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<heat> ok so I need to get a solution to the "no GPIO header" problem
<clever> you can buy 20x2 header pins, and just solder them in
<heat> I'll probably get a solderless since I don't know how to solder/no soldering iron
<clever> soldering them is pretty easy
<heat> hammering them in sounds wayy easier :)
<clever> sounds like an easy way to ruin a pi
<heat> >All the GPIO pins can be reconfigured to provide alternate functions, SPI, PWM, I²C and so. <-- does this mean the mappings are BS? they're all GPIO pins?
<heat> clever, *shrug*, I've never soldered before and I don't have equipment
<bslsk05> ​elinux.org: RPi BCM2835 GPIOs - eLinux.org
<clever> heat: each gpio pin has a 7 way mux attached to it, to route it to either gpio-out, or one of 6 alternative functions
<clever> or to just leave it floating
<clever> the altfunc, is a hw block to do something like spi/pwm/i2c/uart
<clever> gpio-in always works, even when in an altfunc mode
<clever> the "input" mode just stops the pi from driving the pi, so an external device can freely drive it
<clever> s/pi/pin/
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<geist> re BT. i do remember there is some sort of semi standard serial protocol to talk to bluetooth controllers
<geist> BTHCI i think or something
<geist> doesn't mean you dont still need something specific to initialize the BT chip, but it may be that you kinda can put it into a simple mode
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<alpha2023> Silly idea time: serial port TX line hooked up to a buncha shift registers
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<Affliction> ^ was good enough for the NES' controller!
<Affliction> The controllers were just a 4014 wired to the buttons
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<zid> most will have one regardless to act as a buffer
<zid> why waste time with dram and stuff when what you really need is a couple dozen bits of flip flops
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<geist> also that's kinda what you get what SPI
<zid> hope you recover soon geist
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<kazinsal> it is unlawfully cold outside
<moon-child> indeed
<kazinsal> spent three minutes trying to keep a joint lit and eventually just gave up and came back inside
<kazinsal> it is officially "fire stops working" cold
* moon-child out of tomatoes and nutella, but does not want to go to the grocery store
<geist> kazinsal: totally
<geist> i gave up trying to heat the house and ended up just setting it to 55
<geist> and then have been hiding in one room with computers and a space heater
<moon-child> gives a whole new meaning to 'intel cpus are space heaters'
<geist> they're mostly AMD so i have to really do something serious!
<kazinsal> Yeah, I’ve got the side of my case open for extra feet heat
<energizer> for warmth try burning a torch.h
<sham1> It is indeed cold
<zid> mv prime95 spaceheater
<zid> mv furmark spaceheater2
<moon-child> furmark: the benchmarking application of choice for furries
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<zid> mr furmark
<zid> rm*
<kazinsal> mr furmark, mark me a fur
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<gog> mew
* moon-child pets god
* gog bestows blessings on moon-child
* moon-child feels radiant
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<FireFly> I just realisd what that reminds me of... the webcomc Happle Tea, and its personification of god as a white flying cat
<gog> my god is an extradimensional being that projects itself into this plane of existence as the shadow of a cat
<gog> my god demands pets
<clever> so petting a cat in a low-light environment wont work?
* moon-child tries to imagine how fluffy hypercat would be
* moon-child dies
<moon-child> *a
<gog> contemplating hypercat is dangerous
<gog> it's better to accept it and not think too much
<FireFly> hypercat(1), concatenates files along multiple dimensions
<gog> a character advice attached to another dimension would be a good entropy source
<gog> advice? device
<zid> advice device, /dev/oracle
<gog> that device always gives vague and mysterious advice tho
<gog> and it's always high on some hallucinogen
<moon-child> wait does this mean we're finally free from the tyranny of one-dimensional text streams?
<moon-child> praise apl
<moon-child> FireFly: happletea.com dead, is it elsewhere?
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<FireFly> hmm
<FireFly> it's ages since I read it
<FireFly> maybe wayback/archive.is is your best bet..
