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<gog> jimbzy: yes, back in the mid 00's when they came back in the aluminum bottle-can
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<hbag> someone in YOSPOS told me to try hanging out here
<geist> heya
<geist> pretty quiet today, but stuff happens sometimes
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<moon-child> yospos?
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<hbag> moon-child: a board on somethingawful
<moon-child> ah
<hbag> stands for "your operating system is a piece of shit", basically just the board for computer nerds to talk about shit
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<geist> yeah
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<Affliction> A goon in #osdev? no chance
<Affliction> I haven't been there for... a decade? good times...
<hbag> yeah they kicked out lowtax once they realized he's a piece of shit
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<kazinsal> oh hey
<kazinsal> didn't expect you to show up here heh
<kazinsal> (also apparently my session to my bouncer was closed for like, the entire day and somehow I didn't notice...)
<hbag> oh hey
<hbag> yeah i got probed so i spent my night setting up ZNC with hexchat
<hbag> ...and now im trying to figure out if ZNC'll keep tracking my logs even when none of my clients are connected
<hbag> because when i relaunch hexchat it doesnt LOOK like it does but i cant be sure
<kazinsal> it should, yeah. there's a setting for how many lines to keep
<kazinsal> can't remember where it is and I am *way* too high to do anything other than eat these cookies and listen to Abraxas
<hbag> oh huh, right now its only showing me like one screen worth of logs when i "connect" so ill take a look for that setting and crank it as high as itll let me
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<hbag> yeah i cant seem to find the setting either, bleh
<kazinsal> it's buffer something, can't remember
<moon-child> huh, mine always sends me logs going way back
<moon-child> so startup takes two minutes or so :P
<kazinsal> but yeah this is a place where we mostly just discuss OS theory stuff and occasionally actually write code
<hbag> i got no idea, ill just see if it keeps logs while i sleep tonight
<kazinsal> lots of awesome knowledgeable folks here
<hbag> yeah
<hbag> i occasionally play with the idea of making a shitty little hobby OS but then i remember i absolutely dont have the attention span for it
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<kazinsal> we're sort of semi-officially connected to the osdev.org stuff since like half the moderators there are channel ops here
<moon-child> 'OS theory' just computer stuff in general. It's all 'on topic' cause it all runs on a CPU. Or if it's not it's low-level embedded stuff that's sufficiently osdev-adjacent
<hbag> fair enough
<moon-child> also food, drugs, the merits of living in various countries, etc.
<moon-child> err, sorry, all 'on topic' cause it all runs on an os
<kazinsal> moon-child: yeah that's fair, we often branch out a fair bit, lots of different stuff that all relates back to building systems
<kazinsal> eg. I do networking-focused stuff whereas others are more into unixy bits or NT-like bits or userspace or whatever
<moon-child> maybe we should rename '#systemsdesign'
<moon-child> to
* moon-child tired
<kazinsal> #friggineverythingreally
<hbag> alright im going to bed
<hbag> night
<hbag> or... morning, i guess. it's 8:30 in the morning
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<hbag> yeah im not seeing any backlogs now that I've connected from another device
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<hbag> lol znc sucks if it isn't even going to do the 1 thing it's advertised as doing
<hbag> it just tells me the channel topic and nothing else, no logs at all
<graphitemaster> Try /msg *backlog LogPath /some/place/for/logs/$USER_$NETWORK_$WINDOW*.log
<graphitemaster> Make sure the module is loaded too, /msg *status LoadMode --type=global log
<graphitemaster> And load backlog too
<graphitemaster> s/LoadMode/LoadMod
<hbag> oop nope i got it to work
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<bytefire> hi, question regarding linux kernel. i have physical address in kernel space and i have vmlinux elf file with debug symbols. can i find VA associated with that PA?
<bytefire> i know that the PA is in text section of vmlinux
<bytefire> this is arm64 kernel
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<j`ey> depends, Linux does KASLR so loads at some address+random offset
<bytefire> j`ey: thanks. so assuming that random offset is 0, is this the right formula to get the VA: 0xffff_ffcx_xxxx_xxxx (i.e. last 36 bits is PA. this is a 36-bit PA system)
<j`ey> hm, now I actually forgot where the kernel is loaded to..
