<headius> enebo: ok if I publish?
<enebo[m]> sure thing
<enebo[m]> lol
<enebo[m]> [] accepts kwargs and []= will convert them to normal args on MRI
<headius> Wow
<enebo[m]> I mean what sane person would right arr[1, irgnore_case: true] = "Foo"
<headius> arr[1, zero_based: false]
<enebo[m]> Anyways kwargs work is getting better in the sense IRBuilder is using same code everywhere for same argument processing sans zsuper which does it an unique way for good reasons
<enebo[m]> That works
<enebo[m]> only aset seems wrong
<headius> So the ||= case may not be passing the keyword through to aset?
<headius> That must be why it works
<headius> GH down? Guess I'll wait to tweet about the article
<headius> Hmm this seems to only affect our blog say
<headius> s/say/site/
<headius> There must be some way to find GitHub pages errors
<enebo[m]> ||= case is one issue it passes kwargs as normal arg to aref and if it makes it to aset it hits second problem that aset does not accept keyword args (they become normal args)
<enebo[m]> but if you just do aref by itself the kwargs work
<enebo[m]> So I think this is two separate issues
<headius> Ah ok