<FireFly> https://i.pinimg.com/originals/ad/ff/ef/adffeff13ca2c936d503453ea7233f43.jpg but here's said personification of god :p
<FireFly> or kttyification
<FireFly> kitty*
<gog> i'm undergoing kittyfication
<gog> i need to consider getting ready to go out and do kitty care but the weather is nasty and i'm lazy
<FireFly> ow
<FireFly> weather here is just disappointing :p
<gog> i haven't had a proper day off in a while. between pet care and parenting and etc. :p
<gog> my life has become a full-time job
<j`ey> without the salary D:
<sham1> One dimensional text streams? No. We're going to the tyranny of 2-dimensional text streams
<sham1> How 'bout that
<junon> What's the difference between INVLPG and INVLPGA?
<sham1> One has A in the mnemonic while the other doesn't
<junon> They're identical?
<sham1> For more information, the ISA is documented
<moon-child> A means aligned?
<junon> I couldn't find INVLPGA in any of the ISA documentation. Guess I'll break out the manual. :|
<junon> Any of the ISA documentation I usually refer to*
<junon> moon-child: could be.
<moon-child> manual doesn't seem to know about invlpga
<moon-child> hmm, nasm does though
<sham1> That's odd
<junon> It's listed within Unicorn so I tried to look it up: https://github.com/unicorn-engine/unicorn/blob/master/include/unicorn/x86.h#L332
<bslsk05> ​github.com: unicorn/x86.h at master · unicorn-engine/unicorn · GitHub
<moon-child> oh looks like amd-specific thing
<sham1> A for AMD obviously
<junon> A takes an address space ID.
<junon> as a second operand.
<junon> At least, if we're going by MSDN's MSVC intrinsics guide: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/cpp/intrinsics/svm-invlpga?view=msvc-170
<bslsk05> ​docs.microsoft.com: __svm_invlpga | Microsoft Docs
<bslsk05> ​docs.microsoft.com: __invlpg | Microsoft Docs
<junon> Weird that it's not documented well though.
<moon-child> documented fine in the amd manual
<junon> Oh but not in intel's?
<moon-child> well, it's an amd-specific instruction sooo
<sham1> "Here's what our competitor does"
<junon> Meh so it can't be used portably, unless you dispatch based on CPUID, which seems fragile.
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<moon-child> doesn't seem any less fragile than, say, conditionally using avx
<terminalpusher> this is what all of the UEFI HII protocol stuff looks like, right? https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E58255_01/html/E58173/figures/MegaRAID_UEFI_LSI_Main_Screen.jpg
<junon> When using it in performance critical stuff you can't inline it without code duplication or code modification
<Mutabah> terminalpusher: What do you mean?
<terminalpusher> I was wondering what the UEFI HII interfaces look like
<moon-child> yes. Usual solution is to duplicate
<Mutabah> HII meaning the configuration screen?
<moon-child> no fragmentation issues if you duplicate enough. And space is cheap
<moon-child> sooo I wouldn't worry about it
<junon> Yeah.
<Mutabah> They could be whatever. My desktop has a GUI interface (with mouse support)
<junon> Okay thanks moon-child :)
<moon-child> (that said invlpga also doesn't seem like the sort of thing you'd call in performance-critical code anyway)
<terminalpusher> Mutabah: I thought HII provides pop up boxes, GUI elements, fonts etc.
