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<doug16k> what are the chances of gcc 11.1.0 working with binutils 2.35 (rather than latest 2.36)?
<doug16k> I'm going to try it and see if it doesn't utterly screw up pe link in 2.35
<doug16k> (uefi)
<Mutabah> I think they're not that heavily coupled
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<doug16k> :( 9 .text 000150e0 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0012a610 2**4
<doug16k> 0 is wrong. 0x40xxxx is expected
<doug16k> oh right, I moved it to 0x100000000 to see if that made ld happy
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<doug16k> I tried putting .broken before .text so it would get its base destroyed, then remove it with objcopy
<doug16k> too bad objcopy makes sure the first section vma and lma are zeroed
<doug16k> ld is a trainwreck
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<doug16k> look how hard I am beating it over the head with the base address: https://gist.github.com/doug65536/74c3acba86167b002635678c116e672c#file-bootefi-ld-L8
<bslsk05> ​gist.github.com: bootefi.ld · GitHub
<doug16k> does same thing with none of that
<doug16k> I did a mortal kombat style 3-hit combo. presumably there's an uppercut after the AT and the dude says "excellent"
<doug16k> I wish
<doug16k> more like it blocked all three and just footsweeped me
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<bslsk05> ​gist.github.com: M.C Escher disassembly, it's at zero yet somehow rip relative 0x2804c resolves to 0x28068, from rip=0xe · GitHub
<doug16k> link map is same as earlier
<doug16k> except I deleted .broken 16 byte thing
<doug16k> what do you do when link map says what you want and executable has 0 section base
<doug16k> and it is linked with rip relative that would be right if loaded properly, but floating in space at zero references in executable
<doug16k> debug ld?
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<doug16k> I should just hex edit the VMA of that section and I bet it suddenly works
<doug16k> objcopy can do it actually
<doug16k> it won't
<doug16k> it succeeds but still 0 VMA
<doug16k> `x86_64-dgos-objcopy --change-section-vma .text=0x100000000 bootx64.efi bootx64-fix.efi`
<doug16k> OMG
<doug16k> wtf is it doing?!
<doug16k> so I have to change it to zero then?
<doug16k> no way. if you --change-section-vma=.text=0x0 then it puts it at 0. if you --change-section-vma=.text=0x1, then it puts it at 0x0000000100000001
<ZetItUp> does qemu have an option in the monitor to show current pci devices on the vm?
<doug16k> info pci
<doug16k> info qtree
<ZetItUp> cheers :D
<doug16k> for another angle
<doug16k> that is the whole device tree, but it shows the pci subtree details that the OS sees
<doug16k> like BARs
<ZetItUp> yeah :D
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<ZetItUp> well that was fun, trying to find an error in my code cause it was not displaying the data i fetched, turned out that my va_args was not working properly :P
<ZetItUp> %s did it's job but i forgot to print the final output
<ZetItUp> so i thought i didn't get the data back from the function i was writing
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