gog> :) :) :)
<gog> i submitted 3 PRs for work
<gog> i have a 4th cooking
<gog> productive day
<gog> i don't think i'll finish it before it's time to go tho
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<zid> I don't think you should tell us how many times you went to the toilet like this
<zid> it's weird they make you apply to flush it though ngl
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<gog> i'll tell you exactly how many times i go to the toilet
<FireFly> I managed to be sleepy and not really get anything done all day :<
<zid> I rescued big hat logan from a prison cell
<heat> nooooooooo
<zid> I agree, sorcery is a ghastly hobby
<zid> but needs must
<heat> are you doing a int build?
<zid> yes I have 44 int
<zid> and 9 end
<zid> I keep getting ganked because I have to stop for stamina in weird spots that I am not used to doing :P
<zid> I need to put a bullet through seathe so I can get a massively better catalyst
<zid> seath
<gog> ok time to go
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<ilovethinking> hey
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<heat> zid, just go dlc?
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<mjg> burp
<mjg> geist: heat: i figured out the one weird trick re rseq et al
<mjg> geist: heat: you carve out some area, let's call it struct thread_lolstate { } and map pages to fit them. you map rw in userspace and have a *separate* rw mapping in the kernel, perhaps just using the direct map
<mjg> geist: heat: et voila. with understanding that the content is arbitrarily messed up by userspace, you can still 1. trivially indicate target thread on/off cpu 2. spot being in a rseq or equivalent section
<mjg> so for examplethe on/off thing -- you would store the addr of the byte against dmap. you go off cpu -- currentthread->user_cpustate = 0; you go on -- currentthread->uesr_cpustate = 1;
<mjg> et voila mofo
<mjg> no SMAP trips
<zid> heat: dlc catalyst is manus'
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<heat> mjg, yes
<heat> that was part of my original idea I'm pretty sure
<mjg> i don't ercall that bit, but it is pretty obvious in hindsight, so can't rule that out
<mjg> :]
<zid> tin is also stronger than manus for the spells I actually have
<heat> mjg, but rseq people clearly didn't agree so clac/stac it is!
<mjg> i don't know the upsteram rseq discussion
<heat> me neither but the solution is kind of stupid
<mjg> i don't know what they did specifically either
<mjg> but it being crap would not be out of the question
<mjg> there is a history of people coming to their senses later
<heat> the problem with using struct thread_lolstate is that you need some sort of primitive RCU there
<mjg> you don't if you have uucopy
<heat> but I don't want uucopy
<heat> nor is it any sort of actual valid solution for linux
<mjg> anyhow, my idea for rseq would be store the address of magic table in mythread->magicrseqtable
<mjg> et voila
<mjg> one branch neeed in kernel to figure out you are in a section
<mjg> and it is all laid out
<heat> a good question is who defines the layout
<mjg> no fences (modulo compiler fence) neeeded either
<heat> if the kernel does, you need some versioning system to keep track of various valid ABI layouts for that crap
<mjg> that is the downside, you would probably bool isoncpu; rseq_shit_goes_here; char spare[FUNNYNUM]; }
<mjg> this is the classic syscall debacle
<mjg> see the venerable stat problem
<heat> i was thinking of just having a version num
<mjg> version will be needed anyway if spares run out\
<heat> no reason why anyone would want to pay for [FUNNYNUM] of crap forever
<heat> except *maybe* to increment the version slower
<mjg> it is not perfect buti t is how things are done
<mjg> also note if you have to branch on version to know what to do
<mjg> you are already slowing things down
<mjg> so tradeoffs
<mjg> funnyonym could align it up to a cacheline
<mjg> or two
<heat> you are slowing things down, but it's just a single branch, that's ok really
<heat> at least IMO
<mjg> it is a switch statement
<mjg> with one branch for each version
<zid> you two should just get married or something idk
<heat> and I don't think real world measurements would show it has impact
<mjg> now that's geezer
<heat> i need a patch before I can actually measure