* gog switches to the permanelty-open UEFI spec pdf
<gog> yeah it's got forms and such
<terminalpusher> gog: I don't even get results. am I using the wrong thing? https://uefi.org/specs/ACPI/6.4/search.html?q=hii&check_keywords=yes&area=default I prefer HTML over PDF btw
<bslsk05> ​uefi.org: Search — ACPI Specification 6.4 documentation
<terminalpusher> I think PDFs are harder to navigate
<terminalpusher> wait that's the wrong thing yeah
<asymptotically> terminalpusher: that's the acpi spec. on the same page you found that on, below is uefi
<gog> phoenix used to have a wiki for the UEFI spec
<gog> idk why it's gone now
<gog> but i liked it
<terminalpusher> ahh you are right. I didn't know they have multiple ones. I Just clicked on the first one
<gog> but yeah the UEFI spec PDF is a monstrosity
<gog> i find myself reading the header files from gnu-efi as often as the spec
<terminalpusher> It doesn't look like there's an HTML version of the PDF
<moon-child> poppler doesn't render teh code examples in the uefi spec correctly
<moon-child> which is a complete pain
<gog> yep
<terminalpusher> My goal is to read the mouse pointer within the UEFI. Sadly the EFI Simple Pointer protocol turned out to be very unreliable as I heard and it doesn't work in my QEMU. I'm doing `WaitForEvent` and then `GetState` to read in the Simple Pointer State and it all seems to work except that it blocks on `WaitForEvent` forever.
<terminalpusher> did anyone ever get the Simple Pointer protocol to work in QEMU+OVMF?
<moon-child> never looked into it. But I would suggest trying on hardware in case of ovmf bug
<terminalpusher> I'm now thinking about reading raw USB data using `EFI_USB_IO_PROTOCOL` instead and parsing the events myself
<terminalpusher> oh that's going to be difficult. Is there an alternative to OVMF maybe? Or QEMU in general for UEFI emulation?
<gog> nothing i know of or have tried
<moon-child> should not be that hard. Just tedious, as you have to reboot twice for every change you make
<zid> efi is for poofaces anyway
<zid> full usb stack or riot
<gog> ofc i haven't really tried to make any kind of serious app with uefi, i just use it to get to a usable environment
<zid> and hid stack
<zid> and pci-e stack to s upport the usb stack
* gog stacks things on zid
* zid buckaroos
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<terminalpusher> moon-child: and I would have to write new data to the USB stick every time no?
<moon-child> right
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<moon-child> but that's trivially automatable. 'make usb device=/dev/whatever' or some such
<terminalpusher> I don't have any spare device though. All I know is that my own system's UEFI lets me use my mouse and I bet it uses the Simple Pointer protocol so it could be an OVMF bug but I have no idea.
<gog> it's possiblethat the ovmf image isn't configured properly too. might be worth looking at the build file for your distro
<terminalpusher> gog: the build file? I'm not sure where I would find that. IIRC I didn't build it myself, I did `sudo apt-get install ovmf` and then I got `/usr/share/ovmf` and `/usr/share/OVMF` with a bunch of OVMF files
<gog> yeah, the build file for the dpkg
<gog> debian has a whole repo for those
<terminalpusher> also I've tried both /usr/share/OVMF/OVMF_CODE.fd and /usr/share/ovmf/OVMF.fd but same issue
<terminalpusher> oh
<terminalpusher> then it's a problem with the package itself? I didn't change any build configs
<gog> this is just speculation on my part
<gog> but you can apt-get source for ovmf
<gog> and in the debian/ directory you should find the build script
<gog> it is also certainly possible that ovmf is broken for mouse
<terminalpusher> "Picking 'edk2' as source package instead of 'ovmf' E: Unable to find a source package for edk2"
<gog> oh
<bslsk05> ​sources.debian.org: File: rules | Debian Sources
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<gog> do you pass "-device usb-mouse" on your qemu command line?
<terminalpusher> gog: qemu-system-x86_64: -device usb-mouse: No 'usb-bus' bus found for device 'usb-mouse'
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<gog> hm
<terminalpusher> hmm it doesn't look like there are any protocol-specific configs in that build file
<terminalpusher> does "-device usb-mouse" work for you?
<terminalpusher> gog: oh, it doesn't error with `-usb -device usb-mouse` though
<terminalpusher> but it still doesn't emit any event...
<gog> it doesn't
<gog> ok i see
<gog> hm
<gog> idk i'm outside of my experience zone with this lol
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<terminalpusher> I have no idea either. feels hopeless
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<heat> terminalpusher: try to ask on the edk2 mailing list, someone might help you there
<heat> i would expect it to work but maybe it just doesn't on OVMF :/
<heat> and with no gist of the code it's hard to guess what you're doing
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<gog> i did do some searching and all i found was reports about apparent bugs in EhciDxe causing issues after ExitBootServices()
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<gog> roundhouse
<heat> does anyone have a good 8250/16550 spec/datasheet?
