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<d1b2> <dub_dub_11> Can a Connector be made up of DiffPairs? or would that be specified when adding the resource using the connector
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<vup> the latter
<vup> but some DiffPair adjacent functionality will probably need to end up someday in `Connector` (for example to specify that a `Connector` inverts a specific pair of pins, see https://github.com/nmigen/nmigen/issues/510)
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<d1b2> <dub_dub_11> gotcha, cheers
<d1b2> <dub_dub_11> also, I've been having a look at the IBUFDS Xilinx primitives. They only seem to allow IOSTANDARDs of 2V5 or below. However, can I still connect one to a 3V3 bank and use it for true differential input (trying to use as a comparator for sigma-delta adc)
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<RobTaylor[m]> Hey all, is this channel alive? :)
<d1b2> <dub_dub_11> usually
<RobTaylor[m]> Ah that’s good.
<RobTaylor[m]> I was sorry to hear about #whitequarks accident:(
<RobTaylor[m]> Anyway, I’ve popped on to see if there’s anyone who would currently be interested in a full time contract/role working on nMigen
<tiltmesenpai[m]> on the nMigen project or on projects written using nMigen
<RobTaylor[m]> On the nMigen project
<tiltmesenpai[m]> (not that I have time to take on a full time role for either, probably just worth clarifying for people who may be interested)
<RobTaylor[m]> Thank you :)
<d1b2> <dub_dub_11> oh shit yeah best wishes to whitequark 😦
<d1b2> <dub_dub_11> I've done the unexplained blackout thing a couple times myself and I can totally sympathise with the whole "waking up somewhere with no memory of how you got there part"
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<d1b2> <dub_dub_11> I was fortunate enough to avoid the broken ribs...
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<sauce> RobTaylor[m]: what sort of stuff are you working on over at chipflow?
<RobTaylor[m]> @sauce it’s still not quite public information, but it’s to do with making chips and it’s all open source ;)
<sauce> what vertical at least?
<RobTaylor[m]> There’s a number of target verticals , sequencing tbd. Looking likely automotive first.
<RobTaylor[m]> Happy to talk more off channel
<sauce> mostly just curious (and trying to elicit info that could pique interest)
<RobTaylor[m]> The focus will be working on developer experience and productivity, not specific projects
<agg> sounds great and I hope you find someone! Is it remote/UK/global?
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