<kares[m]> ahoy there!
<headius> Hey kares
<kares[m]> night shift?
<headius> Moving house, just finished last load of the day
<headius> Hopefully be done with this in the next couple days and back to work full time
<kares[m]> ooh that sounds so physical 😉
<headius> Yeah most work out I've had in months
<kares[m]> still MN, right?
<headius> Yeah
<headius> I just don't feel like I have enough stuff to hire someone to move everything but it means we have to handle a couple large items
<kares[m]> I mean Minneapolis
<kares[m]> headius: yeah I can imagine - washing machine and dryer being super heavy + big furniture gets tricky, unless it's all ikea 😉
<kares[m]> hopefully the boys are helping!
<headius> Yeah I'm moving out of an apartment back into the house I owned with my late wife so it's just furniture
<headius> Thank goodness they are. 21-year-old Oliver has a lot more energy than I do
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