<heat> i can't get interrupts to work and I bet I'm missing something
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<geist> should be able to find the original docs pretty easily
<geist> iirc there was some extra bit you needed to set that wasn't obvious
<bslsk05> ​fuchsia.googlesource.com: zircon/kernel/platform/pc/debug.cc - fuchsia - Git at Google
<geist> i remember discovering that you needed to set that on some hardware
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<geist> i think that's some artifact of PC platform, like that's a gpio that externally masks irqs or something?
<heat> geist: i'm looking at lk right now at it looks really similar, there's nothing you do that you don't do
<geist> yah but LK's PC uart driver may not be a great example
<geist> it works, but primarily against emulators since i dont run LK on real PC hardware that much
<bslsk05> ​github.com: Onyx/serial.cpp at master · heatd/Onyx · GitHub
<geist> hmm, yeah it does
<heat> wait
<heat> if I enable interrupts after install_irq(done later)
<heat> i get a spurious irq
<geist> this does remind me i really should clean up and rewrite the 8250 driver in LK
<geist> a lot of the PC platform stuff is pretty aged, should start to modernize it a bit
<geist> for that matter finally get around to adding SMP support for x86 there
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<heat> oh wow, the irq pending flag is 1 when it's not pending
<heat> what the fuck
<j`ey> :|
<gog> |:
<geist> |:|
<j`ey> }:{
* gog mews at geist
<geist> |o-|
<bslsk05> ​twitter: <dmitrygr> What if I told you that this runs Debian Linux? https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FHiC0hoUcAE_h8V.jpg
<geist> ah good ol dmitry
<geist> worked with him at google a few years ago, he's a character
<j`ey> oh nice
<geist> he did the whole ARM on AVR thing like 10 years ago. is this a new version of that?
<j`ey> yup
<geist> kinda curious what those 8 pin ram chips are
<geist> well, says QSPI, but i dunno of any actual ram that's qspi, but there's 4 of them so i assume it's doing some sort of 4 way QSPI thing
<geist> oh you know, i wonder if someone makes a ram that looks like QSPI flash, but is much faster. some of the microcontrollers support XIP QSPI flash mode
<j`ey> from the comments it seems like some are optional, for extra ram
<geist> if it were actually RAM you could then hae a nice solid block of many megabytes of ram
<heat> well great I got rx working
<geist> what ended up being the problem?
<heat> now I just need to wire a tty
<heat> weird interrupt stuff probably?
<heat> I was installing the irq handler long after enabling interrupts
<heat> I guess something got stuck
<geist> ah maybe you weren't clearing old ones? i think it's usually a good idea to manually clear all pending irqs before enabling irqs on a particular vector
<geist> since it might already be latched but wont fire or whatnot
<heat> I did but I had a long period where the irqs the uart was sending weren't being enabled
<heat> and I guess that was kind of making the int status stuck and so I wasn't getting interrupts
<geist> if it was an edge triggered interrupt that fired a while ago but the irq controller didn't catch at the time and the hardware is still expecting you to handle it, for example, i guess
<geist> various ways to have stuck irqs
<heat> yea, exactly
<heat> all the ISA irqs are edge triggered
<geist> side note i did try the e1000 driver on a real i210 ryzen box the other day. everything seems to work except the MSIs aren't firing at all
<geist> so that'll be fun to debug. probably some addl setup i gotta do somewhere. finding problems by omission are always a pain
<heat> nice!