<heat> sorry
<mjg> you need to demonstrate benefit for adding a branch toa cmmon hot path
<mjg> it may be real versioning is worth it
<mjg> geezer thing is to assume what's the problem adding branchez
<mjg> it is how you end up with slowness evrywhere
<heat> like the real problem here is that you would end up locking extra memory
<heat> and how that may influence mlock limits
<mjg> i already ocmmented on mlock
<heat> if you make this thread page count for mlock you start severely thread limiting and breaking users
<mjg> you don't
<mjg> ... count iin mlock
<mjg> you add a rlimit for threads per user
<heat> can't do that
<mjg> which should be present anyway regardless of any of this
<mjg> sure you can
<mjg> and then that limit implicitly limits extra pages you slap in there
<heat> you keep picturing a nice pretty green field with sun
<heat> i picture actually merging this to upstream linux
<mjg> what's the problem adding a rlimit for threads
<mjg> you do know linxu already has a de facto rlimit for threads
<mjg> which is their nproc limit
<mjg> due to the artifact of their implementation which they never cleaned up
<heat> right
<mjg> so i had freebsd in mind here fwiw
<mjg> which does not
<heat> max user processes (-u) 31222
<mjg> that's nothing. this has to work for literally 1 million or more
<heat> gives me around 1952KiB for an "ideal" struct with size = 64 (cache line size)
<heat> this is ways off of the mlock limit
<heat> ... actually, maybe it's not?
<mjg> do not count this towards mlock
<mjg> you dn't count kernel-side stack pages to mlock, do you?
<heat> you do not
<heat> but this is atm a rw page
<mjg> and you don't swpa hem out either
<mjg> by you i mean linux
<mjg> :]
<heat> at least mark it RO
<mrvn> mjg: why would you need that versioning thing? can't you wrap the user side in vdso so any changes can be made transparent to the user space binary?
<mjg> so i don't see any benefit to counting this towards mlock. i do agree there has to be a limit of sorts and for that see the tread limit
<mjg> mrvn: for sme of it you could
<mjg> mrvn: but you would not want that for the rseq thing as it wouldbe extra 2 func calls
<mjg> mrvn: to set it up and clean it up
<mjg> opposed to a plain store twice
<heat> the problem here is (I think) to avoid accidental wild resource exhaustion exploits through "haha I can mlock 2MiB pretty easily"
<heat> otoh, kernel stacks are a good counter point
<mjg> you do realize this requires spawning fuckton of threads
<heat> this is not an easy problem
<heat> yes I do
<mjg> and the extra memory stemming from the above is a very small addition
<mjg> stack aside it is literally kilobytes to get ne thread going
<mrvn> mjg: 2 functions calls used once. Or are you setting this up over and over?
<mjg> mrvn: over and over, for example for malloc fast path
<mrvn> mjg: that would register the mapping once and then directly access the pages.
<mjg> what?
<mjg> i don't think we are on the same page
<mjg> regardless of size
<mrvn> likely
<mjg> well i throuwn my idea out there
<mjg> time to do some work now
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<mrvn> mjg: My thought would be to make the struct rseq_* opaque. The vdso segment provides functions for creating those structures in whatever version flavour the kernel supports using a stable API. It also has the function to setup the shared memory block which returns an "opaque**" and then the malloc() code stores the opaque object there on entry and NULL on exit of the critical section.
<mjg> but you stil need to know *where* to put it
<mjg> which is the abi part
<mjg> and then you are back to versioning
<mrvn> That's the "opaque**" the setup returned
<mjg> per thread?
<mjg> good grief
gog has joined #osdev
<mjg> i concede this can work but a girl not asked to a dance pretty
<mrvn> As you said, you have to know where to put it.
<mrvn> You would set this up as thread local variable with initialization. So that works out of the box without you having to do anything per thread.
<mrvn> (you == the source code)
<ilovethinking> im trying to use qemu's -kernel flag but i get an error saying Error loading uncompressed kernel without PVH ELF Note and i compile the assembly files with -f elf64
<ilovethinking> or is that the incorrect way to do it?