<j`ey> Documentation/arm64/memory.rst could help you understand
<j`ey> I think it's inside vmalloc
<j`ey> but you can also get *a* VA for the PA inside the linear map
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<hbag> wow znc actually works pretty seamlessly with hexchat
<hbag> on my mobile client it tells you where the playback starts and finishes but on hexchat it just acts like it was always there, cool
<geist> nice, never looked into it but i guess znc runs a proxy that looks like irc to you?
<geist> irc to hexchat i guess
<zid> good good, the brainfuck compiler I just wrote is 8x slower than a naive javascript implementation
<zid> stupid jit cheating on me
<NieDzejkob_> re: znc, I use Quassel for this myself, it uses a custom protocol for communicating between clients and the daemon, which allows it to have UX that makes sense. Like "load the backlog only when you scroll up"
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<moon-child> zid: good news, lot of low-hanging fruit in brainfuck
<moon-child> ++++++ -> *ptr += 6
<hbag> i wrote "hello world" in brainfuck once but thats pretty much it
<hbag> i also wrote my own brainfuck substitution that replaced all the instructions with screams
<zid> yea I did that one and turned [-] into = 0
<zid> and it's now 50ms not 2 seconds, and beats the javascript
<bslsk05> ​gist.github.com: bf.c · GitHub
<moon-child> oh, not in-memory
<moon-child> laame
<zid> well you'd just change all the printfs over
<zid> but it's much easier to debug like that
<zid> swap all the inc [rdi] for \xFE\x07 or whatever
<moon-child> you can do the same optimization for --- >>> <<<
<moon-child> dec byte [rdi], 3; add rdi, 3; sub rdi, 3
<zid> yea but my example didn't really have any
<zid> maybe I should have just done if(strcmp(src, ">++[<...") == 0) puts("ZYXW..."); :P
<moon-child> that's how s7 scheme works
<moon-child> and a number of apl implementations
<moon-child> lots of specific idiom recognition
<zid> yea doing proper analysis on bf sounds hard tbh
<zid> I doubt gcc would even do a good job if you did if(c == '[') { puts("while(*ptr){"); ... and just compiled it with -O3
<moon-child> eh, I think it would probably do ok
<zid> Yea it'd do okay
<zid> but I doubt it'd manage to const prop it to that puts
<moon-child> wait, what? I don't understand
<moon-child> void f(unsigned char *x) { while (*x) --*x; }. Basically bf [-]
<zid> yea but that entire example program just prints the alphabet backwards
<moon-child> gcc and clang both generate http://ix.io/3uCC
<moon-child> why not a straight mov?
<zid> so with a 'good enough' compiler it'd just generate puts("ZYX...
<zid> did you forget your aliasing rules or -O3 or something, goldbolt it
<moon-child> nop
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<superleaf1995> guys i wanted to comment something - is it me or is qemu wrongly implementing the `i82545EM-A` device, instead of using a 8 bit shift on the EERD addr register i have to use a 2 bit shift?. According to the docs this only applies to 82541x and the gi/ei thing. I'm detecting a `I82545EM_A` cuz the device says that it is device-id as specified on the spec, However the main problem is that `i82545EM-A`
<superleaf1995> isn't part of the 82541x series or the GI/EI thing
<superleaf1995> tl;dr im making intel gigabit ethernet thing and then i see that my device no work but then i use 2-bit shift instead of 8-bit and it works
<zid> I never touched eerd on mine I don't think
<zid> and there's like a gajillion e1000 variants
<superleaf1995> i accidentally fucked up
<superleaf1995> so this isn't qemu's failt
<superleaf1995> i accidentally mixed logs and shit - i just found a line of code modifying something it shouldn't
<superleaf1995> i had two e21000 emulated and then the kernel started doing funky things yeah i fucked up :/
<superleaf1995> Actually
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<superleaf1995> No shit, my kernel was not doing shit
<superleaf1995> 45em is actually wrong
<superleaf1995> ok so i confirmed just by looking at what bar i was writing and it was of the 45em
<superleaf1995> wait
<superleaf1995> why is qemu mixing thw two nic's bars
<superleaf1995> yeah i have a 47GI/EI and a 45EM having mixed BARs what the fuck is happening
<zid> might wanna back up a sec
<zid> Try to form some actual sentences
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<superleaf1995> Okey so i'm kinda confused, i'm telling qemu to add a 44GC and a 45EM, but none of them are GI/EI or part of the 82541xx series - so... they should not be using 8-bit shifts.
<superleaf1995> Either that or my kernel is totally nerfed or qemu is mislabeling e1000-82544gc and e1000-82545em
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