<heat> I haven't tried out my code in real hardware too much
<GeDaMo> A true computing scientist :P
<gog> real hardware? never heard of it
<heat> anyway this was good progress. now I just need a tty for the serial and hook up /bin/login to it and I've got myself a good headless interface
<heat> my idea is to get CI running tests on qemu using the serial tty
<geist> woot awesome
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<bauen1> j`ey: interesting, that's the guy who wrote a blog about reverse engineering eInk store price tags, seems i need to read more of his works
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<immibis> https://streaming.media.ccc.de/rc3/franconiannet/hls this guy is apparently designing a GPU (on an FPGA) to run doom. probably interesting to a lot of people here
<bslsk05> ​streaming.media.ccc.de: franconian.net – rC3 NOWHERE Streaming
<immibis> lattice ice40
<gog> what's that game board that has an fpga and can emulate a bunch of things
<gog> MiSTer
<gog> that thing looks pretty neat, wonder if in the future we'll see it combined with a project like this
<immibis> or rather, has designed and is now livestreaming a presentation about. VoD will be available later I presume
<immibis> well, doom won't need to run on a MiSTer FPGA, this is a project you do just because you can
<gog> true
<GeDaMo> Considering you can run Doom on a pregnancy test, does it really need a GPU? :P
<immibis> hence, a project you do just because you can. It's designed for CPU rendering and don't need no GPU
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<immibis> but you make a custom GPU for it anyway
<gog> wife: "why do you have a digital pregancy test?" me: "gotta play doom on something"
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<gog> aaay he's talking about mister now
<sham1> Great evening everyone
* gog gives sham1 a cookie
<immibis> he says it's a much smaller FPGA than MiSTer and also not as fast
<gog> yes
<jimbzy> gog, 1 for pregnant, 0 for not pregnant?
<sham1> Yay
<gog> i'd be pretty shocked if i got pregnant
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<sham1> Wait, is this a tracking cookie? Damn it!
<immibis> if a man tests positive for pregnancy they probably have some type of cancer IIRC. don't discount it
<gog> i wonder if it'd show positive if i took my progesterone a few hours before
<jimbzy> Dunno?
<gog> gonna have to try it
<sham1> If you have to take the supplement anyway, go for it. But of course, not medical advice in the slightest
<gog> :p
<jimbzy> gog, That's trip your wife up for sure if it worked.
<immibis> now he is talking about a whole bunch of stuff that I think doom doesn't actually do because you can't look up or down
<jimbzy> Bust out of the bathroom all bewildered and show her the test.
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<gog> sometimes i do tell her i'm pregnant and she just looks at me and rolls her eyes
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<GreaseMonkey> i recall doing a port from the 1997 source code release and if memory serves me correctly there's a framebuffer arranged as [row][column] inverted from what the normal framebuffer arrangement is
<GreaseMonkey> erm... transposed moreso than inverted
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<smoke> hello, anyone have any interesting projects they've been working on lately
<immibis> you just missed a livestream about running doom on an fpga, but it will be available as a video later
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<immibis> only in germany: "Tech Dominatrix. Device control as a fetish. by Goddess Anisa"
<immibis> i'm not kidding, that is one of the upcoming segments
<gog> it's me
<immibis> I know DOOM renders in column order because of the inability to look up and down. row order would work if you couldn't look left and right
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<heat> how do I know if the serial port is connected?
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<clever> heat: try using it and see what happens
<heat> hm
<heat> i mean, sure
<heat> how do I know when to send a SIGHUP then?
<clever> ?
<heat> errors?
<clever> i believe the uart lines idle high
<clever> if you had pull-down resistors, then the remote end being unplugged, would cause the rx pin to idle low instead
<heat> the tty should be able to send a SIGHUP if the uart is disconnected
<clever> and the rx pin being low for >~8 bit times, results in a BREAK condition being sent
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<heat> hmm yeah
<heat> i mean if I could guess I'd guess that sending bytes to an unconnected uart will give me an error which I can then act upon
<clever> heat: hw flow control is the other half of the answer, but almost nobody wires it up
<clever> each receiver is emiting an "i am ready" signal
<clever> and if you close the tty, then its not ready
<clever> but also, if the hw fifo fills up, its not ready
<clever> that tells the transmitter when it can send more bytes
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