<mrvn> it's wrong. you need 32bit
<ilovethinking> but ill be able to jump to long later right?
<mrvn> You have to setup page tables and switch to long mode yourself.
<ilovethinking> thanks
<mrvn> see the wiki
<ilovethinking> ffs it still pushse the same error :cry:
<ilovethinking> im just taking a look at this guys mb writeup, he does it with x86_64 somehow?
<bslsk05> ​os.phil-opp.com: A minimal Multiboot Kernel | Writing an OS in Rust (First Edition)
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baine has joined #osdev
<ilovethinking> i guess it's because he uses xorisso
<ilovethinking> hmmm
<ilovethinking> no i have no clue
<gog> i do not understand elasticsearch even a little
<gog> but that's not on topic
* geist pets gog
* gog prr
<gog> ilovethinking: -machine type=pc-i440fx-3.1
craigo has joined #osdev
<gog> i have a confession
<gog> i've never gotten to long mode from protected mode
<gog> i've gotten to protected mode from real mode though
xvanc has joined #osdev
<gog> that's not as annoying
<ilovethinking> gog: i saw that on the forums but i have no clue what that does
<gog> does it matter exactly what it does?
<gog> or that it works and gets you moving forward
<ilovethinking> i don't think that's the mindset but alright
<ilovethinking> sure
<gog> you don't need to perfectly understand every aspect of the tools you're using to develop
<ilovethinking> alright
epony has joined #osdev
<ilovethinking> -kernel only supports mb1 right
<gog> yes
<gog> so in this case what that -machine argument does is load the qemu-3.1 profile for a pc emulating the i440fx chipset
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<heat> gog, long mode is ez
<heat> just set up paging and the appropriate bits (EFER MSR), mov to cr3, now you're in IA-32 compat mode
<heat> then you switch your code segment to 64-bit, boom, 64-bit
<ilovethinking> ok so i know why my code doesn't work
<ilovethinking> it's cuz i have mb2 headers
<ilovethinking> :kekw:
<heat> :omegalul:
<heat> :kappa: :kappapride:
<gog> loooooomg mode
<gog> borzoi mode
<mrvn> sanity mode
<gog> also that
<gog> long mode is the most sane mode of the x86
<mrvn> for the little that is worth
<gog> i mean
<gog> you could use 286 protected mode
<gog> that's bonkers
<CompanionCube> i mean, protected mode in general is sane, and in the middle there's unreal mode?
<pitust> ilovethinking: plz don't use grub
<pitust> and especially not -kernel
<gog> unreal mode is also wild
<pitust> not on x86 anyway
<heat> CompanionCube, protected mode still has a boatload of weird-ass extremely weirdly packed tables and S E G M E N T A T I O N
<gog> yes
<gog> which is why i specified 286 protected mode
<gog> where you do not have the benefit of the mmu
<heat> i kinda really want to have an old unix-like system with segmentation
<gog> also unreal mode is more of a liminal space rather than an actual operating mode
<gog> heat: you absolute madman
<heat> just a growing brk setting the ds size
<mrvn> heat: then emulate it, it's easy with the MMU
<heat> what
<mrvn> you can also do swapping instead of paging.
<heat> "i want an old unix-like system with segmentation" "why don't you do that but without segmentation"
<xvanc> lol
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<geist> heat: well duh. it doesn't make sense because amigas didn't have segmentation
<geist> what you're asking is a complete impossibility
xvanc has joined #osdev
<mrvn> nor did they have MMUs. Not even MPUs because Comodore had to save 50c.
<geist> *gasp*
<mrvn> AmigaOS with a Memory Protection Unit would have been so cool.
<geist> might be worth reading about the MPU, i thought one of the early MPU or MMU chips added a whole extra cycle to mempry accesses
<geist> and thus wasn't really used by anyone
<geist> probably the mmu chip
<gog> mmu
<gog> (read: mew)
<mrvn> probably the external MMUs
<mrvn> but that's a few years down the line from the original Amigas.
<heat> mooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
<mrvn> (__)
<mrvn> /------\/
<mrvn> (oo)
<mrvn> / | ||
<mrvn> * /\---/\
<mrvn> ~~ ~~
<mrvn> ..."Have you mooed today?"...
<mjg> :]
<gog> i want an amiga 3000 :(
<mjg> wtf no cowsay on this box
<heat> ____________
<heat> < fork sucks >
<heat> \ (oo)\_______
<heat> \ ^__^
<heat> ------------
<geist> i kinda want one of those old cat clocks
<heat> (__)\ )\/\
<heat> ||----w |
<heat> || ||
<geist> nice, chopped up heats thing
<heat> you heard the cow
<mrvn> you forked it
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<gog> a cat clock
<gog> like the one where the tail is the pendulum
<gog> and the eyes go back and forth
<mjg> fun fact, at my first job there was only a bunch of machines
<mjg> and each had a unique cowsay output
<mjg> in motd
<mjg> with some bullshit said
<mjg> i miss that
<heat> ________________________
<heat> < copy_from_user is free >
<heat> \ (oo)\_______
<heat> \ ^__^
<heat> ------------------------
<heat> (__)\ )\/\
<heat> ||----w |
<heat> || ||
<heat> ^^mjg
<mjg> it is free on templeos
<mjg> you just use the target area
<heat> some days ago I found the little corner in youtube that worships templeos
<mjg> is that terry's channel
<heat> it's like they think he's some sort of genius
<heat> i don't think he has a channel (anymore?)
<geist> gog: yeah that kinda one. saw one in the store the other day and wsas remindd
<geist> they're still making em even
<mjg> hmm give mew few
<heat> mjg, I did sit through 20 minutes of him rambling about complexity and linux and spinlocks(?). mostly coherent, I can mostly understand everything he's saying, but they're just bad opinions
<mjg> ye i think i said he was basically mistaken a lot
<mjg> anyhow looks like the channel is indeed gone
<mjg> however, someone made an adrhive
<bslsk05> ​www.youtube.com: Terry Davis' TempleOS Brutal Take Down of Linus Torvalds - YouTube
<mjg> wow it's been 5 years?
<heat> "Terry was something special, I hope he's remembered for generations." ????
<gog> geist: maybe i'll get a reproduction unit
<mjg> heat: i think this about does it though
<bnchs> heat: he made his own compiler, language, bootloader, kernel, etc.
<bnchs> he's a bit special
<mjg> in spirit on not shitting on stuff 99% of the time i consider the quota exhausted
<gog> if i had the space to work on a retro computer in my home i absolutely would buy old shit and try to fix it
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<heat> mjg, I saw some guy literally put him next to fucking K&R
<mjg> see the previous remark
<gog> but i honestly don't think i'll ever have that
<mjg> but you do you
<bnchs> but i hate his ego :<
<heat> bnchs, I don't think he's particularly special. none of those things are unheard of here
<heat> although yes it's not easy to write any of that stuff
<bnchs> but i'm fucking tired rn with my compat layer
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<mrvn> heat: you have to be kind of insane to write all that stuff
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<heat> pog pog pog
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<pog> heat heat heat
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<heat> pogzinga
<heat> actually ctrl+z
<heat> __________
<heat> ----------
<heat> \ ^__^
<heat> < pogzinga >
<heat> \ (oo)\_______
<heat> (__)\ )\/\
<heat> ||----w |
<heat> || ||
<klange> okay please cease the cows
<klange> we all know this is a pony channel
<chibill> Thats a cow?
<chibill> lol
<chibill> Doesn't look very good from Matrix xD
<heat> klange, next ponyos release includes ponysay?
<klange> every ponyos release for years has had it
<pog> haustsrás
<heat> wait what
<klange> i literally ported ponysay to kuroko
<pog> hestsrás?
<pog> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
<heat> oh wait it actually prints a full colored pony hahahaha
<mrvn> klange: now merge emacs M-x doctor with ponysay so the cow talks to you
<heat> i had no idea this was actually a thing
<klange> ponysay is some awful python code
<mrvn> can it be worse than elisp?
<klange> this is my kuroko port: https://github.com/klange/ponysay
<bslsk05> ​klange/ponysay - Ponysay ported to Kuroko (is fork /0 forks/0 stargazers/NOASSERTION)
<heat> For an extensive documentation run `info ponysay`.
<heat> wow, it uses GNU info!
<heat> how exactly does one run this?
<heat> I tried kuroko ./ponysay/ponysay.krk but I get an import error
<heat> (Kuroko 1.2.2)
<klange> use -m
<klange> kuroko -m ponysay "like this"
<heat> ah cool cool
<heat> printed nothing?
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<mrvn> kuroko -m ponysay "The rain in spain falls mainly on the plane."
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<klange> Kuroko 1.2.2 is very old (over a year) and the I'm pretty sure I wrote the port for at least 1.2.4
<klange> You can also just download PonyOS 8
<heat> it upsets me how all your OSes are so functional
<heat> klange, your JUMP macro upsets gcc 12 (src/debug.c: warning: this ‘if’ clause does not guard... [-Wmisleading-indentation])
<mrvn> did someone write: if (cond) expr1; expr2;?
<heat> actually this is 1.3.0, I don't know if you've fixed this already
<klange> > Appease warning about misleading indentation in a macro expansion
<klange> You should use 1.3.1 if you want latest release.
<heat> yeah I just grabbed whatever I had in my onyx package tree
<heat> actually forgot to update kuroko
<klange> I'm hard at work on 1.4
<heat> are you taking the meson patch yet
<klange> if you want me to take the meson patch, it needs to be sent as a pull request on github :P
<heat> hmmm okay, I'll sync it up with HEAD and do it
<netbsduser> first FUSE messages exchanged between my virtio-fs driver and the virtiofsd, this is going to be fun
<heat> just wanted to make sure you were remotely on board
<klange> The main thing in 1.4 so far is a rewrite of class construction - metaclasses and __new__.
<klange> I also just added support for star expressions in collections, that was fun. Also star expressions in assignment targets, that was not fun.
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<klange> There's also some QoL improvements for C bindings from re-writing the Yutani bindings.
<klange> ^ The first real Kuroko GUI app, port of the old Python minesweeper with some improvements.
<mrvn> klange: a,b,* = f()?
<klange> ?
<mrvn> (star expressions in assignment targets?)
<klange> That's not what that means.
<klange> a,b,*c = f()
<mrvn> that's why I asked
<klange> Sorry, I should say "*-expressions need to have an assignable expression"
<klange> a,b,c,*extra,d,e,f = iter # will unpack the first three elements to a, b, c, the last three elements to d, e, f, and put the middle remainder in a list and store that in extra.
<klange> Obscure Python stuff I haven't really used, but showed up in a blog post and I was like "huh, I should add that to Kuroko I guess"
<pog> :)
<klange> The other side, *-expressions in collection expressions, was something I knew about and just hadn't gotten around to.
<heat> smiley face
<heat> or colon parenthesis
<klange> That's [*foo, bar, *baz] making a list with the elements of foo, then the value bar, then the lements of baz, all expanded out. Works for lists, tuples (slight pain as I have two codepaths to make tuple expressions, and I had to add a *third* to support bare "*foo, bar" as opposed to "foo, *bar")
<klange> sets, and also dicts with **
<heat> klange, you've got some thicccccc C files in there
<heat> compiler.c takes 10s to compile
<klange> That is the largest, but it's only ~4k lines?
<klange> What are you compiling them on, a toaster?
<heat> ouch
<heat> not really, just my laptop
<heat> it doesn't even like any of the smaller files
<heat> are you doing some header file warcrimes?